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If anyone needs manuals for there games..

I have tons of manuals for tons of games for multiple systems. If anyone needs any, tell me the game and the system you want it for. I can't garentee that i have the manual you are looking for, but i can try to get it.

Ps. It will be scanned and sent via email, so you can pm me to tell me what you want.

Ok guys, can u do me a tiny favor?

check out my union i just started, it needs members and help to put it up..

Best Game of the Week Union

Ok heres where we as a group of indivisuals cast votes to find the best game of all time, every week. Then at the end the best game (the one with the most votes) gets there own board. Where we can help you, hopefully. Basicly this is the oscars of videogames, but of all time. This is where YOU dudes get to choose. Your in control, we just supervise.
Come Check It Out!

Thanks. :D


I made a new word when i was a little out of it :P

It means a word that descibes what ever you are thinking by saying this word you make the call

This journal entry is so Snu-Fif-In