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Finally Got All CoD2 Achievements

Now I can live a normal life! A lot beer, soda, gin, blood, sweat, tears, time, and profanity has been put into this game. But I finally have 1000/1000 in CoD2. I thought it was impossible for me to do it, but I prevailed! Anyone attempting to do this be patient and don't give up!

It's Been a While

I've been playing guitar for almost 8 years now. Mostly metal and some classic stuff. The last 1 year I've only been playing finger style on my classical guitar (Alvarez), and I lost my speed and timing using a pick. During that period I've tried playing metal and was way out of touch. I just stopped playing metal all together! The other day I said what the hey it's been a while let's play some Metallica tunes. Gottem' down nice (To Live is to Die, Motorbreath, ...And Justice for All). I then went on to playing Shadows Fall and Lamb of God. It felt good man! I was still rusty but not bad as I thought. Anyways, I'm back to how I used to play (for metal) and happy about it.

How Sweep it Is!

Sox sweep the Yankees this weekend! Don't get me wrong I have a certain degree of respect for the Yankees and yes I know they are beat up with all the injuries, but back to back to back to... back homeruns! Thats priceless!

Perfect Dark Zero..WOW!

When I first got Perfect Dark Zero all I had to say was "meh". My friends would come over and ask how was it and can we see it? I would always say not impressed check this other game out instead. 7 months later I popped it back in and played it on live. man was I wrong! i couldnt stop playing. it then got me back on single player mode and now im working on secret agent now. i think this game is way underated by most people. I should know. I was one of them! Anyways the game is awesome. It's only $30 now. so pick it up if you don't have it.
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