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EA Sports Active 30-Day Challenge - Workout 20

Quick update from the EA Sports Active 30-Day Challenge. I'm now two thirds of the way done and I've regained the weight I lost after the first third. Many posters are telling me about how exercise isn't as important as changing your diet and reducing intake. I'm believing that more and more because this system, while intense, doesn't appear to me to be a long-term workout solution.

I do feel more active which may be the whole purpose of the game. I'm not ready to turn my hobby into something as strenuous and annoying as working-out. That may be my main complaint. I don't want to dread turning on my Wii. Maybe those who are already into fitness and exercise wouldn't feel this same thing as me but that's the way it goes.

I did take advantage of XBLs DoTW by purchasing Magic: The Gathering for 400 MS points. If anyone wants to play with me that's cool, just send me a friend request. If you see I'm online you can also send me a game request and I'll likely accept it even if I'm playing a different game.

Until next update.