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Looking forward

How was Christmas for everybody? As always I loved it. Christmas has always been my favourite time of year. I got Mass Effect and I've finished that and can easily it's my best game this year. I put up a review in case anybody needs persuading to buy said masterpiece.

I've put off Call of Duty 4 till the start of next year so I guess I'm missing out on that, and heck haven't got around to properly playing Orange Box either so :P There might still be some competition - I'm not a huge fan of shooters don't flame me. :D

So thats the TWENTY-NOUGHT-SAVAGE or whatever we called it at the start of the year over it's been big not only for the industry but for Gamespot itself with a lot of changes, you know what I'm talking about so I won't go on.

So... What next... Geez it's been a scary ride this last quarter heck you can hardly call it a quarter the madness arguably kicked off when BioShock and Halo 3 came out.

Oh yeah Burnout Paradise, I tried the demo it's fun I'm to lazy to blab on about everybody should have played it and if not you are probably to bogged down with the last months releases to care. Mercenaries2 is coming soon haven't checked up on that since I heard it was delayed so I'll have to check for a date on that, Metal Gear 4 but thats never bloody coming out in Q2 In fact I hope it doesn't. Some people think he's had long enough but I want Kojima to tune that Metal Gear piano perfectly. Smash Bros... Meh can't say I'm bothered at this point Smash Bros is fun but I can't get excited about it at the moment.

Anyway short blog post because I like to write stuff when I be bored. I'll probably go play through Mass Effect again on Hardcore, Leave Call of Duty 4 till later save a bit of money for that little inconvienience called 'life'

Till 2008 happy gaming people.

I got my Atari out after over 12 years of dormancy with an extra surprise!

My Dad stuck it up in the loft when I was about 5 years old and have been pestering him a lot for him to let me get it back out again, I wasn't sure which model I had as I just didn't remember, Then got a shock when I opened the box they had been dormant in for over 10 years.

I had TWO Atari's, A 2600 and a 7800, I only remembered one. I likely never saw the 2600 as I probably wasn't born and by the time I was the 7800 was about instead.

I was also surprised slightly when I found I had Ms. Pac Man rather than normal Pac-Man not that much of a difference but oh well the original would have been nicer. I also found one of the biggest games of my younger years that I never mentioned before because I couldn't remember the bloody name, Barnyard Blaster! I hear it wasn't that popular though. Its just a little lightgun game nothing to amazing but at 5 years of age I kind of loved it.

Anyone got any niche games to recommend? I'll get the obvious ones when I get a chance (Space Invaders and the like) but any others out there I may not have heard of?

Anyway I've got a room to tidy and a box of nostalgia to go through so see ya!

Rock Band, DragonBall and other random happenings

Enjoying Rock Band over in America are you? Heh, Gits. I considered importing it but heck with Guitar Hero III and Mass Effect I may as well wait for the EU release. The main songs I'm looking forward to are Dani California, Wanted Dead or Alive and Paranoid. I'm sure I'll end up liking a ton of the songs on it later as well as Guitar Hero has expanded my somewhat pathetic music tastes.

What have I been up to? Not a lot, I got Eye of Judgment for PS3 and enjoyed the novelty of that for about 2 days and haven't touched it since. Not one I like that much to be honest, you get bored of the whole funky camera twist on a card game fairly quickly, or at least I did.

Otherwise I haven't done much video game wise. I've just been playing Guitar Hero II, I can play on hard and a few on expert. Not bad considering I've had it since what August? (sarcasm :P) Sonic 2 came out on XBLA early in September (Or October... Can't remember) and naturally bagged all the points in about a day, Haven't tried to much online though which surprises me now I think about it, Ah well I'll go play that later.

I used to be a huge fan of DragonBall Z and for whatever reason I started playing the games and watching the so called 'ULTIMATE-UNCUT ZOMG edition' and it's just as bonkers as I remember - Still love it though. Might look into Tenkaichi 3 if for some mad reason I got a spare £30 laying around. (Yeah right...)

Haven't even mentioned Assassin's Creed or Mario Galaxy in here another two games I'm not particularly excited about (C'mon I grew up a Sega kid - I'm never going to be a huge fan of Mario :D) But I'm still going to have to try. Of course Mario & Sonic olympic games is going to get a rent (I refuse to actually BUY another minigame collection on the Wii) but to be honest my enjoyment and love of Sonic is at an all time low. Sonic on PS3 really crushed any hope I had for the series. Well BioWare's RPG for the DS might be good but I'm not getting my hopes up.

I want a cup of tea. Until next time. :D

It's all the rave right now so here's a quick Halo post (A short one though)

I'm not going to say much about the amazing experience that is 'Teh Halo' right now as everything has really been said, Between everybody else's blog posts and the 5000 different features this site alone has, I don't think I've got much to add but I do have a few small,little statements.

If you've got a Xbox 360 and don't own Halo 3 just go trip on a mine. Seriously that would be like not having jam in doughnuts, It's just plain silly.

Never being a fan of the series before I didn't expect to like it much. I didn't think much of Halo: Combat Evolved and just hated Halo 2 yet even though the third game is pretty much the same as far as the gameplay goes its got something the others don't (...apart from points...) that I just can't put my finger on.

I would say more but as I've said, What more needs to be said just go buy the game.