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The title pretty much speaks for itself. I'm leaving Gamespot--temporarily or not, I don't know, but probably for some time at least. Could be months, possibly a year, two heck even forever.

I don't particularly know why, maybe it's just me or something, but this site has really got on my nerves lately. I guess the last straw was when I came across a topic that covered blapshemy in the title. Naturally, in being a faithful Christian, I took offence to this and moderated the post. Maybe that makes me a shallow person or a snitch, I don't know. Well anyway, turns out it backfired on me and I got moderated with a warning as well as a loss of four levels. I mean, it's not like I had the intentions of moderating the user unfairly. In fact, I can't even believe the moderator didn't notice any traits that related to blasphemy, and yet they still modded me for it; what's more is they could have looked at my moderation history to see how rarely I mod topics and to see how genuine my intentions were.

I just don't like the site anymore and what it's recently become. The community (aside you great guys) are generally fanboyish and immature. The Moderators again, generally, are almost the same, being illogical, lazy and power trippy. One such case to back up my argument is this. Hope you don't mind Lazare. And also, if you'd look at ebbderelict's comment (fourth one down) on that blog. Again, a prime example of a user who got modded completely unfairly; had the Moderator had the time to just check out some of his info in the About Me section then the irrational moderation could have been easily sorted. Another situation includes this blog posted by a Spazzx625 - a Moderator. OK, so it's an April Fools joke. But does that make it OK for him to get excused from the ToU and Moderation? I mean really? Such hypocrites...

Having said that, there are a few standouts who really made me enjoy my stay at Gamespot for what was almost two years.

That someone called Aberinkulas: Wtf's he on the list!?

AlmightyMax aka Max: Almost like a virtual brother to me, I thoroughly enjoyed his blogs and most of all, his company on the site. A real wit, and a real nice guy.

Dan_SCFC (Dan_StokeCityFailCompletely): Living in the same country we were naturally meant to be friends. Shame I ended my reign on Modern Warfare by mantaining a higher level - 2nd Prestige, Level 37 - Boo Yah!

Setsuka13: Yeah, OK, maybe I'm not a higher level than you on Modern Warfare 2, and maybe we have the same DS (and colour) but at least I have a higher GS level!

Calvinsora: The best Icelander I know of! We had some great talk and critiques going on. In fact you're one of the reasons I still carried on with my reviewing, and don't worry I'll be sure to critique all of your reviews before I leave!

Gdw0908: Thanks a ton Greg for all the critiques, online sessions, the lot, even for taking the burden of leadership at the Union. You'll do great. Still, it won't be the end, we have some ranking up to do, boss!

Ebbderelict: A big thanks for all your blogs and reviews. They managed to convince me my PS2 was worth fighting for after all and don't think I will be selling anytime soon either. Most of all though, thanks for all the kind PM answers/critiques you gave me regarding my questions and reviews.

LGTX: My first friend I properly connected with. One of my GS friends I won't likely forget. Good luck in your studies Lazare!

Tennis12Master: Probably the most friendly, and kind person I know on GS. One of the primary reasons I stayed on here longer than I otherwise would have. Thanks man.

Bye guys, it was great!

*Flies to GiantBomb (Michae1G)*

Edit: Seems I need to clear up a few things, it's not just the site that pushed me off the edge but just life generally. I'm finding it difficult to constantly juggle between exams/studies, friends/socialising and gaming. I'll probably return to the site sometime soon, but as of this moment, I just don't feel like returning, period. Well, SGTiD1NG0 doesn't anyway.


I'm not really in the mood to start another playthrough of Bioshock so I started Resistance 2 again. On Chapter 2/7.

Which reminds me, why is Bioshock called Bioshock exactly?


I got Assassin's Creed II for a bargain of £9-$13.50 in a car-boot sale. Cover's a bit bumpy but can't really complain given the price. Won't play it though, I still want to finish the first.


I started Pokemon Pearl again, and am loving it just as much as I did way back in 06. I lost my guide though, so I'm going to get a new one before I go any further. Might get Platinum while I'm at it too. And yes - I'm still determined to get a Gameboy Advance SP off Ebay for Pokemon Gold/Silver.

Sorry for the tiny update (and lame title) guys. The blog is really just to notify you that I'm back.

Bioshock Summary

I'm 2nd Prestige, Level 37 on Modern Warfare 2


Finally got a new avatar. The perfect avatar to watch over my blog.

If no one knows who it is, it's Sylar from Heroes, played by Zachary Quinto who starred in Star Trek (2009.)


Final Fantasy IX is coming to Japanese PSN and will come to PSN globally thereafter. Boy I have a lot of Final Fantasy's to catch up on.


I completed Fort Frolic, Hephaestus, Olympus Heights, Apollo Square and Point Prometheus yesterday, and thus managed to finish Bioshock.

Now for a summary -

Story was a little flimsy but I got the overall jist. The action was good with lots of variation. The RPG elements lacked any real tangible depth but they sufficed. The presentation was excellent; a great representation of an underwater city, a chilling atmosphere and some quality writing and voice acting even if I didn't understand half of it.

There were lots of glitches and technical issues however. Little Sisters would just stand still once rescued, the pop-in was absolutely awful and the frame-rate was like a slideshow at times. There were other minor annoyances too. Audio Diaries that continued on from each other weren't chronologically organized and so you could have an inconsistency when hearing a late audio snippet before an earlier one in a collection. There was also an instance where I hacked a Security Bot and a Security Camera. And once the Camera went off, all my friendly Bots (released from the Camera) started attacked all my previously hacked Security Bots.

I played the game on Normal and found it way too easy as in the end I had an overabundance of Adam, ammo and dollars. I'm going to try and tackle the game at Survivor and claim a Platinum trophy while doing so.

I apologize for the rather dry summary but I'm kinda' tired. I'm off on holiday for the week so take care guys!

Happy Easter!

Thanks Guys!

Finally! The Easter Break felt like a lifetime away, although I know it's going to fly by so I'm going to savour the two and a half weeks while I can.

Today has been slightly better, I mean nothing exceptionally wonderful happened to me but the weather wasn't as depressing as it previously was (probably because I only had half a day at school) and it turns out it wasn't one of my friends organizing the day out to Thorpe Park so I feel a little more relieved. I've also realised how I couldn't have really done much better on my History paper anyway, despite the fact I'll still inevitably receive a "U". Suck on that Target Grade A!

Gaming-wise I've just finished Arcadia and am now looking around for any final Audio Diaries that I may be missing. It's still a great game but I've recently experienced several instances of frame-rate drops and pop-in. In fact the frame-rate was so bad at one point that I actually had to turn off my frozen PS3. Has this happened to any of you guys, or is it just me!?

I apologize for the rather personal blogs lately but I haven't really got a better place to talk about my happenings other than to you guys. So thanks for being here guys, it helps alot!

How can I love/hate something at the same time!?

Had a pretty bad day today; abysmal weather, not getting invited to Thorpe Park despite friends going and doing awful in the History test- the laundry list goes on. Not really the best of days.

Luckily I won Heavy Rain in a competition so that compensated for such. I loved the Demo, so it only makes sense I'll love the game. I won't play it right away though. I don't feel like playing two games simultaneously, let alone three. I may just go and relieve my depression on some Bioshock/Dead Space...

EDIT: I tried to give some proof of Heavy Rain but Internet Explorer and Mozilla wouldn't allow it. What browser do you guys use?

[Insert Horror Quote Here]

First off - Bioshock. Fantastic game. I'm at Arcadia right now and I believe I've scooped up most, if not all of the Audio Diaries so far. I'm definitely going to take a shot at Survivor difficulty (with no Vita Chambers) once I finish it on Normal.

Secondly - Dead Space. Before I'd played the AvP Demo, I thought terrible and terrifying weren't mutually exclusive. Turns out I was wrong; the horror and shooting aspects are really well done. I'm on Chapter 2 right now, though I'm sure I'll be taking a break soon. The horror seems to be getting to me a bit.

Well that's all the gaming I've been doing lately. What games have you guys been playing recently?


Check it out!

Expect a review of the sequel very soon (?)!


In other news I've just started Bioshock for a third time and am loving it! The first time I more or less hated it despite the compelling atmosphere. The second time however, I stopped mid-way because of the transition from my PS3 Phat to my PS3 Slim and now for the third time, I'm at the Medical Pavilion trying to find Atlas' family.

I also played some Undercover briefly. It's not quite better than Shift, although I'd expect nothing less from a game that's a year older. But it couldn't be more different and that's what I like. I can definitely see myself completing the game sometime which I'm actually quite surprised at, as I thought I would try Undercover, leave it and then go onto complete Shift.

I'm yet to try out my other three games. I may try Dead Space out tonight or tomorrow - lights out.

I'm on a Roll!

I bought Prince of Persia: Warrior Within and Resident Evil 4 on PS2 for £2 - $3 each. I'll play them sometime.


Rest assured guys, my review will be eventually submitted. With any luck it should come before the arrival of Gran Turismo...


Just got an A in some speaking debate thing which will contribute 8% to my overall English GCSE (the primary and most basic type of qualification an employee will look at.)


Need for Speed: Undercover arrived in the mail today but despite that, I don't really feel like playing it. Maybe it's because I felt guilty that it was the only NfS game missing from my collection. Ah well can't go wrong with a few notes.


I know my Resistance: Fall of Man review is long over due but it really needs some more polishing. Even then, it probably won't be that remarkable of a review but I want to put my best effort into it anyhow. I must have spent a good 2 -3 hours on it already.


I really, really want Pokemon Soul Silver. I never actually owned the originals on the Gameboy Colour. I had the PC emulator of the games. I might actually buy a Gameboy Advance SP off Ebay just to replay them. My Gameboy Colour is pretty much broke so...


It's my 50th Blog strangely so I'm at the halfway point. I posted blogs well beforehand but I deleted them all because they were crappy thoughts that spoke utter nonsense. I'll probably do a little quiz a la to Max's 2nd year anniversary for my 100th blog. ;)

And my 2nd year anniversary isn't that far away either. I'm thinking of question time + video blog. Whatever suits you guys.

Anyway, that's months away. Take care guys!

Well, Lucky Me

I'm 2nd Prestige, Level 33 on Modern Warfare 2


I got a virus today. Yes, not very nice. I was sitting there stressed, tired and with a horrible headache. Fortunately, after hours of rebooting and hoping for some success I found a mode called Safe Mode which let me use a watered down version of Windows 7. It allowed me to run most applications but they certainly weren't very fast and it was incredibly cumbersome to use. I then tapped into the Quarantine section of Bullguard and managed to delete both Trojan's. My Bullguard trial runs out in 10 days so whether or not that virus was a coincidence remains to be told...


I bought several games today.

  1. Kingdom Hearts something DS £7.95 -$12.00
  2. Need for Speed: Undercover PS3 £7.95 - $12.00
  3. Dead Space PS3 £8.95 - $13.50
  4. Red Faction: Guerilla PS3 £9.95 - $15.00

Can't wait to play some new games for a change. I'm getting really bored of Modern Warfare 2.


I should have a new review up tomorrow or by Monday so stay tuned people. Again, I apologize for my long gaps between blogging but I haven't much to talk about so keep the gaming going and enjoy all your new titles! Man, I want Final Fantasy...