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I'll be Covering the Foo Fighters...


I'm currently recording my versions of some Foo Fighter's songs; such as My Hero, Everlong, Learn to Fly, Aurora, Let it Die, Pretender, Home, All my Life, and many more. It'll take me some time, but if you'd like to stick around my video for a bit, I'll have cover by cover and tab by tab videos.

I'm playing My Hero's Chorus in the video, i messed up a bit, but the final result will be flawless, I promise.

Wanna See My New Tattoo?

Well, as some of you know, I got a new tattoo on my left arm dedicated to Dave Grohl of the Foo fighters. Its a replica tattoo of Dave's Right arm... My last Blog on Blogspot will explain why I got it, link in my last blog. My right arm of tattoos is dedicated to my family, dad and mom, Heres my tattoo ...

I'm getting it colored in red in a few months.

Bioshock: Final Boss Walkthrough

Hey guys, this contains spoilers for anyone who hasn't completed or played Bioshock yet. Anyway, Bioshock is one of my favorite games ever made, so I think I'll do some more videos on it since I have my Dazzle to mess around with. This is me taking on the Final Boss the easiest way in Bioshock, and this video also contains the end of the game. If you want me to do more videos of Bioshock, and more Walkthrough on RE games, leave a comment on which game. Enjoy...


LOL, and if anyone knows this song (The Boss Battle one), you'd know it'd fit perfect here.

My Halo 3 Minitage

Hey guys, I was bored, and I thought I put my Dazzle DVD Recorder to the test. This footage was taken for alittle while now. I'm not really all that good at Halo 3 since I barely play my 360 unless its at night. I wanted to test the quality. Enjoy...


I'm learning How to Speak Japanese...

Hajimemashlte [How are ya?!] Watashiwa Jimudesu!! Yes, the title is correct. I've been learning Japanese for a few weeks now, and I'm loving it. It's very hard, but it really enjoyable knowing that when I visit Japan I will know abit of the language before speaking fluently. I've been always interested in speaking another language, and Spanish was completely boring, and I don't like French. I've been watching Japanese television for about 7 years now, and have been wondering what they have been saying, why not know now? I've always been interested in Japanese culture also, and it would help with Japanese games too, I've seen many games that only release in Japan that look extremely good. I've read that it also helps to watch Japanese television with subtitles, well, my two favorite shows on tv are Ninja Warior and Unbeatable Banzuke, so thats good. And I have a incredible band for you's to listen to, they're called Seikimatsu (SA-EE-KEY-MOTS), but are called Seikima II. My favorite songs are:

Fire after Fire
Big Time Changes
Stainless Night
Mansion of 99 Walled dolls

Yea, they're Heavy Metal, and remind me of Iron Maiden. I think they're one of the greatest bands I've listened to. Anyways, I've been learning the Japanese alphabet so I can read Japanese, after that I have to know what the words are. The alphabet is abit complex though, its well over 250 letters. It'll take probably all summer, but in the mean time, I'm going over pronounciatation and well known words and sayings. I plan on learning a great deal in the next 5 years, and plan on visiting Japan after college for about 3 months (I'm saving up now.) Next summer, I'm going to take a Japanese II course. And this is what I'm use as of now for my Japanese language software:

It costed roughly $40, but is great. Comes with 7 CDs, 5 audio and 2 interactive dvds for quiz tests and etc. Thats about it, leavea a comment please, and wish me luck, have a good day. 後で会おう!

My Halo 3 Machinima Series...

Hey guys, I just wanted to let everyone know if your interested, that I'm making a machinima series of Halo 3. It's called "Halo 3 Friends." Its about a bunch of friends playing on MatchMaking, Forge, and Custom Games getting themselves into trouble. It's a comedy, and should get better because I'm getting a capture card in the mail. Therfe will be know more posted on Gamespot, I just wanted to let yous know. I'll only upload them on and Please go here to subscribe to my videos if you like the video below. Again, the quality will be 100 time better because I'm getting a capture card and I'm not doing another episode until I get it. Enjoy...


Please, a comment would be nice...

I'm Not Posting Anymore Blogs...

Well, I think the title is self-explanitory. I'm not posting anymore blogs mainly because I put some effect into some of my blogs making videos and such for your entertainment and I only get 2 people everytime out of 502 friends on my list. I'm not going to put the effort in any blog because there will be no more.

I'm also thinking about leaving gamespot for my own good. I have my reasons. I would like to spend more time to myself (Read, playing guitar, study, work, etc.) instead of coming on a website that is just a waste of time. I'm doing great in school, so I don't want this crap to interfere. Also, theres not many people that I dislike in life, I get along with everyone, I hate the people who take very little sarcastic remark I say so seriously, for christ sakes, I have to deal with my mom, isn't that bad enough...

It's not like people care about me anyways seeing as only 2 people post a comment on my blog, so I figure that people wouldn't care I stop writing them and not come to this website anymore. So cya. I wanted to thank ArsenicA, the only one to actually acknowledge my blogs and post a comment.