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SadPSPAddict Blog

Bought myself a 3DS!

Yes I finally did it. After years of thinking I'd never do it I finally took the plunge. Of late completing games rather than gaining achievements has been more important to me - I have spent a lot of time on GT5 recently since I never quite finished it first time around!

Picked up a blue XL version with Mario Kart 7. Also picked up Ridge Racer and Asphalt plus Picross. Just need Picross 3d and Colour Cross and I'll be as happy as a pig in mud :lol:

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Quick gaming and movie update

Hi everyone - just a quick blog today. Picked up Grid 2 on Friday and am loving it so far. One or two framerate issues which is slighly disappointing but apart from that a great racing game. Haven't played anything else since.

Watched Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter on Friday evening, excellent movie, interesting take on American history and plenty of violence! Well worth a watch.

Then on Sunday afternoon finally got round to watching The Hobbit on 3D BluRay on our ( fairly ) new 3D TV. Hadn't seen the film before and really enjoyed it. The 3D effects were very good and had a constant "oohhh" and "my god" etc from my kids :)

Oh yeah - my second eldest became a teenager on Friday so that's 2 in the house now.....RUN :lol:

That's all for today :) 

Not about X1

So the Star Trek video game: not great reviews and let's face it movie tie in's are rarely any good ( although on a side note that isn't going to stop me picking up Fast and Furious Showdown on Friday ) and the market is saturated with FPS games anyway.

But a strange thing occured in my house. My eldest lad, who turned 16 last week, has never watched anything remotely Star Trek related and obviously just not been interested. So when the game turned up on rental ( is that soon to be a thing of the past? - sorry couldn't help it ) he had no expectations about it.

So what happened? He put the game in and actually quite enjoyed it - to the point that he borrowed the first movie from me and now wants to go and see the second one! He is also talking about watching so NG/DS9 etc. So the game converted him.

Maybe the game isn't so bad after all and it's pre-conception that killed it?

Anyway now I have shared that nugget I will go back to cooking dinner :D

Back in the Hospital then!

So the wife is back in hospital again and I believe right now she is "under the knife". My 12 year old and I left at 5am this morning to take her in - she was due to be first on the list so had to be there by 7am. Got there to discover she had been bumped to 2nd.

We waited with her until about 10:15am but she then insisted we leave to get back home where our 15 year old was looking after the 9 and 7 year olds! Just as we got home ( about 12 ) I got a text saying they were about to take her down. 

**UPDATE** Just spoke to one of the nurses and surgery is underway! Might not hear anything until 7pm ish though so a few more hours of this waiting :(

I'll be taking the kids to see her tomorrow afternoon :)

Think I might go and game for a while to try and take my mind off it.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Cheering Ourselves Up

So after all the hassle regarding my wife's surgery ( which is currently rescheduled for the end of this month - fingers crossed ) we decided that everyone could do with cheering up!

So we went out and bought a new TV for the living room and set off a chain of electrical equipment movement round the house:

  • The old TV from the living room went to the gaming room ( which really pleased our 12 year old as he is the primary user of that room and it was a bigger TV )
  • The TV from the gaming room went up to our 15 year olds room - again bigger TV so he was happy.
  • The TV from the 15 year old's room went into the room our 9 and 7 year old's share. Although not a size upgrade their old one had a couple of dead pixels plus no iPod dock so an improvement all the same

And the new one in the living room - well we figured it was time to get a 3D TV and also a 3D BluRay/DVD player so everyone was happy.

Once it was all set up everyone queued up for a turn at Black Ops 2 in 3D :lol: - lots of fun!

Anyway other than that I'm back on Forza Horizon for now with the new DLC on it's way. Looking forward to Grid 2, Ashes Cricket 2013, MotoGP 2013 and Fast and Furious: Showdown over the coming months. Too many games and not enough hours in the day :lol:

Right coffee break over, back to work ( currently setting up my new iPhone 5 - a work phone so this counts as work :D ) - take care everyone and great gaming!

I am so Angry

Follwing on from my last blog - and many thanks to all the well wishes :D there is an update.

My wife was alone in the hospital, in the waiting area for theatre, about to "go under" when the consultant called it off. Argh. He was a "new to the case" consultant and at the last minute decided he was unhappy with something that hadn't been done right.

Now - more tests and reschedule the surgery for June/July :cry: :cry:

Feeling Awful

My wife is 80 miles away in hospital, about to have major spinal surgery. I dropped her off last night ( they had a spare bed and she is first on the list this morning ) and left her about 11 last night. Basically given the distances involved, the length of the surgery and the ages of the kids we had no-one we could ask to look after them so we made the horrible decision that she would have to be at the hospital alone so I could be home with the them.

Been texting her but it isn't the same - next few hours are going to be tough :(

Laters everyone!

Took the plunge and....

.....bought a WiiU at the weekend. Not for me as such but for the wife ( mainly ) and kids. Actually quite impressed to be honest. Picked up Nintendoland and Rabbids with the bundle and Mario ( for the wife :) ) plus a couple of Wii games like Mario Kart.

So far it has been a big hit. As a family ( wife, 4 kids, eldest's gf and me ) spent almost all day yesterday playing Nintendoland. Haven't heard so much laughter and screaming in a long while as occured playing Mario Chase - silly really since, as most of you know, we all game a fair amount so being amused by such a simple game.......all good though!

laters fellow gamers :D

What a match

So ever since subscribing to Sky Sports to watch F1 my kids have been watching WWE - before that it was highlights shows on Sky 1 only. Now it's 3 hours of Monday night Raw and 2 hours of Friday Night Smackdown ( watched on Tuesday and Saturday respectively ). We also watched all the pay-per-views in the last 12 months.

So reasonably big fans and lots of debate as we all have our own favourites!

Currently The Rock is WWE Champion having beaten CM Punk twice. John Cena won the Royal Rumble so challenged Rock for the title at Wrestle Mania ( which is on April 7th ). However he agreed to put his ticket on the line against CM Punk on Monday night Raw this week - with the winner going to the match with the Rock!

I won't spoil it by saying who won but the match has to be among the top 2 or 3 I have seen in the last 12 months of watching. It was a good clean fight, back and forth, no interference awesome entertainment. The result did split the family a little as was inevitable :lol:

And yes I do know it's all scripted and I can now acurately predict the outcome of a good 70-80 percent of matches ( a big name loses a big fight then will obviously win next time out against a smaller name etc ) but think the story writters do a better job than the Eastenders writers!!

Peace to all