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Well as the title says, this is my first ever blog in my 6+ years here at Gamespot :lol: I was/still not a fan of blogs unless I had something cool or exciting to say. And for once I actually do..... *drum roll* after 17 years I will be going back to Germany!!!!!! For those that don't know my, both my mother and father's parents came to the USA from Germany in the 1950's. Since most of my extended family is still over there, my brother and I will have free room and board for the 3 week we will be there :D And it will be great to see them again, I'm sure nobody will recognize anyone it's been so long :lol:

I'm super excited to be attending the German Grand Prix on July 23-25, cause if you didn't know already I'm a big Formula 1 fan XD. Although ticket prices were quite expensive, it will be worth it and it will be my first Grand Prix outside of North America. Other than that we'll probably be visiting places all over Germany from the Brandenberg Gate in Berlin to the Black Forest in South Germany. I'd like to go to Poland, Switzerland and Austria but we'll have to see how we feel. My German is pretty rusty but I'll get back into the swing of things once I'm surrounded by the language, atleast I hope so :lol: Oh and during my stay it will be my bday, so that'll fun to say the least :D

While I can't bring back everyone a super awesome Bier Stein I'll take a bunch of pictures to share.

Well my flight leaves in a couple hours so I have to get ready to head out. So I will say to you all "Auf Wiedersehen" and will miss you all, and enjoy the summer. And see you in a couple of weeks! 8)