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Wanted - People interested in gaming for achievements

So over the years I've collected a couple of random people on my "friends" list on XBL. I met most of them playing recently released games and then we just kinda agreed to add each other or whatever. Now their names pop-up every once in a while and I think, "hey I vaguely remember playing with that person." Couldn't tell you anything else about them. It's kinda sad.

So what's the point?

Well, I would really like to add some new friends on my XBL account so we can go through and game together and get achievements and have fun but it's just not the same doing stuff like that with random people. So I've decided to introduce myself and hopefully some of you readers will introduce yourselves and we can become friends and game it up.

So here goes. In your replies try to use my format.

Name - Safad0(Paul)
Age - 27
XBL name - Safad0
PSN name - SafadaO
Wii - Can't remember (can anyone?), NEVER play online
Interests - FPS, RTS, RPG, Sports
Availability - Most evenings 7pm - midnight EST, Saturday by appointment, Sunday afternoons and evenings by appointment.
Wants - Quality gaming, achievement hunting.

If anyone is interested, or thinks we might be a gaming match please respond or email me and let's make friends and get it going.