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Thank you, Kickstarter

I never thought possible to see some of my beloved series resurrected. But in recent months it's like a shower of good news:

Torment, Dreamfall Chapters were both a shock to me after all those years. Divinity Original Sin was a pleasant surprise, although the game was in development before they turned to Kickstarter. Project Eternity... well a new RPG from Baldur's Gate veterans is always something to be excited about.

And now, Obduction - that made my chin drop all right. A spiritual successor to Myst series? For me the best gaming news this year.

Can't wait to see what other IPs will be resurrected thanks to crowdfunding.

things that I can't just swallow in Quantum Conundrum

Some thoughts after spending a few hours with Quantum Conundrum:

- as professor explains: the dimension changes have no effect on you. So why can you step on a 'fluffy' safe box and be carried up by a fan, while you yourself cannot be carried? And why aren't you blown upwards while just carrying the fluffy safe...? Makes no sense...

- in reverse gravity dimension, a safe that you're standing on moves upwards with the same speed/acceleration as all the other ones. Aren't you supposed to be pushing it downwards, as the reverse gravity doesn't work on you?

- I'm pretty sure that 10x heavier cardboard box is still much lighter than fluffy (10x lighter) sofa. So why can you pick up and throw the 'fluffy' sofa, but not the 'heavy' cardboard box?

- sometimes the laser beams point to a wooden beam or a regular wall... so why doesn't it get disingegrated?

- your own uncle, seeing you in countless near-death situations, is never actually worried about your safety? Come on! I know he's supposed to be the stereotypical weird professor, but still...

No more zombies!

Please. What is it with zombie games these past few years? I'm not saying they weren't fun the first at first, but: come on. I'm getting sick just reading about yet another zombie game.

Second Sight again

Few days ago I started playing Second Sight for the second time. Say what you want about it, but that game really sticks to my heart :-). It's strange, but dispite it's obvious weaknesses I've never felt so thrilled about a game before or after (except maybe PS:T or BG2). When I started playing the second time I was afraid I would be bored... Well, I'm not. I enjoy the game as much as the first time through.

Wandering through Amn

About a week or two ago I finished Baldur's Gate 2. Right now I'm playing Throne of Bhaal with Ascension and Redemption. I'm having a great time with it. It's not just a dungeon crawl like Tales of the Sword Coast.

Some two weeks ago one of my HDDs broke down. So away went savegames from Lands of Lore - Throne of Chaos, Scrapland, StarCraft, Daggerfall ... I'm really sorry for LoL. I was already in Castle Chimeria - almost at the end. I was also quite far in Scrapland (just before going to GDB dimension). Maybe I'll be able to retrieve the data before throwing the hdd away.

In the name of the Family

After playing No One Lives Forever I didn't have any great games to play - finally I digged out Mafia.  I must say that it's an exceptional game.  What I like most is it's attention to detail.  These little touches which bring the city to life.

I plan on finishing it by the end of the week.  Then I'd like to play a little bit more of Baldur's Gate, and perhaps Icewind Dale 2 on HoF difficulty.

Another finished jewel: NOLF

The last part was a real fun. Left me laughing for a long time.

This is an exemplary game: well put together, and all flaws are easily forgivable.

Can't wait to start NOLF2.

Finished Icewind Dale 2!

Had to stay a bit late last night, but it was definitely worth it.  In my opinion it's much better than the first IWD.  Now off to ratings section.  I think it's worth about 9.0 (compared to GS 8.3).

Now I'll try to stick with NOLF and finish it as soon as possible.

A long break

I'll try to remember and summarize my gaming experience from february till now.

It gets harder to find some time to play, with the new job and everything... But I still sit down every weekend or so to do one or two quests in Baldur's Gate 2 (oh yes, I've started that one finally, see below :-) ).  And sometimes when I come home, I relax at one or two deathmatch arenas in UT2004 (instagib rules!)

Writing about my games, I must not forget Second Sight.  I can't remember exactly when I played it, but oh my!, what a game!.  It doesn't deserve a 9.0+ rating, but this was one game I will never forget. It took me about 2-3 evenings to finish it and at the end I wanted to replay the whole thing again. (check out my review).  I'll stop singing praises to it, but I just want to say that experience from this game doesn't depend on it's score. I'd give HalfLife2 higher score, but I liked Second Sight better.

This brings me to HL2 - ...I don't know. It was a great game, but it left me the feeling of : "been there, done that". Maybe I'll play it again some day, if I manage to get a better PC.

Icewind Dale 2 - I'm still stuck with that one. Haven't seen it for a few months. I guess I'm close to the end (almost at Severed Hand). Maybe I'll dedicate one weekend to it - and then off to Heart of Fury mode!

During summer holidays I tried BG2. It sucked me in instantly, so I just kept playing. My character is a monk (also my main character in IWD2 is a monk), because I didn't want to stick to my old lame ranger from BG1.

Right now I'm also playing NOLF1. I'm close to the end I guess, but I lost interest in it a bit. I guess I have an issue with finishing games in proper time :-) (except Second Sight).


Looking at my "Now Playing" list, I see games like Lands of Lore 1, Starcraft, Bladerunner (playing on my old 200MHz pentium mmx), Tribes: Vengeance, Mafia...

Some time ago I made a promise not to start another game, until I finish the one I'm playing currently......


So the plan is: focus on IWD2, NOLF, BG2, Lands of Lore and Blade Runner.

Wish me luck :-)

Is Half Life 2 boring or something?

After I started playing Icewind Dale 2 I don't really have need of HL2. It somehow gets so boring... Anyway I'm looking forward to tonight's playing. IWD2 is sooo much better than IWD1. I must finish it as soon as possible, and then off to Athkatla (Baldur's Gate 2).

That's it for now, everybody have fun over weekend.

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