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Community Service: BEARDMAGEDDON


What is this?
We have some drinks and play games after work, chat with the community and special guests. This week our guest is Gav Murphy, who has a beard. I have one too, which is why the theme is Beardmageddon. Let's just hope we don't get our faces stuck together like velcro.

Where can I watch?

6PM - London
1PM - Eastern
12AM - Central
11AM - Mountain
10AM - Pacific

How do I get involved?
Log into the Twitch chatroom, follow us on twitter and ask questions@johnneh. We'll be getting the community involved in playing games with us this week, so listen out for instructions in the show itself.

What Game you playing?
Minecraft, in honour of Notch's beard! There'll also be a quick beard based grudge match between myself and Gav on WWE All Stars, and then if there's time we're going to jump on a shooter of some kind.

Who's this week's guest?
Why it's Future Publishing's very own Gav Murphy! You can follow him on twitter @cymrogav

Hope to see you there folks.
Who's tuning in?