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Scorpio7E2 Blog

New Computer? Maybe...

I'd like to get a new computer.  Preferably one of the Alienware laptops (I like my mobility).  The only problem, as with all things that I want, is money.  However, the monthly payment plan is really tempting, although I'd be paying for the said computer for the next 3 years or so.  I hate being broke.

Gamespot & King Kong

Why have I been "demoted" to GameSpot basic?  I know I'm a complete member.  Anyway, I like the new look of Gamespot.  They could have gone with a wider format though.  And the forums, at least from what I've seen, are still down. 

Just played through the demo of Peter Jackson's King Kong for the second time.  That game is going to kick ass.  What other game has you fleeing from a T-rex with only a tommy gun to defend yourself one moment, and the next has you playing as a giant ape laying the smack down on said dinosaur?  Brilliant! 

World of Warcraft

I am seriously considering buying World of Warcraft. The only thing that's really preventing me from buying it is A.) Lack of funds at the moment, and B.) The monthly fee. I guess I'll have to do some more research on the game.


I bought an old BC-611-F "Handy Talkie" WW2 radio at a gun show today. It doesn't work...yet. I'm going to tinker with it and see if I can get it operational again. I also bought a SKS Simonov rifle today. I'll get pics of both the radio and the rifle up as soon as I can.

Lord of War

Went to see Lord of War today. It wasn't the best movie ever made, but it wasn't the worst either. Definately not what I expected. It's more of a documentary than an actual film.

The Trews

On occasion, I'll listen to the Canadian radio station over in Sarnia. From time to time they'll play music by this band called The Trews. And honestly, I think their music is pretty good. I'm seriously considering buying one of their CDs. For anybody else interested, the Trews website is

VietCong 2

Been playing the demo for VC2 for the past 3 days or so. Man that game is awesome! No idiots like in Counter Strike or countless other online FPS games. I think it's because VietCong is a pretty obscure game, and only people who have played the original (like me), have any interest in the sequel. And a neat feature that has been carried over from the original Vietcong is what's called "Vietnam mode". It eliminates the HUD (ie health bars, ammo counters, etc etc). So, it adds an added sense of realism. I really hope Vietcong 2 scores well, because I love the original, and the developers put a lot of time and effort to make the game as realistic as possible.