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SS3_Vegeta Blog

Long time, no see

It's been quite a while since I last updated this blog... Quite honestly I wasn't in the mood, then had a lot of personal problems, then just simply forgot this existed. I go on about my woes on almost every other social site I am on, so I won't bore anyone here with them - after all, we're here for the games!

Needless to say that many games have been bought and sold since the last update, as well as consoles! Honestly I don't remember which games specifically, but then you could just check my games list if you really cared. I suppose I should start updating again when anything interesting happens to my collection, or interests, but we'll see. College is slowly coming to a clse for me, so after then I will have plenty of time to update these kinds of sites that I have let wither in my absense.

Considering it's almost 7am, I haven't slept, and it's a school day today - an exam day, no less - I can't really think of anything else to write, so I'm just letting you know I'm still alive, really. Take care, and perhaps I will update properly soon!

Part 7, Update

Below I mentioned I was selling 3 games back to GAME. Instead I sold two and got about £30 for them, which I was very happy about. However, the nice man at GAME informed me that Tales of Symphonia is actually very rare and goes on eBay for about £60! So, instead of taking their £20 offer, I've decided to sell it on eBay. Anyone interested, please have a look for it soon!

In other news, I bought two new games: Command and Conquers Generals: Deluxe Edition (Inspired purely by 'Pure Pwnage') and Devil May Cry 4, both from the money I had made from selling all the games. As I think I'm likely to get the Wii from HMV, there's no reason to save up credit at GAME for it! I'm looking forward to playing both games.
Thanks for reading!

Thinning the Ranks, Part 7

With this newfound urge to get rid of games, more titles have fallen...

0- Transformers: The Game (360) (mentioned below)
0- Dead or Alive 4 (360)
0- Tales of Symphonia (GC) (an incredible game, but I'm unlikely to play again)

Also, I have determined that I will be getting the Wii from HMV, when I do. GAME do not offer the Wii on its own, but rather only in bundles - HMV however DO seel it individualy and seem to have better prices for the games I want! Problem is now getting the money for it... I need a job >.<

Part 6, Update

Hopefuly I will be selling the games and XBox back to GAME today, so I will update on how much I got when that happens - not much I'm willing to bet. However, I sold my Dreamcast on eBay for £13! Considering the starting bid was £3.99, thats amazing! I'm quite happy about that n_n
Anyway, I'll update later about the GAME thing.

For the games and XBox, I got a total of about £45. A LOT more than I expected to get, but it was still a lot of games to get rid of. I'm a little sad for selling Fable, as I truely do love that game, but I just wasn't playing it and I need the space/money...
Still, I'm hoping that Fable 2 will fill the hole left in my heart =] Lionhead have always surpassed my expectations and I'm hoping they will continue to do so!
My curosity in the Wii is rising... I just need the money!

[Update 2]
I forgot to mention that for some reason, GAME didn't accept "Battlestar Galactica" for the XBox. I bought it over eBay because I never saw it in shops, but for what reason would they not stock or accept it? Its only a 12+ game and it's the PAL version...
So the only option left is to sell it back on eBay. If anyone's interested, it will be going up soon!

Also, I finally got around to finishing Tansformers: The Game (360) 100%, so I'm going to sell that on right away!
Thanks for reading =]

Thinning the Ranks, Part 6.

I finally made the hard choice - to get rid of a console - the only time I've had to decide since getting rid of my PS1 for a PS2 (and that was hardly a tough descision). However, I'm not just getting rid of one console - oh no - I'm gettign rid of two, plus games. Here's the line-up of things I'm selling:

0- XBox (Including 2 slimline controllers, 1 original controller and all the cables)
0- Phantom Crash (XBox)
0- Fable (XBox) - I love this game to bits, but there are only so many times you can play the same thing.
0- Halo 2 (XBox)
0- Battlestar Galactica (XBox)
0- Dreamcast (Including 2 Controllers, 1 Memory Card and all the cables)
0- Phantasy Star Online (DC)
0- Sonic Adventure (DC)
0- God of War (PS2)
0- God of War 2 (PS2)
0- Spiderman 3 (360)
0- Quake 4 (360)
0- Max Payne: The Fall of Max Payne (PC) - Again, a fantastic game, but there's only so many times you can play it.
0- Swords of Destiny (PS2)
0- Chaos Legion (PS2)

As you can see, it's a fair amount of tech that I'm getting rid of. Frankly I just don't play them as much as I should and I need the space/money more than my desire to play them. I've decided that I'm unlikely to get a PS3, seeing as how many of the games I wanted for it are becoming multi-platform and the price is still huge. Also, I've decided that I would like to get a Wii, both for the health benefits and the multiplayer value. Still, all in good time. I'll update if I decide to get rid of any more items! Thanks for reading :)

[Edit/1] Added Max Payne
[Edit/2] Added Swords of Destiny & Chaos Legion

Thinning the Ranks, Part 5.

Well, I finally did it. I'd been thinking about it for a while now because I just don't use it, but I got rid of my Nintendo DS. I didn't like any of the games that were out for it since the original few I got with it and I just had no presedent to use it. Along with my Pink Nintendogs DS bundle went Advance Wars: DS, Zoo Keeper and the Brain Training Academy. I can't say I'll really miss them..

Along with the DS went a few other games, including Vampire Night and Blood Will Tell. Good games, but just not getting enough attention since completion to warrant keeping them. I think the next thing to go will be my Dreamcast - that hasn't got much attention recently either and I only have 2 games. Lots of good memories of my childhood, but enough to justify the space it takes up? Maybe not.

The battle for space continues...

Busy, busy...

I've been so busy with college and homework that I've barely had time to play games, let alone buy new ones or come onto

During the summer break I did buy a number of games including Overlord (360) and Swords of Destiny (PS2), the latter of which is somewhat disappointing so far, but I haven't really had much time to play it...

My subscription has run out on World of WarCraft, but I have leveled up since my last post... I just can't tell you by how much.

Im going to look into buying Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (360) due to my escalating love of Wolverine... he's just too damn cool and I've yet to find a decent game that I can play as him in - maybe this will be the one? And on top of that, I'm quite interesting in the Transformers (360) movie-game - I just hope it's as cool as I hope it is, if I 'do' get it...

Well, I have to go now, but thanks for reading! :)

To Victory or Death!

I've been getting in to World of Warcraft even more recently! Currently my characters are:
Lv.23 Human Paladin
Lv.9 Tauren Druid
Lv.8 Dwarf Hunter
Lv.14 Nightelf Rogue
Lv.5 Orc Warrior

Not bad for a couple of weeks on-and-off, eh? ^_^

Ok, other than that I'm selling a couple more games! One of my four DVD storage cases is almost empty! :D
However, I find myself left with a problem. I want to play a range of games, different genras for different moods, yet I seem to have but a few games that I haven't actually completed! Most of my collection has been completed, if not finished in single-player (meaning, lacking some special items or what have you), which isn't really all that interesting when you just want to sit back and game for a while...
Granted, I still have to beat Devil May Cry 1 and 3 on Dante Must Die settings, but... god, games are supposed to RELAX you! Not make you want to throw your PS2 through the window...
But, we'll see... finished or not, my problem is with space, not quality of gaming. In the end I think I'll just have to get rid of some of my golden-oldies (Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid, imported Naruto games!?) to make space for the new games that I seem to require to quench my thirst for a challenge... I wish they would hurry up and make some worth-while next-gen games...
Oh well. Until then, thanks for reading! :D

I heart eBay

I love eBay! Why return games to GAME when I can get triple the money back when I sell them there?!
I've decided to get rid of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Although it was fun the first time through, when my data was deleted I just couldnt be bothred to play again... and still can't! Why play a crappy cell-shaded game when I have Twilight Princess anyway? (although I finished that 100%)
I have finally got around to buying a new game, although it is something that is going to be in my collection for quite a while. I bought World of Warcraft and I look forward to continuing with the character I made on a demo account. I really love that game and have been addicted since I played it then!

Wish my social life good luck! :D


Man, I swear I must have had way over 200 games throughout my gaming lifetime... WAY over... scary o.o


Anyway, I just got rid of two more games and I've yet to buy anymore! Woot! :D 

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