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Long Time, No See

Although I highly doubt anyone will remember me/care about this, I might actually come back. I'm done with my forever long hissy-fit XP

So, you're probably wondering why I am back here. Well I was watching a yt video about childhood and it got me thinking. This place made a huge impact on my childhood, and I kinda miss it. So, since the person I'm talking to is taking forever to reply, I figured I would logged on and checked my messages. Then I went back and reread my past 3 blogs...Wow. I can't believe I was so childish =S

Yes, when I was on here, I was very immature...Of course, at the time I was also 14 so...Yeah. I'm just that special >> Either way.

Anyways, hello old and new friends! A lot has changed since the last time I was on here(because that's just what happens when you disappear for 3 and a half years.)

I think I might have to reintroduce myself. On here, you guys know me as sakurathedancer. In real life, I have actually started going by the nickname Saki. In fact, recently a got a piece of mail where a college actually thought that was my real name. Anyways, I'm getting off topic.

I am 18 now. I've now been a vegetarian for 2 and a half years. I am also a haunt kid. Yes, I find great pleasure in making a grown man scream like a little girl, and making people run from me.

This year and last year, I decided to go to a tech center at my school. Basically that means that halfway through my school day, I leave my high school and go to a building down the street to take a class there instead. The classes are worth college credits. Tech is half of my schedule, which means that since this is my second year at tech, I could have skipped senior year entirely, if I had felt like it. Last year I was in the programming class, and this year I am in the Web Design and Development class. And yes, school is a huge part of my life, which is why I'm talking so much about it. I'll move on now.

Besides school, the only other thing that really influences my life is my friends. For two or three years now, I have been a cosplayer. I met my friends through cosplay. But I might stop cosplaying because of lack of time/money and the drama in the cosplay world...Sounds kinda familiar. Sad.

Anyways, all of my friends live far away from me. Most of them live about an hour away, when I take the freeway to go see them.

I know I should probably shut up now because this is getting to long, therefore I'll end this quickly.

For those of you who said I'd come back, here is your bragging rights. I just might, depending on time and how many people will still talk to me on here after my huge drama blowup last time. I really have to wonder if anyone will even remember who I am.

To those that have made it through this entire thing, Icongratulateyou. I know this was probably long, boring, and maybe confusing. My mind is all over the place right now, which would be why.

Here is my question to you guys: Do you want me to come back? And if so, should I make a different account to start fresh, or should I continue to use this one?

Thank you to ANYONE who actually read this and/or replied.

I love you all


k i've finally made up my mind

sorry guys but i'm leaving and thats my final descision. i can still talk threw email and i'm gonna be on tfs but ever since some people got banned and things like the recent event started happening this place has gotten pretty boring. so if u still wanna talk then i'm still gonna be on username is emosakura), my email of course which is, my IM which is,,,, (un=sakurathedancer), and*deep breathe* ok thats all of them...i think. lolz anyways bye peoplz been fun chattin w. ya

ok here it is

EDIT: picture has been taken down

thats me but keep in mind i had like tons of makeup on and it took hours to do my hair and even then i got lucky on this pic. (sidenote:i'm deleting this pic @ this time tomorrow)

a one day offer...

tomorrow i will put my pic up for 1 day. but keep in mind i took this pic be4 a party and took like hours gettin ready so i was REALLY lucky to get this good a pic


OMG!!  i just saw Hotfuzz and it has EVERYTHING!! action, comedy, lots and lots a gore(and i mean LOTS  of gore!!!) man its so awsome i dont think i can sleep tonight. rofl i might write a review on it tomorrow when i'm bored out of my mind. lolz so whats up with you guys?