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EA Sports Active 30-Day Challenge - Workout 30

Well I'm glad that's over with. The EA Sports Active 30-Day Challenge is a pretty crazy experience. It's time-consuming and grueling and possibly helpful for those looking to have a daily exercise routine. I don't feel particularly healthier. If anything the game forced me to use my Wii for an extended period of time. I said it in my previous post, I don't think I want to mix something I like to do with something I don't like to do. I'm afraid that my discomfort with exercising might cause me to dread playing video games if they were one in the same.

I'm also glad to go back to writing editorial posts about what I really want to write about. It's been a while since I posted a Soap Box article so everyone should check out the one that I'll be posting here in the next little bit.

Thanks for everyone who followed me.

My conclusion - Eat MUCH healthier and go to a gym atleast 3 times a week. You'll build better habits than you would struggling through a video game workout routine.