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What I hate about Xbox Gaming

(Please make sure you read my former Blog before reading this one)

The time has come for me to rant on what I hate about the Xbox, I'm an equal opportunity kinda guy that believes eveything should get their fair share, and when it comes to negative aspects of a system I can't just leave it at one. Now again I should mention that this is MY opinion, I got a couple angry PM's from a couple of hardcore PS3 fanboys from my last blog that were called be a "traitor" to Sony and other stupid nonsense. I expect to get a couple more from a couple of Xbox fanboys as well.

These rants are based off of MY experience with each system, certainly it isn't universal to everyone. Each individual has a different experience, so please bear that in mind....Now that we cleared that up let's get on with the rant.

The 360 was my first system this gen, I mainly got it for Oblivion. And it is by far the most frustrating system I have ever owned, everything had some kind of "cache" to it, and the system always just took and took. It never really gave me much in return.

This is what I hate about Xbox Gaming:

System Failures: While the Slim model may have solved this problem, it's still no excuse. The Slim models are still very new on the market and only came out a couple years ago, this gen has been going on for about 8 years, the 360 launched in 2005. That means for the majority of this gen consumers had to put up with the massive system failures that plauged the 360, and there was no way around it. It wasn't just RROD either, it also scratched discs, over heated, it has the highest failure rate in history of gaming. You know if you buy a bad car it's called a Lemon and it's taken off the market? That's what the 360 was, it was a bad system.

Xbox Live: I have absolutely no idea how anyone can justify this. Xbox Live is probably one of the biggest wastes of money in the entire industry, and by no means do I see how Xbox fanboys can claim "it's better". The only time I spent on Xbox Live was with a free month trial thing that you got when you made a new account, and I didn't see anything that was "better" about it. Playing COD on XBL was the exact same as playing it on PSN, there was no difference in performance, no difference in "lag" (Xbox fanboys say XBL has less lag, not true at all), there wasn't anything worth paying for. The so called "other features" that Xbox fanboys like to brag about is really just one feature: Cross Game Chat. I don't care about cross game chat, I don't want to talk to people playing a different game then me, it's nothing more than a gimmic. I've done the math, it would cost a total of $370 for XBL this whole gen, that's $370 that was spent on nothing but a P2P service with dashboard ads (I'll get to that later). I don't see how anyone can sit there and say they find value in the service, it's just asinine. And worst of all I have no doubt that they will raise the price of XBL again in the future.

Dashboard Ads: If you thought paying for online gaming was stupid, it's about to get even dumber. The 360 background has advertisements on it, yes even if you are paying for XBL. And these are not ads for gaming either, many of them are ads for deodarant, dumb reality shows like "Jersey Shore", cars, pizza, popcorn, soda, beer, and all sorts of other garbage that shouldn't be on a video game system. Especially if you're paying for XBL. If anything the ads alone should cover the cost XBL, why can PSN and Nintendo offer online gaming for free without ads but not MS? There are also rumors that the next Xbox will have a 3G OS, meaning that they could easily implement more ads next gen. And seeing as how MS has recently talked about implementing more, I have little doubt they will do this.

Lack of good exclusives: Now when I say "good" exclusives I mean that entirely subjectively, again this is just MY opinion. And in my opinion I find the Xbox exclusive lineup to be lacking in quality titles. While the overall library of the 360 is great, the exclusives leave much to be desired. I'm not much of a Halo fan and got bored of the series, I can live without Gears, Fable isn't anything special to me, and I don't care for to many of the other exclusives on the system. Only 360 exclusive that really interests me is The Witcher 2 (Yes I know it's also on PC, but I consider it a PC/360 exclusive), but it's not worth buying a new Xbox for that game. Now I personally don't care if a game is exclusive or not, as long as I can play it I'm happy. But exclusives give me a reason to buy a system, what's the point of buying a new Xbox if it offers so little titles I like? I can already play most of it's library on my PS3, so again what's the point? Especially when the competition offers so much better quality exclusives? I want the next Xbox to offer more than just Halo, Gears, and Fable.

Too much focus on Kinect: I don't hate Kinect, and in fact I will be so bold as to admit that it can be fun. But by no means do I want it to be the focus of the 360, and unfortunately that's what MS has done. For the past few years MS has been really admimnt about Kinect and are even implementing non-Kinect games with the device, such as Skyrim voice command Dragon Shouts, or Mass Effect 3 voice-command allies. These things are nothing more than gimmics, and Kinect isn't really all that good of a motion gaming device in the first place,it suffers from input lag and half the time the voice commands don't register or work correctly. If MS is planning on making Kinect a bigger part of the Xbox brand (which they no doubt will) then they need to refine it and make it have more functions then just browsing the dashboard with your voice.

Outdated Tech: While the 360 is a fairly powerful system overall, it still has always felt lacking compared to the PS3. I have never played a game on 360 that has ever "wow'd" me like some of the PS3 games. I'm of course talking about God of War, Uncharted, Killzone etc....don't get me wrong, the 360 certainly does have some good lookers like Halo 4 and Gears, but they are not on the same level as those PS3 games I mentioned. Blame the devs or blame the hardware (I blame the latter) but it just always felt like the PS3 was always more advanced than the 360. For the next Xbox I want MS to make a system that will still be able to compete with the tech aspects of it's rival system. It also doesn't stop at games, there are other outdated design choices such as the lack of Blu Ray, using a disc tray etc....these things should be fixed with the next Xbox.

Lack of quality titles on Xbox Live Arcade: There are certainly great titles on XBLA, don't get me wrong. Minecraft, Trials etc....are all great games no doubt, but the overall majority of titles on XBLA are quite frankly worthless. It seems that the trend is more focused on quantity and not quality, indeed XBLA has more content than PSN. But that doesn't matter when most of that content sucks (to put it bluntly).

MS points: This is the single most confusing form of "currency" I have ever seen, and it's certainly not in the consumers best interest. For those who don't know, XBL does not use standard money when buying things off of it, instead you have to spend your money on points instead, to which the points can then be used to purchase content off of the XBL Market Place. Confused yet? Yeah I don't blame you, even more head scratching is the way the point system actually works. One the one hand you can never run out of points, but yet at the same time you never have enough. Anything that is this confusing is never in the consumers best interest, and if you try to do the math you will find that the point system makes content on XBL more expensive than on other services. So while 360 may get certain DLC and Indie games more early than PS3, the PS3 players end up getting the better end of the deal in the end.

No Blu Ray: Going with HD-DVD was a huge mistake for MS and it no doubt hurt them. Aside from Blu Ray being the best format for HD and audio, many games are simply too big for the Xbox to handle. It's not a question of multiple discs either, Blu Ray holds up to 50 GB of data, so say a game such as Uncharted 3 which is 47GB of data on Blu Ray tries to make it's way to 360? The result would be impossible, not only would it require an insane amount of discs but some games need all that data on one disc so they can streamline the experience. And Blu Ray also serves as a way for devs to add in more graphical and visual detail thanks to all the extra space. Plenty of devs have stated that their games are not possible on 360 and Blu Ray is one of them, take the Heavy Rain dev for instance. They were actually an Xbox developer last gen, but due to the lack of Blu Ray they went to PS3 because the 360 would not be able to handle it. Also multiple discs is annoying in certain games such as Mass Effect 2 where some of the missions are only available on one disc, so it requires you to switch back and forth regularly if you want to complete it. The next Xbox will no doubt have Blu-Ray.

There's always a "cache": Everything with the Xbox always has some stupid twist to it. You want to play online? You first had to buy the WiFi adapter which was $100. But that's not good enough, then you had to buy XBL. Having fun playing your system? Only to have it RROD on you and have to send it over seas to get it fixed. Just got Halo? Too bad the single player sucks and now you have to get XBL just to really enjoy the game with your friends. Happy with your dashboard? Too bad now you have to update it to a more Kinect friendly one regardless if you own the device or not. Don't like ads? Too bad. It's never "good enough" with the Xbox brand, it always wants more.

No exclusive content with Multiplats: While 360 does get some timed DLC, it's not the same as getting real exclusive content. Plenty of PS3 games do this with things such as being able to play as Joker in PS3 Batman Arkham Asylum, exclusive gang hideouts and missions in PS3 Red Dead Redemption, extra difficulty and challenge rooms in PS3 BioShock.....the PS3 versions of these games tend to be the best because of this. Whether or not you care about this extra content isn't the point, if there are two copies of the same game and one gives you more for your money then why would you bother with the 360 version? MS should offer these same kind of things, REAL exclusive content that actually stays exclusive, I don't care about getting COD maps a month later, give me something real. It sucks buying a game only to find out that the PS3 version had more content to it.

Crappy Dashboard: The 360 interface is uhelpful and disorganized. It's essentially a bunch of boxes that advertise a lot of useless content (again the ads I was referring to), and the "play game" section is a small box in the corner. Another dumb aspect is how much they constantly keep changing it, there is always a new update coming out for it, and each one just get's worse and worse. Also don't even bother buying a theme on 360, you will never be able to see it. I don't see why they just didn't stick with the original blades or allow people to customize it as they see fit. Even dumber are the 360 avatars, I can't believe people are dumb enough to spend REAL money on cartoon clothing for their avatars.

That about does it for this blog episode. Next I will rant about what I hate about Nintendo and then later the PC.

Honestly I regret getting my 360, if Sony didn't price the PS3 so high I would have just gotten that to start with as the 360 really doesn't offer any advantages over that platform.

What I hate about PlayStation gaming

With next gen just around the corner I thought that it would be a good time to reflect on the things that I disliked about each platform for this generation. This will be just one part of a series of blog posts that will cover each individual system, from PS3, to 360, to Nintendo, and finally the PC. I am doing this because it's important to give complaints about a product, otherwise it will never improve, if a man chooses to just keep accepting things as they are he will live a life of mediocrity. It's necessary to point out the flaws and demand improvement, which will hopefull be fixed in the next batch of systems.

Today I am going to talk about the things that I hate about PlayStation gaming. PlayStation is my preferred and favorite brand in the industry, and yes it is possible to have complaints about something that is your favorite. I am using "PlayStation Gaming" as a catch-em-all term as this will include not just complaints about the system it's self but also negative trends that I feel Sony as a company needs to fix for the PS4. Also bear in mind that this is what "I" hate about PlayStation Gaming, it's just my personal feelings.You are free to disagree or have different opinions of your own, by no means am I saying that this is universale.

So now that the formailties are finished, let's get on with my rant.

Things I hate about PlayStation gaming:

Slow Updates: Now to be fair it is true that PS3 updates are much larger in size than their 360 counterparts, but that is still no excuse. Many PS3 fanboys often downplay this aspect, and while Xbox fanboys do overexaggerate the PS3 update times (they do NOT take "hours" to update) the fact is that PS3 updates do tend to be quite a bit slower. Even though the 360 updates are smaller in size, they still do the same thing as the larger PS3 updates, so what's the reason for it? Why can't Sony find a solution to get their updates smaller but still just as efficent? MS can do it, why not them? This is my biggest complaint with the PS3 and Sony really needs to fix it for PS4, I remember when I bought Resistance 2 and was going to play it with a friend, well too bad because I had to wait 20 minutes for the PS3 to do the update. What the hell gives Sony? 360 certainly has the advantage of just putting a game in and going.

Occasional Bad Ports: While it is true that most PS3 multiplatform titles are look and play identical to their 360 counterparts (Xbox fanboys overexaggerate this), on rare occasion the PS3 will get a bad port of a game. You can blame the dev or blame The Cell (I blame the former), but in the end this should not be allowed. Sony should set a standard that EVERY game that is released on PS3 must work the same as it's rival system(s). If it doesn't meet their standards then they don't allow the game to be released on the platform until it's fixed. Certainly Bethesda would not have released Skyrim in it's launch state if Sony held their feet to the fire a bit (though Skyrim is pefect on PS3 now and will be getting DLC soon), by putting this standard every dev would make sure that all their games work on the platform as they would be missing out on a huge amount of money otherwise.

The PlayStation Store Sucks: For whatever reason Sony just can't seem to get this right. The old Store was overall better than the new one (will get to that mess later) but it still had issues with it not being very consumer friendly. The interface for it was a bit "clunky" to say the least....when they brought out the new Store the issues got even worse. What you have now is an online interface that is unorganized, slow, confusing, and quite frankly something you want to avoid using as much as possible. An online distribution service should not be like this, instead it should be clean and easy and enjoyable to use. It's a shame too because the PlayStation Store has some really great stuff on it, especially if you are a Plus Member, but it's very annoying to have to go through the Store process.

Garbage Games with PlayStation Plus: Overall I'm very satisfied with PlayStation Plus, but when it comes to their Free Games it's a bit of a mixed bag. While some months I got great titles such as Just Cause 2, Sly Cooper HD, and Saints Row 2, there were other months when all I got were crappy games such as Blood Rayne Betrayl (garbage) and Retro City Rampage (also garbage). Who asked for these games Sony? I use the PS Blog a lot, I'm well known on the community and I have talked to plenty of devs and Sony execs on there before, not one Plus Member asked for such titles. A fundamental law of a service is "Supply and Demand", if no one is asking for those games then don't supply it, it's that simple. Also try to provide some newer titles, I already own BioShock 2 and Borderlands, why offer them to me then? Try to offer games for each individual, not as in all in one basket. I think next gen Sony will offer a Netflix style service to Plus Members where they will get an instant access to a vast library of games that they can then download and play and keep as long as they stay subscribed. This is based off of the fact that Sony bought Gaikai for 300 million. But that's just speculatioin on my part.

Sony not supporting all of their products equally: I love the Vita, it's the perfect handheld. It has a great design, amazing screen, and despite what Nintendo and Xbox fanboys claim, it does have some good games. But that's where it ends, looking ahead at the Vita the future is a bit questionable at the moment and this is due to Sony not providing better support for the platform. As of right now there are only a few small titles that are coming to the Vita in the future, and aside from Killzone they don't seem too impressive. This doesn't just stop with the Vita though, Sony also doesn't seem to care much about The Move. Why release a product if you have no intentions of supporting it? It makes zero sense. I as a consumer would have more faith in a company if I knew they would continue to support me. You need to get your head out of the clouds and into reality Sony.

Bad Marketing: I remember when the Ico and Shadow of Colossus HD remake came out, it was amazing. It fixed many of the issues that were in the PS2 versions and improved on some things, it was still a PS2 game but due to it's great art style it looked amazing on HD. But thanks to Sony's lack of marketing no one bought it. I had to convince other people I know to give the game a chance, when I asked people if they were going to get it they said "What's that? I never heard of it before". You see Sony? This is what what I'm talking about, if you really pushed these games out more people would buy them. Outside from Uncharted I have cannot remember the last time I saw a PS3 game shown on TV before. It's not that these games are bad, not by any means, these are all very great games, it's just Sony doesn't market them to the masses very well. I want everyone to experience these great games, but it shouldn't be up to me to "sell" your games for you. All I can do is recommend them to people, it's your job Sony to advertise them.

Overpricing of Systems and Accessories: Anyone who remebers the $600 price tag for the launch PS3 knows what I'm talking about, no pesron in their right mind is going to spend a downpayment on a car for a video game system unless they have more money than common sense. For the most part Sony has seemed to move away from this trend, but they still try to sneak it in every now and again, simply look at The Vita. The handheld it's self is priced reasonably with two different models to choose from, but the memory cards are what bite you. These things are rediculously expensive and there is no reason for Sony to charge that much for them, period. Fortunately I doubt Sony will try another $600 launch next gen, they simply got hurt too bad with that and they arn't going to risk it again.

Sony handled the PSN Hack Poorly and Dishonestly: I don't blame Sony for the hack it's self and I'm sure they did have our information as secure as possible, the FBI and other government agencies have been hacked, so can anything else, Sony was just the target and it's silly for Xbox fanboys to use it as "ownage" considering these facts. But what I do blame Sony for is their handling of the situation, when PSN first went down we were told on the PlayStation Blog by Sony execs that they were simply doing maintenance and it was going to be up within the week, well a week went by and they came out with another excuse saying that it would be another week. I'm not stupid, and I don't appreciate the way Sony mislead me as a consumer. They knew full well that it was a hack very early on, they should have been open to consumers from the get go and inform them of what had happened, that way people could cancel their credit cards and make sure nothing important was stolen. I don't know who these Sony execs thought I was, but no one was falling for their BS after the first week. Fortuantely no one's information has been reported stolen, but I still have very little trust in Sony and I am not comfortable putting my details on their service (but this also goes for ALL online services as well).

Bad Trophy Integration:Overall this is a very minor issue, and while it's not something I necessarily "hate", it's still an issue I feel that's worth mentioning. For those of you who don't know, trophies on PS3 have to be synced before you can view them on your gamertag. This happens everytime you get a new trophy or play a new game, it requires you to sync it to your palyercard in order to view it. Now I'm a Plus Member so mine auto sync for me, but it's pretty stupid that Sony can't provide better integration with it's trophy system, it's especially annoying when I want to check my friends trophies and they haven't synced it in a while so nothing new shows up. But overall as I said this is a farily minor issue and syncing only takes 5-10 seconds.

PlayStation Home Sucks: Why does Home exist? I have no idea. What is Home? Well it's some weird place that you can access on PSN that let's you make an avatar and walk around a virtual city and waste real life money on dumb virtual furniture and clothing, something only an idiot would do. Home has no purpose, I have no idea why it exists. There is nothing to do in there aside from a couple of small mini games and the only time it's worth visiting is around the time of E3 as you get to explore virtual booths and look at new games and watch some of the conferences. But outside of that Home is nothing more than a colossal waste of time, I see some people on my friends list that spend a good amount of time there regularly, why? I have no idea. Especially considering that much of the community in there is made up of perverts who try to ask you out and send really sick and dirty messages to you. It's nothing more than a hang out for losers. Sony should either make Home worth visiting or just throw it in the trash, it's simply not worth going to. It aslo require you to do an update every time you enter a new area, your better off not wasting your time on such a worthless feature.

Lack of Demos on PSN: For whatever reason, PSN does not have demos for every game, now to be fair no service has demos for "every" game, but compared to XBL, PSN has hardly any demos at all. This bothers me because the best way I determine whether or not to buy a game is through demos (and "Let's Play" videos on Youtube). I don't put much stock in reviews as I find they are based mostly on the hype level of game, the name of the developer, and how large the fanbase for that particular game is, rather than the reviewers honest opinion (which is what reviews are in the end). There are also questionable bias in reviews as well that one has to take into considertaion. But with demos YOU get to experience first hand what you think of the game, and that I feel is the best way. Sony needs to up the ante and really bring out more demos and trials, especially considering the rumor that PS4 might block out used games. If you can't rent a game then you can't know whether or not you like it, every game you then buy becomes a risk.

Game Installs take up too much Memory:Some PS3 games require installs, and while these do make the game load faster and generally run a little better, they still take up quite a bit of data over time. 3-4 GB here and there for games ends up adding up, and this is especially a problem when you have PlayStation Plus and you download games as they take up even more memory off your hard drive, and while you can upload data to cloud that is only for save data and not the game data it's self. I have 60 GB remaining, and I have the largest PS3 Hard Drive Size (320 GB) you can buy (though you can add 3rd party ones). Sony really needs to make a more eficcent memory system for next gen.

That about does it for now. There are a couple of other smaller issues but these are the one's that annoy me the most. And it's something Sony should really fix for the PS4. I will still be getting the PS4, as I said before it's my favorite platform and brand, I am familiar with the developers that support it and the company it's self (I am not a Sony loyalist however, that is just stupid). But too many PS3 fanboys simply never admit to these things, and they are the one's who deserve medocirity.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think in the comments and what improvements you want to see in the PS4. I will cover what I hate about Xbox Gaming in my next blog. See you around!

Someone REALLY hates cyber stalker story

Hi, for the past several weeks now someone from GS has been really out to get me.....well in the online world anyway :P

I have gotten several hate messages from this person on my Youtube and PSN, they did it here on GS and IGN too but they got banned from both of those places. I'm not entirely sure who this person is but I think he went by the name of "PCgamesarenotcool" or something similar. Here are the messages he sent me:

"ill slit your throat while youre sleeping you pig **** **** jew snake yeah you ruined sw for me i got banned because you and now you **** up big time jew boi"

Link to Comment Page:IGN Rewind Theater - The Last of Us: Tearing Ap

The user goes by the name of GEARTPO. That is not the end of it however, there have been several other remarks about him and a bunch of other users from this site (who I don't think were aware of this and he was making it up) who were all planning on finding me and killing me. No joke. I got this message on PSN from him:

"stupid kike we are all planning on getting you dumb pig **** your days are numbered we are gonna put you in a oven and burn you alive everyone on here is coming for you"

The gamertag that sent this was Adolfothebest43, though I can't find him on PS3 trophies anymore. Maybe he got banned after I reported him.

(I don't know how to link messages on PSN)

This person has issues no doubt, they are mentally ill clearly. He also named off other users (who I will not name) that are "on his side" though I seriously doubt they are or are even aware of his behavior. I'm not worried at all, it's just a sad person on the interent. However some people are clearly mentally ill and this guy fits that perfectly.

So far I have just blocked him on Youtube and PS3, he got banned from GS and IGN. For the most part it seems to have quited down but every now and then I get a random message on Youtube or PSN from him using a different name and he just foams at the mouth again. I found out that just ignoring him is the best way as he will quit sending the.

My Blog is open again! And my 10 favorite songs of all time (so far :P )

Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you have been enjoying the time with your family and friends, I needed a break from college like you wouldn't believe. This holiday season has been a little stressful for me, the big thing was visiting my girl friends parents for the first time, I spent 4 days with them and I was afraid they wouldn't like me. But it actually went pretty good, her father turned out to be a history buff like I am and we talked about the civil war, politics (respectfully of course) and all sorts of things. Her mother and brother also seemed to get along with me too, but I still felt awkward.

Anyway enough of that, I thought I would kick off my blog "re opening" (for what, the 5 people that read it :P ) with my top 10 favorite songs of all time. It encompasses a variety of different genres and while I certainly haven't heard every song in the world, these are the one's that I get the most out of and drives me to do better in life. Also the songs are NOT in any particular order either, just the top 10 off the top of my head, and I tried to only choose one song from each artist. Let's get started!

1)Masters of War (Bob Dylan)-This song speaks to me deep down, it has powerful lyrics and it has a sort of sad but vengeful taste to it. I'm not sure if Dylan orgionally sang this or not, but as far as I know he did. It makes me cry a bit sometimes, but the message is the same. It's as if Dylan is smacking the war mongers right in the face, and he is hitting them hard.

Bob Dylan's Masters Of War performed by Sam Bradley (Note this is a cover, not the orgional but it's very good still)

2)White Room (Cream)-This is Eric Clapton at his finest. Released in 1968, this psychedelic Rock song had great rifts, engaging lyrics, powerful vocals (especially that high note, wow) and one hell of a beat. From my understanding, the song is about the waiting room at the train station where young men ship off to war. This is a song I can just turn on at anytime and enjoy it just about anywhere. A powerful staple for the Rock genre, without a doubt.

Cream - White Room - YouTube

3)Moondance (Van Morrison)
-Sexy, smooth, and powerful. Moondance is the perfect Jazz song, it's lyrics and Morrison's vocals create such a beautiful image, it's the kind of song you want to bring a girl home with and make love to while this plays in the background. I have never met a person who did not like this song, I don't think it's possible.

Michael Bublé - Moondance - YouTube (Couldn't find the origional so had to settle for Buble' instead. He's good too but not as good as the origonal)

4)One Shot at Glory (Judas Priest)-Priest are no doubt legends in the world of metal, and while I love virtually all their albulms (except Turbo, ewww), "PainKiller" stands out as the most hell rasing, hard hitting, power enfusing albulm they have ever released. And it's the second track "One Shot at Glory" that really shines, it's not as fast or as heavy as the title track, but it's still amazing none the less. With poweful vocals and great rifts, One Shot at Glory get's the blood pumping and is my favorite work out track.

Judas Priest - One Shot At Glory - YouTube

5) The Sound of Silence (Simon and Garfunkle)-Such a peaceful and calming track. This song does something that no other can really do, it takes me to another place and I listen to it when I'm upset or need to calm my mind down. It's simply beautiful and everyone should listen to it.

the sound of silence lyrics - YouTube

6) Symphony of Destruction (MegaDeth)-I have always enjoyed Dave Mustaines work, his guitar skills and excellent and his vocals are raw, but the one thing I appreciate the most about him is that many of his songs tackle social and political issues. And Symphony of Destruction is no exception. Immediately after the short little intro, you get hit with a powerful hard force that echoes throughout your soul and mind, it's simply an amazing experience. The song is about how power can easily corrup humans and how those who often seek it never have anyone's best interest at heart.

Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction - Lyrics - YouTube

7) Won't back down (Johnny Cash)-An excellent and inspiring song that was written to remind you that when you believe in something so much that you must stand your ground to do what is right, even if the world is against you. Johnny Cash always sang songs that anyone could relate to, they always had meaning to them and it's hard to choose just ONE of his songs because they are all so amazing, but this one would be it if I had to choose.

I won't back down - Johnny Cash (lyrics) - YouTube

8) Feeling Good (Nina Simone)-Nina Simone did not origionally sing this, I believe the origional version was taken from an old play, but Nina no doubt perfected it and this is the best version hands down. It's a good and sexy song (Jazz is the music of sex, don't forget it) and it puts me in a good mood. "It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me, and I'm feeling good"! That's enough to put a smile on my face every morning. Nina Simone also orgionally wrote and sang "Here comes the Sun" that The Beatles would later cover and make famous. That alone tells you she's the real deal.

9) Lights (Journey)-If you don't know this song, then you have been living under a rock. And missing a great deal. "Lights" is my favorite Journey song, some people prefer some of their other hits but to me this one is the top of top. It just sounds SO good and makes you want to just find a beautiful woman to spend the night with. Imagine just making love to this track while watching the sun slowly rise over the horizion....pure bliss!

Lights (When The Lights Go Down in the City) Journey - YouTube

10) Boondocks (Little Big Town)-I'm picky when it comes to Country music, if it's too "yeeha cowboy" for me I get turned off. But Little Big Town is different, they have peferct vocal harmonies that I rarely hear in today's music scene anymore, and I feel this track just brings out their talent to the forefront. The song is simply about being proud of where you come from, no I was not raised out in the country.....but that isn't the point of the song. It's simply about being true to yourself and having respect for where you came from. It's also got some beatufiul female vocalists as well. However I think the band may have split up some time ago.

Little Big Town - Boondocks (With Lyrics) HQ - YouTube

11) Let it Be (The Beatles)-Ok I know I said my 10 favorite songs, but you gotta make room for The Beatles. They no doubt have so many great tracks but the one that stands out the most to me is "Let it Be". It's peaceful and kind of bitter sweet, simply about letting things go in life and moving forward. It's a perfect song.

Let It Be - The Beatles - Lyrics - YouTube

This is really only a fraction though, there are so many great songs out there from so many artists that it's really hard to decide.

Thanks for reading my blog. I'll be sure to check out yours if you comment on mine.

Why I'm getting rid of my Guns (some of them).

Since the tragedy I have been questioning my view on assault weapons, something that I am still undecided on but leaning towards making them more restricted. However I think it's important that I clear up what the term "assault weapon" actually means, it doesn't mean "full auto" or anything like that, that is a politcial buzzword that people with agendas purposely misuse to sway the uneducated masses. The term "assualt weapon" can actually apply to just about any gun really, the classification includes a variety of different aspects such as if you were to merely put a laser sight on a gun that would put it in the "assault weapon" category, one of my guns is classified as an assault weapon because it simply has a longer stock, even though it only fires small rounds and only uses a 10 round magazine at most (it's a Ruger SR-22) which is perfect for hunting.

However I have decided to get rid of my AR-15. It was one of the first rifles I got and it was very useful for learning how to apply new parts to guns, the AR-15 is a "barbie doll" gun, meaning it is capable of having multiple upgrades attached to it, it's basically fully customizable. However this is the SAME type of gun that the killer used, and that just does not sit well with me. The AR-15 is very popular, but I don't see the logic in selling a weapon that is capable of firing 30 rounds. That to me is a TRUE assault weapon.

To be fair the AR-15 is excellent for hunting, but it is far too risky to be selling this gun so loosely. Due to it's easy upgrade design, one could easily modify it to make it fully auto if they so choose, no this is illegal to do but anyone with basic gun knowledge could do this easily, and that thought scares me. I am still deciding on whether or not I want Assault Weapons (true ones) banned or not, I am a defender of the 2nd amendment right to bear arms, I support conceal carry for law abiding citizens. But no civilian gun should be capable of firing 30 rounds.

I am against gun bans however, the anti-gun crowd are not logical. But for me personally I just can't bear to own the same gun that was used in that tragedy, and quite frankly I find it pointless to own a weapon that fires 30 rounds. I do not live in a war zone, so what's the point? If you need 30 rounds to hit a target than you shouldn't be shooting in the first place as your aim just sucks. Basically as of right now, I have come to the conclusion that such guns should have their magazine sizes restricted, but due to the AR-15 being as easily customizable as it is, anyone can modify it to fire larger rounds.

I don't know how to solve this. I don't think gun bans will do anything, but this is coming from someone who understands what a true assault weapon is, and that is what an AR-15 is. And that should be more restricted to the general public.

Thank you for reading, hope you had a good Christmas. My heart goes out to the people in the recent shooting, no family should ever have to deal with such a loss, especially around Christmas.

Breton or High Elf for Skryim Mage? Also Merry Christmas!

I am going to make a new character on Skyrim, I recently just got to level 50 with my current character and while I no doubt like him, I would like to try a more mage/wizard character out. My current character is a Dark Elf named Soloman, the only magic I use with him are Destruction spells (mainly fire) and some Illusion spells (Invisibility, Frenzy, Fear), other than that he is mainly a stealth character who sneaks around and snipes with a bow and makes potions.

I am interested in a mage character because I like the role play aspects of it. A traveling wizard scholar who is trying to save the world and learn more about it. Who ponders and studies spells and has a vast array of knowledge, this is a character style I have not played very often (it's usually a stealth character with a bow) and I really want to try it out. The two races in Elder Scrolls that have always been more focused towards magic have been Bretons and High Elves, and at the moment I cannot decide.

Bretons have more magic resistance and get bonuses in Conjuration, they can also absorb magic attacks once a day. Where as High Elves have 50 more points of magic and can regenerate it faster once a day. I am leaning a bit toward Bretons because I don't really like High Elves, I don't like playing tall characters and I find their culture to be snobby and concieted. But in terms of gameplay what would be better? What would you recommend?

Anyway Merry Christmas to all my Gentile friends and I'll see you guys again later. Guess the world didn't end after all :P

The 10 Most Important Games this Gen (so far)

Seeing how this gen is about to come to an end, I thought it would be a good time to go back and reflect on what were the most important games this gen, games that defined it. This list isn't necessarily my favorite 10 games this gen, or games that I consider the best, but it's the 10 games that had the biggest impact on the industry and showed what next gen was all about. This list includes games from both systems.

You can disagree with the number order they are in, but I think the games themselves that I picked are not debatable.

10)Gears of War-Epic's third-person-shooter laid the ground work for a new style of gameplay. While there were indeed past games that used the cover and shoot system, Gears of War perfected it. The game was also a showcase for the 360's power with it's amazing graphics and detail. Gears was fast, non stop fun action with great enemy AI and solid multiplayer, and it's influence carried into other games. Gears' importance this gen cannot be denied.

9)Mass Effect 2-Biowares sci-fi RPG epic sequel made new grounds for the industry in terms of storytelling, RPG's, and gameplay. It's predecessor was no doubt amazing, but it was it's sequel that really provided the most memorable and one of the most important experiences this gen. With an excellenty done combat system and moral choices that really made you think, Mass Effect 2 expanded on what it's predecessor did so well, and made it even better. Mass Effect 2 is a beautiful game and easily one of the most important.

8)Halo 3-I was personally underwhelmed by Halo 3, but there is no denying that it was one of the most important games this gen, without it the 360 would not have been as successful as it would have been. It featured a feature rich multiplayer that kept fans coming back for more, and even to this day remains very popular.

7)Grand Theft Auto IV-A technical masterpiece at it's time, GTA4 was a bold game that focused on a more serious game rather than the over the top actions of past installments. When I first played GTA4 my jaw hit the floor, everything about it was unbelievable. From the way the characters walked and behaved, to driving and exploring Liberty City, and the storyline it's self, it all felt so real. GTA4 showed what the next gens systems were truly capable of, and that is why it's one of the most important.

6)Metal Gear Solid 4:Guns of the Patriots-This was the game that saved the PS3, that alone makes it very important. But there is more to it than that, MGS4 was the final chapter for Solid Snake but he doesn't go out quitely, instead he goes out with a BANG! The gameplay experience was unforgettable, introducing new ways to play Metal Gear, and with intense boss battles and a storyline that answered all the questions of past installments, MGS4 is easily one of the most technical and best games this gen, and it is one that helped to define what "next gen" was truly all about.

5)BioShock-Creating a game world like no other, BioShock was an ambitious game that allowed players to overcome challenges how they see fit. But more importantly, it tackled political, social, and moral issues. Something games have never done before. BioShock's world of Rapture was so memorable that the game stood out from the heavily saturated first-person-shooter market. BioShock was a revolutionary game and easily one of the most important games for this generation.

4)Red Dead Redemption-RockStar's take on the wild west is one of the best experiences this gen, and definitely one of the most important. It pushed new boundraies for open world games, visuals, storytelling, and so much more that it's impossible for one to forget it. The world of Red Dead Redemption is so immersive that very few games can match it, the game brought the world to life and is a testimony for future games to come.

3)Uncharted 2 Among Thieves-Uncharted 2 was a bold sequel, it improved upon it's block buster predecessor in unimaginable ways, but more importantly it provided such a great experience that it's easily one of the most important games this gen. It showcased what the PS3 was all about, the 360 still cannot match Uncharted 2's technical prowess to this day. With breathtaking visuals, great storyline and characters, addictive multiplayer, and amazing gameplay, Uncharted 2 will go down as one of the best games ever made. Without Uncharted, the PS3 probably would not have been as successful, Naughty Dog is by far one of the most talented devs ever, and Uncharted 2 shows this. Easily one of the most important games this gen, by far.

2)Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare-No other game has had such a huge impact as the Call of Duty series, and it all started with COD 4 Modern Warfare. This game provided such a memorable experience that it will go down as not only the most influential shooter of all time, but as one of the most important games ever made, and that is certainly true for this generation. With it's intense campaign and addictive multiplayer, COD 4 became the king and is the most important shooter for this gen.

1)The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion-Without a doubt, Oblivion is the most important game this generation, it truly showed what "next gen" was all about. The graphics may not be so hot now, but back in the day they were jaw dropping. I had never seen such power before, so much detail, so large and so many endless possibilities. Oblivion is the one game I played more than any other this gen,and it is by far the most important, Oblivion is the game that defined the next gen experience.

(The reason why there are no Wii games on the list is because I do not consider the Wii to be current gen)

Another Tragedy strikes again in America, how many mass shootings is enough?

I woke up this morning in an easy mood, it's Friday, a slow easy day for me. College is out right now, the weather is cool with snow on the ground but the sun shines bright, it's a day where I have nothing to do and I like it. It's the kind of day I can kick back with a warm drink, hang out with the cat on my lap, and just relax. I then turned on my TV to watch the news, expecting something light hearted about the holidays or how to help local charities, but instead of nice things I immediatly hit with chaotic news coverage of a mass shooting, this time in the worst possible of places, an elementary school.

I was confused and horrified, like many others I simply don't understand why someone would do something like this. Immedieately talking heads are spinning this into political agendas with the age-old gun control debate, but that's not why I am writing this blog. I don't feel that this is the issue, what I feel is worth discussing is our culture. Looking back over generations, none of them had these horrific tragedies before, and they had even less gun control than we did. The 70's, 60's, 50's etc....not a single case that I could find. Even admist the the chaos and racism of the Civil Rights movement, still no records of people going into public places and engaging in mass shootings.

I don't want to blame the gun, it's just an object that in the hand of a responsible and safe person, can be used to save lives. In the hands of an evil person, can be used to take lives. Some gun control is necessary no doubt, but I want to get to the heart of this issue, and I think it's something to do with our generation, our culture, or maybe something else. But somehow I feel the root is tied to this.

I am tired of these tragedies, these happen so much now that I don't know how people cannot ask themselves how to stop it? This has become a trend in America now, a while back we had the tragedy in Colorado, recently there was a shooting in a suburban shopping mall in the city of Portland, Oregon. And now this is even worse, an elementary school with young children being the victims. How much longer can we just ignore the underlying issue here? Before we go around pointing fingers and looking for scape goats, why don't we step back and really look at the world a bit? I'm not sure what we will find, but I'm sure we will find something we can fix.

Looking at other countries, I don't see many of these tragedies striking. The recent one I found is one in the UK which happened in Scotland during th 90's where a dangerous indvidual shot at childen. In Finland there was a smilar tragedy as well but it seems that it was done by a child. In my eyes, these targedies should be considered acts of terror, because that's what they are, and we need to find ways to prevent these tragedies from ever occuring again.

I cannot imagine how hard this must be for the parents of the children, they stood waiting for their child to come out of the school but they never did. We live in America, not North Korea or Iran. We should NOT have to put up with this, we live in a nation where we like to say we are the best, we live in a nation where we are proud that othes have equal rights, where we can speak out, where we can worship our God however we want, where anyone can come here with nothing but the clothes on their back and make a life for themselves and their family. And we should be able to live in a nation where we can safely send our children to schools without fear, where we can see a movie without having to worry about being killed. No one should ever have to suffer these events.

I do believe in the right to bear arms, I am a gun owner myself and have a conceal carry permit, but I do support some gun control measures to be put in place, some of them need to be enforced. We do background checks on people who wish to buy a gun, but how extensive are these? And why not put in place a mental health check as well? Surely no sane person would commit such an act. But the problem is that there are psychopaths out there, and as the Auroa shooting showed, you can't always see them coming. The shooter had no criminal record of any kind, he was a student at a major tech school and everyone that knew him said he seemed like an easy going guy, the world was shocked by what happened later.

I am not a psychology expert, I don't know why someone would do this. But I am a citizen who wants our community to be safe, and I do believe that these events can be prevented and eventually stopped completely. But we have to look at this, and more importantly, we have to do something about it. We can talk about what we should do, but until we actually DO IT then nothing will change. This will no doubt bring out a gun debate fight, you will see the fringe people on both sides who are going to try and preach to people and are going to use this tragedy to try and selfishly push their agendas. It will go on forever and it will no doubt cause a circus act.

But I don't why people can't use common sense. Can't we agree that there needs to be some gun control? Can't we agree that responsible and healthy minded people should have the right to protect themselves and bear arms? As a gun owner myself I find the NRA absolutely disgusting when it comes to these tragedies, they don't want to talk about having more safety measures in place to prevent sick people from having guns. This is because the gun industry is massive, there is a lot of money to be made off of it, and the NRA doesn't want to lose that. They also have a lot of power, they are one of the biggest lobby groups in the US. No politician would try to challenge them for sake of their career.

But on the other side I find the anti-gun crowd to be just as disgusting. These people seem to hate the idea that people should be able to protect themselves, they don't want to listen to the other responsible and healthy minded gun owners out there. Instead they paint all of us with the same brush and try to make us out to be crazy psychos. They ignore the facts and try to scare people so they can get their way. If people sat down and thought rationally about this, and not listen to their emotions, they would not listen to the anti-gun loonies.

So now my slow, easy day has been destroyed. Not physcially, but instead mentally. My mood is no longer about having a peaceful day, a day that I was planning on taking a nice walk around the park, do a little grocery shopping, and just hang around the house and be lazy for once. But now my mood is sad as I think about the families that have to suffer the loss of their child, and I'm feeling a bit frustrated as I know that people are going to use this tragedy for their own politcal agendas.

Something does have to be done, we cannot keep trying to sweep these things under the rug. These are children for God's sake, how much worse can this get? We can prevent future tragedies, if we all stop fighting each other over the gun debate, we can come together and figure out a way to stop this once and for all. If we don't do this, I fear we will see another tragedy in the future, it has become an unfortunate trend now. And this is not what I want America to be known for, my ancestors immigrated here with a dream for a better life, not a world where children get shot in schools.

Thank you for reading my blog, sorry if I sound a little angry. These kind of things bring out the emotions in me. Pleaes share your thoughts and I will be praying for the families of this tragedy. I just wish there was something more I could do, but it seems I don't have the power to do so. The best I can do is voice my opinion on the internet it seems.

My Wii U Impressions (so far)

I have spent a pretty decent amount of time with the Wii U, though I do not own one yet. This is based off of playing it at a friends house. Here are my personal pros and cons so far:


-The tablet works great. It's easy to play games on it and take it somewhere else. And it looks great on the tablet, also you can do so much with it like draw things and look at your friends wall kind of like Facebook. It's just really well done.

-Nintendo Land is actually great. I thought this was going to be some stupid Nintendo version of PlayStation Home, but it's surprisingly really fun. You can interact with all the other Nintendo players and create drawings and there is a good amount of mini games to goof around in. And Nintendo is apparently adding new stuff in all the time.

-Lots of different ways to play. All the games I played on the Wii U (including Black Ops 2) all supported every controller type, either with Wii mote, Tablet, or the standard controller.

-Online works great. Nintendo finally has a robust online system now, games play perfectly fine on it. I noticed no difference between the Wii U version of Black Ops 2 online and my PS3 version. You now also have a friends list and Nintendo even has their own online store system, but I have not checked it out yet. Also the online is FREE, so that's a huge plus.


-Your account is locked onto one system. I was going to make one on my friends Wii U but he told me not to because I wouldn't be able to do it when I get mine.

-Not many worthwhile titles, yet. Aside from Zombie U and New Super Mario Bros 2, there isn't a whole lot on the Wii U yet. This will get better over time no doubt.

-Multiplats look the same as the other 2 systems. Black Ops 2 and Batman on the Wii U looked no different from the PS3 and 360 versions to me. If Nintendo wants people to rebuy multiplats again for Wii U they will have to start making them look better.

-Inconsistent loading times. For some reason the Wii U loading times change, at least from my experience so far with it. Sometimes they only take a few seconds, others they can take longer and even occasionally had to wait half a minute. I don't understand why it's like this, and it's not just in games either, it also happens when you are just missing around with the menu stuff.

-No cross game chat. Not a big deal to me but for some it might.

-Wii U tablet is a little too big. It's takes a little while to adjust to it.

-Lacks power. Now to be fair the system just came out so we will have to wait a bit, but I am not going to hold my breath on the Wii U being a true next gen system. Aside from the tablet it feels current gen to me.

-No integrated guide system in games. This might sound a little confusing, but you can't press the guide button in games on the Wii U like you can on the PS3 and 360. It's especially annoying because if someone were to send you a message you wouldn't be able to check it in game with it. Also you can't customize the Wii U's interface at all.

I will be getting a Wii U later down the road when it get's more games. I was very impressed with it and it will make a great addition along side my PS4 later. But as it stands now it just doesn't have enough games to really make me rush out and buy one right now.

I'm pissed as hell!

God I'm so fvking angry right now! I'm getting so sick of all the stupid insults, the fvcking pricks that talk down to me all the time on here, and having to add people to the ignore list for sending me annoying PM's. There are so many people I hate on here now, I wish we had the old TOU back.

I know I shouldn't let people on the internet get to me, but they are and I don't know how to handle it. I used to just ignore people that were being dicks to me, but now I just want to get violent about it. I noticed a change after I started taking survival and self defense classes, the lead instructor is an ex-marine who has been teaching me about the "Warrior Mentality", the idea is to let things anger you and then bottle up and release it if you are attacked so you can kill your attacker.

I took this class because I didn't feel like I could defend myself from a threat because I would hold back on my assialant or show them mercy, and my instructor introduced this idea to me. He says it's used around the world for all kinds of military personell. But the thing is I don't know if it's mentaly healthy, I'm not very happy anymore all I do is get upset at people and I'm angry all the time. And many of the insturctors seem to be very cold people, it's not an easy class either, it's set up like a military boot camp and we get yelled at in our faces and taught various martial art styles and basic survival skills. But my instructor likes me a lot and he told me that if I followed this method I could become as good as he is at defending himself.

I don't know if I should hang around here anymore until I sort this out. I don't know what to do, I want to be strong to defend myself but I don't want to be upset all the time. People on here are getting me really angry lately and I think that guy (instructor) is feeling my head with military propaganda sometimes. I respect my troops and all, but I think my instructor has some issues.

I don't know what to do....

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