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It's my Birthday

Thought I would share a cake with you guys

I'm now 25 or as my dad says a quarter of a century (I don't see it that way though) and now the proud owner of the entire series of Full Metal Alchemist the movie included which is the best anime in the world.

Beyond that I'm done arguing in OT today. Don't really want to spend my day that way. I've got some stuff to do and some video games to play so I will see you guys in a day or so. Have a great one guys.


So I realized that I haven't mentioned granola in my blog here at gamespot. Granola is a free software I came across that lower the wattage of your CPU. Now I know what you're probably thinking, "Serraph wouldn't this slow my computer down?" No I wouldn't use it if it did. It will raise and lower your wattage according to when your computer requires it.

Other things you should know is that this software is a very small program (seriously it's about the size of your average mp3) that runs in the background, which again means you won't notice it. The other thing you will want to know is that it saves on your energy bill over the course of the year. It saves me about $20 a year.

So if you want to save some money or just want to make your computer a little more green I highly reccomend granola to do this for you. This is not coming from someone who works for granola just a very happy user.

edit a little update on this software.

Current Politics

So if you know me through OT you know that political threads are among my favorite things to discuss. Now for the record I try to stay in the thought process of a moderate, but that being said I clearly lean on the side of the democrats while doing so. and thus if you don't want to read a left leaning rant you can probably quit right about now.

I currently don't like the way politics have become. Nearly everyone is completely partisan (by everyone I mean the folks in congress) and it has lead to a few things I don't like, but at the same time realize there is nothing that can truly be done about. The first is when it comes to voting you have no idea any more if people will stick to their principles. The best guess you can go about assuming is that, due to the current partisan politics, voting completely along party lines is your best bet at seeing the issues you care about get taken care of. That in itself is sad to me because it means you can't look at a person anymore instead you have to say to yourself, "Well they he's a democrat so if I want any shot of voting for someone who is going to give a damn about the environment I need to vote for him." This is because each party currently seems to think they will be completely demonised if they vote against party lines. The worst part is it's probably true.

Another thing I have come to hate is how getting stuff through congress (aka getting stuff done) is now considered good pretty much regardless of what that something is that got past both houses. As the ever sharp Jon Stewart has pointed out, "Yeah, but what if that means when you're kid reaches a certain age they are required to get their fingers cut off?" However the question then becomes, "What are you gonna do about this situation where done equals good?" The fact is as long as Republicans try to continually make the President look bad in their efforts to re-take the most powerful seat in the US rather than collaborating for the good of the country like they aught to, we will see getting stuff done as a good thing. Not only a good thing, but an impressive thing. About the only time it hasn't felt impressive to most people is when people felt Obama was giving in to Republicans when in fact it was more about compromise. The worst part is that it feels like if the republicans in congress did manage to stop the President from accomplishing one thing or another (lets say healthcare) they would then just use it as part of their next campaign saying how the President failed to even accomplish this simple act so you should really vote him out.

Finally I hate how when Republicans are not the party of no and do try to get something done it always feels like it secretly (or not so secretly) is something that will really help them down the road. For instance recently when Republicans managed to get tax breaks for the top two percent of the country. I really feel that was so they could secure funds for the next campaign. Now I know the theory about trickle down economics really I do. However currently the economy is hurting, we have millions out of work, and a dissapearing middle class. So why would you honestly focus any of your efforts on the people who are not struggling? Even if the trickle down does work (which I'm sure you are all aware that we had the last ten years with them and they have just been so great to us) do we really have time to wait for such a slow procedure? I don't really think we do. Personally I think we need action geared towards the people who are actually struggling. Not necessarily in the form of tax breaks, but instead tax credits and incentive programs.

Anyways outside of that last sentence I don't really give any solutions to these issues. Solutions aren't really why I wrote this though. Instead I want just want anybody who reads this to focus on these things for a moment, reflect, and give consideration to these things that I believe to be issues.

Then you can rip me apart for being another Keith Olberman or whomever is left leaning and you despise. :P

Toy Story 3 review *Spoilers*

I have wanted to do a review of Toy Story 3 for a while now, but I honestly didn't know where to put it. I spend more time on gamespot than anywhere else really so here we go.

When I first heard that Toy Story 3 was coming out I was at school, bored, and hanging out in the off-topic forum. All of a sudden I see a new topic about the brand new Toy Story 3 trailer. Basically people started freaking out and talking about just how much they needed to see this movie. In fact one guy had started e-humming "You Got a Friend in Me".

I was mostly just confused. Up until that point I had not realized just how beloved the franchise was and how touched people had been left by it. I think what happened was that I was just slightly older than most people who fell in love with these particular movies and that I already had enough things that I loved in my childhood. Sure visuals were great and I had fun, but this love that people apparently had of it and its sequel? No.

So before the movie begins we have the obligatory Pixar short called Day and Night. This short definitely ranks as the most creative animated short I have ever seen. We see our world through these two creatures and any sound they make comes directly from our world. I'd like to describe this more, but frankly it's something you'll just have to see to understand and it's amazing.

Finally I get to the movie. Yeah that took forever, but I feel it's important you get that beginning view from me. As the movie opens up we see Mr. Potato Head hijacking a train. Woody is there to stop him, and what follows is one of the more entertaining ways of reintroducing characters that I have seen from a film. It turns out it's just Andy playing with his toys back when he was little. His Mom has him doing this on video and we see a bit of Andy growing up throughout the years.

Skip ahead to today and Andy is getting ready to go to college and the toys are working on a scheme to get played with. Unfortunately just like the rest of us he is too old to really be doing that anymore. We also find out that some toys have disappeared over the years. When Andy is packing things to go into the attic his mom mistakes his toys for trash and leaves them for the garbage man (Who is Sid btw). They escape and decide to get donated to Sunnyside Day Care. There they meet they meet Lotso who turns out to be an evil bear, but is pink and cuddly at first site.

Ok here is where I get to my own opinions of the movie. Earlier I said that growing up I didn't get the love that everyone had for these movies (Nor did I even realize that love was there by so many). Toy Story 3 however made me see it. In fact it did more than that, it made me feel it. I loved the humor in this movie. All the old characters were great such as Slinky, Hamm, and Mr. Potato head. I especially enjoyed Rex, his line "He held me he actually held me" was so excellently delivered due to the nature of the character to freak out over the smallest of things really cracked me up. Also new characters like Barbie and Ken were really fantastic. I loved the line, "Have you ever felt like you were.........made for each other?" There is also a lot more humor that I won't get into that is really great.

Beyond that however I really enjoyed seeing Buzz and Woody working together. Seeing those two together was really special. Especially when the two jumped down to help save a certain someone in the dump. It really made me feel as those two had become an inseparable team who belong together no matter what.

Two scenes however really seal the deal and push the movie over the top for me. The first one I gotta talk about is the incinerator. When they are trying to get out of the dump they momentarily believe what they are seeing up ahead is daylight. It's not daylight though it's in fact a furnace. They eventually get into the part that is heading down into the fire and they realize that nothing they are capable of doing is going to help. Instead they lock hands and face the fire scared, but in a way accepting of their ultimate fate. Everyone gets saved (Thank god) and it's quite an emotional thrill ride to say the least. However I would like to take a moment to argue that it's because they decided to stick together at the very end that they all got saved. Had they not I feel that only a few would have been saved and the ones that were not would have had to watch the other get saved.

The other scene that makes this movie beyond great is the where Andy gives away his toys to Bonnie. This is where Pixar really worked to give each character the proper send off they deserve. Andy introduces each character to this little girl while describing which each one was like to him personally, and draws the audience to tears while doing so. Finally Andy gives away Woody, but not before almost drawing himself to tears. He then plays with them (along with Bonnie) one last time.

Also during the credits there is a dance scene between Buzz and Jessie which reminded me of the credits of Slumdog Millionaire, except this actually had something to do with plot.

Anyways this movie is, as of right now, the frontrunner for movie of the year. In fact no other movie even comes close. I feel confident saying that this, beyond any other movie Pixar has created, is their finest work. If you haven't seen it yet I can only suggest that you find whatever theatre is showing it soonest near you and go now.


hey my first real blog post.

So basically I'm done with Sony forever. Recently my Sony Vaio needed repairs so I took it to Best Buy. They told me that they would need to send it off to Sony for the repair. A few days later they called me saying that Sony would repair it for $150 and I approved it. After that Sony sent it back to Best Buy where I went to pick it up. Very quickly the person helping me checked it and realized that Sony had not fixed it so we sent it back immediately. About a week or two later I found out that Sony now wanted to charge me $330 for it. You would think they would be trying to offer me a discount for screwing up in the first place along with making me wait for nearly a month for a simple soddering job, but no. Instead they tried to more than double the price. Considering it's a 45 minute drive out to Best Buy they owe gas money at this point.

Naturally I was peeved and called Sony's customer service. They proceeded to tell me that they are not allowed to discuss pricing with me despite the fact I am the one they are charging. I then asked to be transfered to someone who could discuss pricing and somehow I got the same story. Then I got Best Buy to call Sony where they proceeded to tell them that they could not discuss pricing with Best Buy either. So just to be clear Sony is "not allowed" to discuss pricing with either their customer nor the dealer. Finally I told them to send the computer back to me un-repaired as I had no intention of allowing them to double the price on me.

I hope that anybody who reads this listens and doesn't buy from Sony.

my stuff

For a movable head device, which of the following contributes the most to the total access time for a record?

Correct seek time

To write data to flash memory, an electric charge is sent through one transistor, called the ____, then through a metal oxide layer, and into a second transistor called the control gate where the charge is stored in a cell until it's erased.

Correct floating gate

A dual-layer, single-sided DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) can hold the equivalent of ____ CDs.

Correct 13

In a fixed-head magnetic disk, each circle is called a ____.

Correct track

The data-transfer rate for an optical disc is measured in ____ and refers to the speed at which massive amounts of data can be read from the disc. Question 5 answers Selected Answer:Incorrect KBps

Which is the seek strategy in which the request with the track closest to the one being served is the next to be satisfied?

Incorrect FCFS

Which RAID level requires two different parity calculations?

Correct 6

At the start of an I/O command, what information passed from the CPU to the channel?

Correct All of the above

The advent of optical discs was made possible by developments in ____ technology.

Correct laser

The number of characters that can be recorded per inch on a magnetic tape is determined by the ____ of the tape.

Correct density

How many bits make up the Channel Status Word (CSW)?

Correct 3

____ devices are assigned to only one job at a time.

Correct Dedicated

Which of the following is true of an optical disc

Correct there is only one track

The I/O ____ allocates the devices, control units, and channels

Correct scheduler

The software used to create a CD-R uses a standard format, such as ____, which automatically checks for errors and creates a table of contents, used to keep track of each file's location.

Correct ISO 9096