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Cable Internet... Garbage!

I've been using DSL for years. It was a good a reliable service that kept me gaming and socialing with all you. I always new cable was faster when it came to downloading and uploading but it wasn't fast enough to sway me from using DSL. Until recently, my DSL has been going out in random times for hours. I called up Verizon and as usual I'm talking to someone from a different country (It amazes me I have to talk to someone who isn't even on the same continent). They said everything is fine with the service it's the modem. Sigh, that's what they always say.

It was a daily routine with DSL going out and me calling Verizon. I was fed up with them, so I canceled DSL for Comcast Cable. BIG MISTAKE. It is terrible with XBOX Live. When playing Halo 3 I had nothing but lag and was booted from a bunch of games. First time I've ever been booted from Halo.

I looked up Comcast through Wikipedia and to my surprise I found out they limit how much traffic you use with their service! WTF?! Read it for your self.

Comcast has recently implemented traffic shaping measures using Sandvine hardware which sends forged RST packets, disrupting the BitTorrent protocol. This has prevented some Comcast users from uploading, or "seeding" files they have downloaded via BitTorrent. Some Comcast users also may experience packet loss and latency, resulting in lag. This effect is most often noticed when dealing with time critical traffic in online gaming, and especially pronounced when such users host online games on ad-hoc networks (such as in Halo 3).

Another thing that surprised me was the bill. They were charging me for five self installation kits and a bunch of "change of service "fees summing up to $200! WTF are they trying to do?! Anyways, it's all sorted out now, but I'm going back to DSL. Comcast false advertises their high speed internet when they limit the speed. I seriously want Fios but they won't put it in Boston!!! Well, thats it for my rant. Comcast... GARBAGE! GARBAGE! GARBAGE!

New Banner and Blog Image

Hello all. I just recently got photoshop from, well, I better not say! My new banner and blog image were my first attempt of making something. What do you think? Any tips would be great!

Weekend Live Fun

This weekend was just a "stay in and chill time" for me. Not to say there wasn't going to be any fun. I had my buddies over for a couple of brew and some Halo 3 and NHL 08 action on Live. It was a nice change playing with actual people in the same room opposed to using the mics during matches.

We kicked the evening off with Halo 3. It reminded me of the good times we used to have playing GoldenEye, but better yet, we were on the same team killing other people from around the world! After playing some matches we thought we did very well in, we watched them in video to see all the wild and funny stuff we did. It was also a good time to slam some beers down too! Wow, I still love playing Halo 3!:)

After getting a good buzz on, we popped in NHL 08. (We some how get better while drinking in this game. Go figure. lol.) The whole time we played was on Live against others. One of the games we played was a 3 on 3 (2 of my friends including me and 3 of them. it was still 5 on 5 skaters) with 20 minute periods! It was great untill they stomped us in the 3rd! But still... awesome fun! Do you guys get together to play? Whether it be to play online, local, or lan party?

I Need to Blog More.

Yup, I've been MIA for a while. Well, at least blogging wise. It's been so long I feel people forgot about my posts. Thus, nobody leaving comments. I could be wrong though! :) Let me know my fellow Gamespotters! It will definitely encourage me to blog more and keep you up to date. Take care.

PS3 Value Droppage.

I'm very interested in buying my friend's brother's PS3. He doesn't use it at all and always trades in his stuff at GameStop. I thought I would give him a little more than what GS would, and I at the same time would be paying less. A win win situation going on here. So... I called GS the other day asking them how much would I get for trading in my PS3. "What model do you own?" the clerk asked. I said "60 gig." He put me on hold. A minute later I get an answer I was shocked to hear. "$250 store credit." $250 store credit!? I didn't even bother to ask what would it be for cash. That's a big drop from the $600 he paid for...

Thanks Turn 10... (Forza 2)

For erasing all my online time lap records in Forza 2. I was proudly ranked around 10,000 and continuing to climb up the latter but you decide to erase it! Now I'm at about 700,000. WTF!?! 50 hrs of racing down the toilet. Goos fra ba.

RossiOne Update

Today, I FINALLY registered for classes! Why I did this on the first day of school I do not know. I am Captain Procrastinator I guess. Anyways, I had a wonderful chance to watch The Transformers movie the other day. Holy crap this is a great movie! It's good for all ages and especially, for people like me, who enjoyed watching it as a kid in the 80's. Check it out if you haven't already! Bioshock owns. Thats all I have to say about that. NHL 08 is coming out next week. Can't wait to be honest. Anyone getting this hit me up on Live! If you want to lose of course. :P

I have the Elite!

Yup. I couldn't find any 360 Cores anywhere!! WTF!? Are they being phased out or are people actually buying them!? Anyways I saw no point in getting another Premium. If I was going to spend more than the core it might as well be worth it! I'm happy to see that my Elite came with a heat sink for the GPU. I made sure by getting a flashlight and peaked through the vents on the side. Excited I am!

My 360... Well Bring Out the Violin.

Yep, hardware failure. I never thought it would happen to me, but my 360 passed away. I can't get it repaired because I voided the warranty 6 months ago by opening it for spring cleaning, so I'm just going to buy the core.

My Thoughts On Gears for PC

Awesome! Good for Epic and Microsoft. They should spread the love for this game. I enjoyed it a lot. And I think others should too! A couple of months ago my brother-in-law watched me play it, and thought it was impressive. He then asked "Is it was coming out for PC?" I said "No, but I wouldn't be suprised though." Well, it's official. It will be out for PC! And I'm glad to here he (my brother-in-law) will enjoy it! Like I said in the begining, "Spread the love!'' :D I wonder if they will integrate the PC with Xbox on Live with Gears?

Written below is for fanboys only.

Now to any fanboys out there reading this. You may think this is DC (Damage Control) by me, but it is not. If I written this previous to the announcement, it would still be DC! I can't win!!! Well of course according to you guys!:P

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