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It finally arrived!!!

It has taken a few months, but finally my parcel of Ebay has arrived.

I bought a Metal Gear Solid 2 Artbook

I purchased it on the 26th of September and it only just arrived today, December 6th!

Anyway, its here now and I am happy... HAPPY DAYS!

Command and Conquer: The First Decade...

Truly stunning collection if I do say so myself, I have had the game for quite some time now, I got it pretty much as soon as it was released, DEFINATELY A GOOD DESICION!!!

Anyway, I've buzzed it up on all of the games and completed them all, to a certain degree, but one thing I am shocked by is, on Generals:Zero Hour, you have to get medals by doing certain things, now, on regular C&C Generals, I got all of the medals, no sweat, but Zero Hour is just another level of craziness!

I mean, take this for example, one of the medals is to beat all of the maps with maximum amount of hard teams, which, if I really set myself to the task, I wouldn't find that difficult (I consider myself to have gotten respectively good at C&C games as I play them quite alot) but the severe problem is another badge, you have to get the following- 100 consecutive career wins, which seems simple enough right? But thats only bronze! Silver is 500 consecutive wins, Gold 1000! and Platinum 10000!!!!!

Thats insane, who really has enough time to get 10000 wins, the most I have ever won in a row is 164, which the record is still going, on regular Generals, 10000 is just crazy.

I have to say, despite this little indescresion, this game is perfect, 12 games in 1, Stunning, to be honest, if you like C&C and you don't own this, BUY IT NOW! It is definately worth whatever the price.

What are your thoughts on the game?...

So close now!!!

Only a few days left until the launch of Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops! CANT WAIT!!!

I might have to wait until friday, maybe even saturday! to receive it as I preordered it from EB Games of America, and I live in England, so it will take a few days to arrive, but I am still going to be one of the first people in Europe to get it.

I feel sorry for the rest of Europe that want this game and haven't ordered it, they have to wait until September 2007! I mean, thats unfortunate.

I am so psyched!!! It is surely going to be one of the best games ever made, especially for the PSP.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!METAL GEAR SOLID RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not impressed really...

I stayed up 'till midnight, GMT, (not exactly much of a challenge, but still, I am rather sleepy) to watch the Medieval Massacre tournament finals, it lags alot, I don't know whether it is Gamespot or my computer, either way it is annoying, then, to top it all off, it stops playing altogether.

The stupidest part of all this, is the fact that, when I clicked play and it didn't work, I right clicked and selected error details, and it said something like, Windows Media Player cannot play this playlist, for more assistance click error details- CLICK ERROR DETAILS!!?!??!?!!  I did!!!

Its not exactly a serious issue, I know that, but its still somewhat frustrating. Nevermind, Im sure there will be a replay of it, I can catch it later...uuhhh! Its just not the same.


I would like to be a moderator someday, seems kinda cool, if you think I might make a good moderator, and you know any of the existing Mods or GS Staff, perhaps you could put in a good word for me? Only a thought. I think I could make quite a good Mod, but thats for the existing ones to decide.

Please consider it...

Still crazy...


The thing is that I just started a new game of legend of Zelda, for some frustrating reason, my save has been deleted... Uhhhh!

Its the fact that the music of the newly started game is playing, but so is the previous games music, odd indeed. Its still playing to this point, whatever.

my computer has gone crazy!!!

I was playing on my N64 emulator, I only really play games that I have in the actual N64 it just saves setting it up, anyway, I was playing the legend of Zelda: the ocarina of time, when all of a sudden it crashed, so I closed it down but the music kept on playing, it's still playing as I write this.

?????WHAT????? I mean, it doesn't really bother me that much, I think the music is pretty good, its just weird it keeps on going despite the fact I am not playing the game.

?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??



Its still going, do dodo dodod ododoood ododoodoodooo   nice... but still weird.

Sooooo Tempted...HELP!

I haven't bought a new console in years (PSP not included, I mean household consoles) I have been saving for the PS3 and WILL buy that by Christmas 2007, as all of the best games should be out by then.

Anyway, I am so tempted to buy a Nintendo Wii on December 8th, when it is released in Europe, or some time in the very near future, hopefully by xmas 2006, I would just like to know, is it really worth it, I mean, my plan is to get the base console package, which costs £180, then get two games at £40 each-

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (very well advertised in England) & Red steel (Ive heard so much about), Bringing it to a grand total of £260, which is roughly $500 American.

Is it worth it, please let me know.

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