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i'll start a survey

Starting time? 00:36am

Name? Scott

Nicknames? Robo

School? Sebas college

Eyes? blue+green

Height? 160 to 170 cm somthin like that have not check in some time

Siblings? 2 older bros n a younger one

Ever helped somebody cheat? yea on a test i think

Missed school because it was raining? it helped me be sick lol

Set any body part on fire for amusement? No way 

Kept a secret from everyone? Yes

Had an imaginary friend? Nope and i will never have one 

Wanted to hook up with a friend? yep

Cried during a Flick? dunno

Had a crush on a teacher? Yea

Ever thought an animated character was hot? F*** yea 

Ever at anytime owned a New Kids on the Block tape? wat that? 

Prank called someone? sure

Been on stage? Yes

Favourite shampoo? I use what ever is in the house i don't really care 

Favourite colours? blue n purple

Day or Night? Night

Summer or Winter? Winter

Like anyone? Yep

Known the longest of your friends? i don't get this one 

Name your best friend(s)? nathan scott t ashley n more

Who's the loudest? bro

Who's the shyest? Me

Who do you go to for advice? anyone 

Who do you cry with? i cry alone

Cried? dunno

Cut your hair? yep me mum panicked

Worn a skirt? does a girl jacket count it was a friends n it cool

Been mean? yep

Been sarcastic? all the time

Missed someone? yep ppl who i've lost

Hugged someone? sure my parents, me buds

Fought with your parents? not really

Wished upon a star? yep

Laughed until you cried? Yea

Played Truth or Dare? yea in performing arts then we got in trouble bout 2 weeks ago

Watched a sunrise or sunset? sorta

Went to the beach at night? Yes

Read a book for fun? magazines yea

Are you lonely? like it that way mostly

Are you happy? yep mostly 

Are you talking to someone online? yep

Do you believe in God or the Devil? yea i think

Do you believe in love? Yea

Do you believe in The Closet Monster? lol nope

Do you believe in The Big Bang Theory? yep

Do you believe in Heaven or Hell? dunno

Do you believe in superstitions? sure

What is your full name? Scott alan robertson 

Who named you? My dad n ma

Backstreet Boys or N Sync? who the hell r n sync n they both suk

What is your computer desk made of? stuff

What is your favorite state? tokyo because games

Where do you want to go on your honeymoon?beats me 

Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with? someone

How many buddiess do you have on you list? 100 i think

How's the weather right now? Cold

What did you do last night? Um t.v and computer, video games and missed school 

What's the best thing that you find about the opposite sex? how nice they are

Favorite hair colour in the opposite sex? doesn't matter

Pizza or ice cream? pizza

How do YOU eat an Oreo? throw it in mouth n chew

Dream car? don't care

What do you want to be when you grow up? Game tester

What are your future goals? pass school and get a sweet job

Favorite music? Rock

Least favorite time of the year? Summer i hate the hottness 

Did you notice that number 90 was missing? ?

Fast or slow? in a car fast 

If you could change your name, what would it be? scott

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? yep me yoshi

Have you ever been in love? sure

What will your first son's name be? dunno

Favorite drink? water

Do you like scary or happy movies better? wat about comedy

Lust or Love? Lust? probaly love

Do you consider cheerleading a sport? yep

Do you want your friends to do this survey? don't care 

When's your birthday? 29 of september

How old will u be? 14 

Time done? 2 mins to 1am

i need some help with a few things


1st of all i can't get photoshop cs3 working it says you have to close the following application/s internet exployer.

2nd does anyone know where to get videos of ratchet n clank and jak n daxter?

3rd does anyone know where i can get a replayer to avi converter?

4th does anyone know were to download yu-gi-oh/gx, one peice and final fantasy unlimited (i think that is what it called).

btw how is life or school for ya's

sigs n ff12

here are my 6 newest sigs

in other news

in final fantasy 12 i'm up to omozone plains and it's very hard by the way where is the village in omozone plains cause i hate running around in circles.

my game challenge

well i challenged my friend to a game comp

rules complete game and tell your time


rpg: final fantasy X

racing: jak x / nfs carbon

platform: ratchet gladiator

fighting: naruto ultimate ninja

starts may 1st

if u want to join in say so


happy anzac day caps

You see I'm Australian and every year on 25th we celebrate ANZAC day which is about the poor soldeirs  who died in the wars.

I went on a huge walk with my friends for around 3 and a half hours which was really fun.

I played final fantasy 12 also and got past the tomb part yay

that's mainly what i did on anzac day

lest we forget

1st week at school and me slaking off on gamespot

my 1st week at school wat great besides thursdays so now i hate thursday cause of performing arts i mean sure i don't mind the subject it's just the kids in there. Some of them don't like me at all :( some have grudges against me:(

I managed to brefriend 1 or 2 ppl in there (: but they don't  hang out with me in the class):

lately you might see me slack in posting well it's just i'm swept up in playing final fantasy 12 sorry bout that.

lately i've been  becoming someone who falls asleep at random times so it's a pain with school.

oh yea i'm a bit depressed because mum got fired from her job ):

that will do for my blog



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