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Good news only if Garrett is canned at the end of the year. Jerry better ****ing bring in a coach with some discipline, so uh Cowher or Gruden please.Bobbles

My big problem with Wade Philups as a coach is this. He is a very good Defensive Coordinator, but as a head coach he just simply is not a leader.

Wade reminds me too much of Dick Lebeau, both are very good Defensive Coordinators and when you take them out of their skin and put either of them as a head coach, they are just too relaxed. Both men are very respectable human beings and care about the welfare of their players on and off the field, while there is nothing wrong with caring about their well being as people, it just simply does not translate well as a head coach.

I think one thing that really sent Jerry Jones over the edge during last nights game, Wade cannot simply manage a game, towards the end of the 2nd quarter he burned all of the timeouts; Dallas had a play that they could have easily won a challenge on, when that Packers players was down or whatever that play was before the 2 minute warning, to not have a challenge left to use on a play that they could have easily won. Although it would not have made much of a difference at that point in the game, that kind of mismanagement was too much to bear.

I think Dallas should give Leslie Frazier the Minnesota Vikings Defensive Coordinator a chance to be their head coach, the Vikings seem to always have a good Defensive Coordinator who turns out to be a good head coach. Mike Tomlin and Tony Dungy come to mind that held that same position in Minnesota and went on to become good Head Coaches

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Lol, punish a snitch? They would award them with a "Thank you for notifying our moderators" message which gives the "reporting user(s) a good mark." :lol:GamerForca

Yeah Authority rewards snitches

But if you are in a gang or in prison, snitches get killed. In the eyes of a gang member or somebody in prison a snitch is the worst thing you can be and the only thing that would come close to equaling that is a child molestor

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LMAO it was me!

I never saw what he said though, oh well. But is it possible to get arond gamespot bans? i wouldn't think so.

RIP Espurs


Yes there is a way to get around them, but if you come back with a different name after you have been banned and somebody snitches, then that name is gone too

There will always be somebody around who is willing to snitch, if they are suppose to be banned. The mods do not care if somebody is a snitch either, I highly doubt they would punish a snitch

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[QUOTE="Ngamer05"][QUOTE="Ryder004"]Patt Williams saying he was gona give Brooking a beat down
We don't care what Keith Brooking says," Williams said. "He was about to get his ass whupped on our sideline over there. It don't matter. Nobody said anything when they blew out the Eagles [the past two weeks].

"It's the playoffs. It ain't no regular-season game. If you lose, you go home. We take no pity on them. Do they expect us to? I don't care about no Brooking. He can say whatever he wants to say."

Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe, who caught the final touchdown pass, was more contrite. With his tongue planted in his cheek. (And, hopefully, his other body parts planted behind a towel.)

"OK, we apologize," Shiancoe said. "I'm sorry. Better?"

We still think that no apologies -- real or sarcastic -- are needed. The Cowboys used their time outs when down by 24. Under the universal rules of Madden, he who opts to prolong the agony only invites more of it. If Dallas wanted to concede the game they should have simply let the clock run.

Brooking is pathetic, pulling some childish **** at the end of the game just because the Viking offense scored yet again. Just let it go Keith, you got beat so take it like a professional would (not some 4-yr old child).

Plenty of players would have reacted like he did man. Plenty of players did during the '07 season when the Pats were running up the score. I honestly don't even care that the Vikes ran it up, Dallas got raped either way, but I can see why he's pissed. I remember Mike Vrable got pissed this year when Denver torched the Chiefs and guess what team he was on? The '07 Pats.

As many people say it is the job of the Defense to stop the offense, not for the offense to stop themselves

There is no mercy in Sports

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[QUOTE="Goliath_unit"]I am so depressed right now....Goliath_unit

well ur team played good....but kaeding didnt

We could've played better. We really should've. We were rust in the first half and never really showed up. But I want to kill Kaeding right now. I hope the Chargers literally cut him.

Congrats to the Jets, good luck against the Colts.

So upsetting to see us end like this doing so well before that.

Well I think the blame should go on the team, before the blame goes on Kaeding, because if you get Touchdowns then you do not have to really on a kicker to get you critical points in the game

The difference between great and good teams are.

Great teams score 7 and good teams score 3

You can never expect to win a big game with FG's

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So 4 of the first 5 playoff games have been blowouts. Rather boring for the average fan.wallymartin

I think not having any bad weather games does not help this any, too many dome games. It is rather boring, Although the games at Cincinatti and New England, the weather was cold, but it was not enough to really influence either game

3/4 games this week were dome games and the other is played in a warm weather climate, Plus both Championship games will be indoors again next week

It is time to get rid of these domes and play football outdoors again

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[QUOTE="wallymartin"]Well, at least this game is decently competitive, if not one-sided.Bobbles
I find it rather boring. The Ravens make a play, but then something happens to negate it every time.

I have to agree, the playoff games have been too predictable after the first quarter of every game it seems like you knew who would win

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[QUOTE="haloraider"]Looks to be another high-scoring game. 21-14 NO as of the 2nd quarter. And is Darren Sharper even human? I swear, every damn game he is involved in at least one turnover.Bobbles
Warner is gone, this game is done.

I do not think they had much of a chance with or without Warner. I think the Gauntlet has really been thrown down to the Colts now, the Saints have proven that rust if there was any is long gone

Although the Cardinals do not have much of a Defense, still a very impressive win by the Saints today

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Arizona (Jeckyl and Hyde) vs. New Orleans (MIA) I will take Jeckyl and Hyde

Dallas vs. Minnesota, I do not see Minnesota beating Dallas, they are on a roll right now and I do not see anybody in the NFC beating them

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I would like to see the Chargers and Vikings in the final game, with the bolts winning.


Vikings in the final game? Get real please, then we have to hear all the BS about Favre being everything good about the game and being a Sentimental favorite in the Superbowl. A legend trying to go out on top

No offense, but I do not want that kind of Drama and BS at the Superbowl this year, let alone anytime