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RE: Dragon Ball Online

Here's an IM exchange I had earlier today with GameSpot video producer Vinny Caravella.

Ryan (4:13:17 PM): so how excited are we about Dragon Ball Online!
Vinny (4:13:41 PM): I know my power levels are through the roof!
Vinny (4:15:00 PM): WHHAA!! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE! (so this is the power ryan was hiding when I talked with him before...)
Ryan (4:17:15 PM): now I will show you the true meaning of power! AUUUAUAUAUARRRRRRRBGHGHAUUGGGHHHHHH!
Ryan (4:17:20 PM): *glow*
Vinny (4:19:35 PM): GAH, ( intense...must buy Frank more time!) MONSTER!! Stop playing with me and show me what you've really got! I'm bored of these games!
Ryan (4:23:11 PM): To fight you now would be a waste of such would be like SQUASHING A BUG! No! I require a more worthy opponent to test my new-found powers. You have three days to prepare yourself for...UTTER DOMINATION!
Vinny (4:28:41 PM): Damn you Rydeezy!! (such arrogance! his power is off the charts, not even Bradku could hope to challenge him at this point. In 2 days Jeffeta will come out of the Hypoglycemic Time Chamber, but could he have found a way to surpass Super Bagman 2?)
Ryan (4:29:06 PM): alright, I'm done. I can't top that
Vinny (4:29:54 PM): whew...dorkfest over
Ryan (4:30:04 PM): I couldn't tell if that was awesome or depressing
Vinny (4:30:22 PM): pretty awesome