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Too Much GREED in the Industry

I looked at my Live dashboard today and saw the Spring Sale campaign which is chock full of DLC 'VALUE' Packs. I don't know about you but I'm sick to death of seeing this s**t. Don't get me wrong, if a game developer works hard on a game for years, then continues working on new content after release and puts out some DLC for $10, I have no problem with that. It's up to the individual gamer to decide if they want to splash out more cash for extra content. However, what I do have a very big problem with is companies like Capcom charging for s**tty DLC which should have been in their s**tty game in the first place. Sorry, but if you're going to release a god awful POS like Resident Evil 6 then charge people for each multiplayer mode on an individual basis, I am going to call bulls**t. That is brutal. What's next? They're gonna start charging to unlock each button on the control pad? "Unlock aiming down the sights with the left trigger for 50msp and unlock the ability to shoot your gun with the right trigger for another 50msp...... Or get them both in the 'Aim and Shoot VALUE PACK' for only 95msp!!!!! What a deal!!!!!!". _______________________ A 'value pack' for something that we know full well is just an unlock for something that's already in the game? Don't feed us this diarrhea and tell us it's honey. If the industry standard is the multiplayer and single player go hand in hand, don't try to charge for them separately. ESPECIALLY when your game got universally panned by critics (It's not just my opinion that RE6 stunk). Game devs/publishers need to wake up and start paying attention to how their games are being received because they are not going to do themselves any favors by releasing garbage games then trying to charge for extra features after the fact. They would have saved a little face by giving their tacked on DLC away for free as an apology for giving us a brutal game in the first place. _______________________ This kind of greed and ignorance of feedback has put many, many publishers on my s**tlist of companies I will never give another red cent to. I think we as gamers need to band together and stop being so forgiving. The reality is, if we continue buying the shined up turds these companies are producing, they will continue releasing them. Consumer sentiment is turning very negative in the past few years. There has been a crash in the industry before for this very same reason of cashing in on what they thought were gullible consumers (see ET the game circa 1982). If they continue along this path of greed over quality, I would not be surprised to see another crash in the future.