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  • Shacks210 wrote a review of Batman: Arkham Origins.
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    My Batman: Arkham Origins Review

    Batman: Arkham Origins proudly tries to stand on the shoulders of giants, but ultimately falls short of its predecessors. Origins is the third installment of the highly praised Arkham series; a series...

  • Shacks210 wrote a review of Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate.
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    My Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Review

    All three games in the Arkham series have done a good job at being “Metroidvania” type action adventure games. The same efforts were put forth with Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, and al...

  • Shacks210 wrote a review of WWE 2K14.
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    My WWE 2K14 Review

    WWE 2K14 is the first time a WWE game has released under a different publisher. 2K Sports picked up the franchise following the bankruptcy of THQ, the series former publisher. The hope for wrestling f...