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I'm making a game! (Probably)


I imagine some of you will already be aware of Choice of Games, but for those who don't know, it's a team of developers who make text based choose-your-own adventures. These include Choice of the Dragon, Choice of Zombies, and (my present favourite), Choice of Broadsides.

They're frankly brilliant but, best of all, the devs have made their programming software available for all to use. I've been trying to find myself a writing project to get behind lately, and decided this would be a fun challenge. So starting, well, about twenty minutes ago, I'm writing my own text based game, which I will also be blogging about intermittently on here.

(EDIT: Just realised that by making this blog post I really have to do this now. Kind of terrified)

I haven't named it yet, though I have chosen a premise and start point - one that is very dear to my heart and the degree I did at university (though, I hasten to add, it is not Choice of the Student).

If anyone has done something like this before and has any suggestions / advice, that would be most kind. Failing that I will also accept a good knock knock joke. Leave me a comment or tweet at me here.

Onward, to (choose-your-own) adventure!