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Oh hell.

Right then, best get a blog started.

Hello! I'm Johnny. I'm the latest recruit at GameSpot UK, drafted in to make videos and such like. I've been here exactly a week now, and have spent on average 80% of my time looking a bit bewildered and trying to remember where the toilets are.

Some of you may have encountered me before (not in the toilets) - I worked for three years at ITN's Game On. If you've not seen it, it's a pretty awesome show and you should check it out. Only don't because I'm here now, not there. I dunno, check it out. A bit. But not much.

Anyway, I just wanted to get the ball rolling on the blog - doubtless I'll have more to say in due course when I've done a bit more here and adjusted properly to having windows: I spent the last three years working in a basement, so sitting on the third floor is actually a bit beyond my comprehension at this point.

Ta ta for now.

....can't believe I just said ta ta...

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