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Special Thanks!

To my top friends and helpers sonnycX , Demon2545, Draqq_Zyxorian ,      I want to say you're all greate and million thanks for your support without you guys I couldn't have reached what I am today on gamespot!!

New Year's Party

Damn I wish all we who are on this pages and our friend would be the only ones on this planet!! WHY??
Because my Mom promised me that I could have the House for my own!! But Nooooooooooooo she had to broke her promise and So I'm searching for my friends and to see to what party I'm going!
So wish me Luck!!
And lets pray to God that we won't be like our parents EVER!!
Read this please and write me!!!
Cuz I'm desperate and I need YOU my FRIENDS!!!

Take care and a Happy New Year!! :cry:

If I ................

Could have what others have I would be a cooler Boy than know!! But I'm not so I must fight my way through the hard life that not every body has in this fu****** world. I'm not mad but I'm in a way furious because we are not equal with eachother!!


I'm over it
You see I'm falling in my fast abis
Clouded by memories by the past
I see
I hear it faiding .................

I say it's cool to be a vampire!What do you think?? I say I want to be one!!

Slept So Long!!

Hopping, Hateing
Things that I can't bare!!
I see hell in you're eyes
Take it in by surprise
Touching you makes me fell alive
Touching you makes me die inside!!
Did you think it's cool to walk right up to take my life and **** it up now did You??

My Mind

I trapped in this wold Lonely and Faiding
Heart broke and waiting for you to come!!
We are stuck in this world
That's nothing for Me!!