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EA Sports Active 30-Day Challenge - Workout 5

As many of you know I've taken the EA Sports Active 30-Day Challenge and as of now I've gone through the first 5 workouts. When I first announced this experiment many of you said that the workouts wouldn't make much of a difference when it comes to weight-loss or improving my overall health. I'm not feeling more healthy and I haven't lost any weight but the workouts are strenuous and require a good amount of effort. Whether that translates into something more noticeable is yet to be seen.

So far I've been less than impressed and convinced that this is a viable option for a meaningful exercise routine. I imagine that workout DVD's and in-home programs are very similar to this experience so there might be something there in the end but for now I'm not ready to commit to anything beyond this 30-Day Challenge.

Meanwhile - Here's my backlog - Fallout 3 (GOTY), Dragon Age Origins, Final Fantasy 4 (DS), Lego Rockband, MLB 2k9, Halo 3: ODST, Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Anyone who wants to game with me that's cool. I'm thinking my next Soapbox post will be about online gaming and online friend-making. Anyone have any experiences with that?

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