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Saying goodbye to this account, and a new beginning

I don't do many blogs anymore here, and on any sites, but 2012 is going to be something new, I am going to try and do more written blogs.

With that being said. On January 1, 2012. I am abandoning this account on Gamespot. Now I am not leaving Gamespot, but I did create a new account.

First I had to post a question to see if it was ok, on the FAQ section on the Gamespot forum, and I heard that it was ok.

The new account is created, and hopefully I will be over at that new account on the 1st.

If you want to add me on that account. Here is the URL:

Thanks for your support, 2011 was a really good year, and I am hoping 2012 will be even better. I hope everyone had a awesome Christmas, I know I did, and 2012 is almost here :)

Heavy Metal Gamer Christmas Special

Heavy Metal Gamer Christmas Special:

This is the final review of 2011, this is ending the 3rd Season of the Heavy Metal Gamer, although I will probably drop the whole "season" thing, since a lot of my old reviews will be redone.

What a year it has been. I got some BIG news at the end of this review. Some of you know it already, some of you don't. You will be happy though.

I hope you enjoy the new review, I hope you have a awesome Christmas, and holiday, and a Happy New Year.

A Big thanks to all the websites for allowing me to post my reviews, I named off some in the credits, but I did forget some, but you know who you are. You guys are awesome.

Thanks for your support, thanks for your subscriptions, and most importantly, thanks for watching :D

NOTE: If there is any issue watching it, I may have to fix it and reupload it. Youtube's copyright crap may have blocked it in your country. Let me know if you have any issues.

Heavy Metal Gamer: Meat Boy Review

Brand new review of a fun flash game, normally I would do a Heavy Metal Gamer Plays for flash games, but there is more to this game then a lot of them. Hope you enjoy the review.