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a leader

huh now Im a leader of a union where all the recruits have stopped posting,but I plan on fixing things starting with a new banner than a message 2 all recruits 2 start posting again also if u read this join the union plz and start posting tata 4 now!

A plot against me!

Some stupid basterds r trying 2 plot against me...little do they no that I no....o they shall get there camupins and some...those stupid basterds and if they do no that i no than I will have 2 find a new way 2 make them pay instead of just reversing there plan!

Sin City kiks ass

Sin City an awesome movie at least I thought so favrioute charather most definetly Miho than Dwight than Nancy than Callihan! Wat Im tryin 2 get through in this journal is if u havnt already rent or buy Sin city!