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ShadowKing32 Blog

New Achievement look

There is a new achievement look in gamespot . I noticed it today . Seems nice..its still the beginning but i kinda like it . What do you think ? you prefer this or the old one ??

New AVI and SIG

Yeah i got a new avatar and a new sig that Grottekvarnen made for me . That dude is really awesome :P Thanks man!!!

Anyway , what do you think guys ??

Just an ordinary blog

till now everything is great on GS . Leveling is going well and I'm trying to make some new friends and track some people . Anyway , something that drew my attention is emblems . Yea that's right . I saw some people with a lot of emblems and i thought , why not , I'll take some too . So , yea , I got my first emblem and trying to get some more...

that's all for now , laters

Just Joined GS!!!

Gamespot seems a nice and friendly community with a lot of cool people to hang out . I hope I have fun here and stay long enough