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SaxxyGamer18 Blog

Well, I'm Out of Here!!

Okay then! None of ya will be hearing from me for the next two years. I'll be in Florida proselyting and serving the Spanish. I still have about a week or so before I go, but that's it. Yep!

So my current plan as far as gaming goes is to wait before I situate myself with school, work, etc., then then I'll see what I can do about an HDTV. Then I'll get an Xbox 360 and a Wii and some essential games. But that's about it. I hope I can rely on somebody here to bring me up to speed in late 2010/early 2011. Okay?

See you all later!

Anybody Need a SNES Multitap?

Hey, so I'm trying to clear out a lot of my stuff, and I have a Naki Tribal Tap for the SNES that allows for up to six players. It's just like new and works fine. I had it for Secret of Mana, but I gave up on that game and sold it. If anyone needs the multitap, just message me with your address and I'll send it to you. First come first serve! There's only one.

Mission Call! Two Years Away Starting November 19!

So, I opened my mission call from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints today. It said I will be serving in the Florida Tampa mission, Spanish speaking. For my personal security, of course I won't tell you when I'm going, or what my name is, but yeah! That means no video games for two years folks. I'm stoked.

This is going to be a great experience. I get to learn a new language, preach my gospel, and serve the people of Florida. I wish I could leave sooner, but I'm just going to have to wait the agonizing 13 weeks before I go. Lots of prep to do!

So for all you fellow Mormons on here, that's that! For all of you who aren't, well...yeah. Whatever. Hoped you'd care that I'm moving from Utah to somewhere else for a couple of years. I've only been to Florida once, when I went to Walt Disney World with my family. This will be amazing.

Pre-Order Bonus for Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts Detailed Today!

Well, everyone, it's another exciting tidbit of news about the upcoming new Banjo game from Rare. The original Banjo-Kazooie is my second-favorite 3D platformer of all time (Super Mario Galaxy has earned that honor now), and I've been highly anticipating this new title.

According to, Microsoft has announced that a pre-order bonus similar to the one for Fable II will be implemented for the new BK. The original N64 game will be available on XBLA around the same time as the retail game, but those who preorder Nuts & Bolts will be able to download it for free two weeks earlier than everyone else. I imagine it will be about 800 Microsoft Points. It's a killer game, and it's going to be modified slightly to add bonuses to the new game.

My only issue is this: will preordering on get me the bonus as well, or do I have to do it at Game Crazy or Gamestop? Either way, I'm really tempted. I may not be around when it's released, though, so it would be a waste.

Oh, and on an unrelated note, Rock Band 2 has at least one Steely Dan song in its repertoire. Insta-buy!

Boy, Critics Are Such Whiners These Days!

As you may already know, I have nearly peed my pants in anticipation for Bionic Commando Rearmed since it was first announced. I'm a sucker for great remakes, and BC is one of my favorite NES games ever. So, I was looking at Metacritic for an idea of what has gone right and wrong with the game, according to several critics, and geez. A ton of them whine about how brutally challenging and punishing the game is, like the original. Huh?!? I just borrowed my friend's working NES so I could play through Bionic Commando all the way, and it took me about an hour without much trouble. It wasn't that tricky, folks. There were some rough parts, but it's very forgiving. I've still been itching to play BCR, and I've got 800 points burning a hole in my account. I need a 360 to play! I'm not buying one right now.

So basically, this is my message to Official Xbox Magazine, GamePro, EuroGamer, and every other whiny critic source that has talked about how "brutally tough" the game is: man up, and shut up. Learn to play some platformers, dudes. Really. It's not that hard. Go play some Ninja Gaiden if you want to talk frustrating. Maybe some Mega Man. Bionic Commando is rather forgiving and never frustrating, so just be quiet, okay? Alright. Saxxy out.

Hooked on Harvest!

Why hello, my Spanish galleons. I'm addicted to Harvest Moon. That's about all I can say. I can't blame you if you hate games like that, but I love the sheer innocence and laid-back yet manic pace of the game. So yes. Play Harvest Moon. Or don't, and I will. Yes.

Finished The World Ends With You. Impressions, Review, and Other Thoughts!

Well, I finally finished the DS RPG "The World Ends With You." I got it a while ago, and I've played it in spurts. I finally finished it, and I really like it. I wrote a review, which should come up soon. I decided I really like games that are heavy on interesting storytelling and character development. I also adore games that are really artsy and unique. I think because of that I'd love games like Rez that are weird and psychadelic but altogether cool.

Anyway, if you have a DS and enjoy RPGs, I would strongly recommend TWEWY. Please read my review and feel free to either recommend it or not. I can take it.

What the...Giant Bomb launched this week?!?

Okay, so I listen to the HotSpot and the Giant Bombcast every week, pretty much, and I found it weird that I didn't even know that launched on Monday. Weird.

Personally, I like the fact that there will be a lot of info about every game, but I don't like the user generated content as much. I like GameSpot's very clean interface and set-in-stone releases. I set up a profile anyway and started trying out some stuff. I'm MormonWarrior on there, if you're wondering. It doesn't really matter right now because, hey, I'm not buying more games for a few years. Oh well!

Still Kickin' It Old School!

Well, so I'm still here. And I've been loading up on my SNES addiction like crazy. I'm done buying new games for now (did you see Earthbound? I swear it's increased in value by $20 since I last checked! Forget it!), but I certainly have plenty to satisfy me. Oh man, I just love 2D gaming. It's so sleek and elegant, yet so refreshingly challenging. I kick absolute butt at old platformers.

Yeah, so has anyone seen the videos for the new Wario Land game on the Wii? It's pretty much completely 2D, which makes me happy. The animation looks AMAZING, so it makes me way sad that these sort of games are almost always relegated to simple small download arcade games on the system services. I want to see a return of full-project high budget 2D masterpieces, but it will probably not happen outside of portable gaming.

Sigh...I miss the good ol' days. There's great games now, but seriously, there's not a market for my niche. Feel free to check out my recently updated games library. I've added some new ones on there and updated my ratings. Chrono Trigger is THE best 16-bit RPG. Easily. I love it, and I'm almost through. Sweet. SaxxyGamer18, out.

P.S. I'm still waiting on my mission call. Should be here in a few weeks! Woo-hoo!

Super Nintendo Mania! (First Post Since March!!)

Hey everybody. I've been off since March, but I decided to do a few more posts. My two year religious mission is coming fairly soon, though I don't yet know where I'm going. I'll find out after my rigorous interview process. :)

So, if you're wondering, I sold my Wii and all my games. An old folks' home bought the Wii off me with all the remotes for a great price, and they're totally excited about it. I was just totally burned out on Nintendo's latest shenanigans, so I thought it best to lay low this generation and see what it's like in two years. I rekindled my love for Nintendo of old, however, with the SNES. I have one in perfect condition lying around, so I completely annexed it to my collection and bought a bunch of stuff for it. I even cleaned all my games, controllers, and the console. It's awesome!

Best. Console. Ever.

So, if you're into the 16-bit generation like me (and not Sega's nonsense), check out my collection here. I would suggest you look at my ratings on the games first, because some of them are garbage games I never liked that I sold a while ago. Most of them are good, though. And since GameSpot doesn't have any scores on the games, none will bring down my average!

Oh, and by the way, Super Metroid rocks my socks off every time I play it. I always approach it a bit differently and discover something new. Don't use guides for the game if you ever play it! Thanks. I'll keep you all posted on the mission status.