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Nice screenshot, but I'm not enjoying it much now. For some unknown reason, my siege battle keeps crashing. Thinking it's a corrupted file, I deleted it, reloaded another file, same thing happened. I don't know if it's the patch because I did not have this happen to me before. I'm very disappointed.

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Glad to help! :)

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Even the strength of garrisons varies depending on other military building types in the settlement, and the garrison is just there to fend off small raids, not a full enemy army. I think the best you can do is try to dedicate one or two armies to "patrol duty" by positioning them in strategic central locations near the border to quickly aid any cities under threat from enemies that get past your other advancing armies.

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Great to know, thanks.

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I think there's a serious bug with the rebels. When I mouse over Lilybaeum that's held by Carthagenian rebels, there's no icon allowing me to target it. Then I moused over the rebel garrison army and the sword icon appeared, but when I right clicked, nothing happened. My army simply refused to attack the rebels. The settlement's port is surrounded by Carthaginian, Libyan and Spartan ships, and I think it is under siege by the Carthaginain ships as the besieging navy had skull icons showing siege attrition. Yet, the rebels seem to be replenishing their losses despite being under siege.

Thinking that perhaps it's because I cannot move into neutral units' zones of control, I tested it by declaring war on all three factions surrounding the port but my army still refused to move towards the city to capture it.

So my question is, is a port siege separate from a land siege? Or can coastal cities only be besieged by sea and not land? As there's no mouse over message telling me whether the city is under siege, what could be the problem?

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I'll admit I didn't believe the AI would be as bad as everyone said, but there's no way I should be winning some of these battles. Autoresolve predicts defeat so I fight manually and get decisive victory. Defending a settlement against large armies with nothing but garrison is funny. It also seems a lot easier to kill the enemy general. It was never this bad in previous games.GONtheSKYLORD

Ironically, autoresolve sometimes helps when fighting an amphibious landing battle and your land armies tend to have restricted mobility at sea. Other than this, I usually fight out the battle.

And another annoying thing I noticed. After capturing another faction's city, you'll sometimes see "This building is unavailable to your faction and you need to convert this to your own or dismantle" or something like that. So for eg, you see this message for a farm in a newly captured city, click on convert and voila, you convert it into!

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I wasn't expecting a flawless game, but feel that certain things were poorly designed. Like not being able to tell the exact unhappiness level that will cause revolts, not being able to see available building choices before clicking expand city button, and being unable to lower unhappiness in a practical manner because they tend to outweigh the positive effect of happiness buildings, especially when your faction has an order penalty trait. This isn't meant to be a similation of revolts after revolts in ancient Rome.

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I played Suebi on hard, conquered 3 cities and gave up after 30 turns or so. Not because I was overwhelmed, but because I suspected the AI was cheating greatly on stats. I think past TW games gave the AI economic and reasonable stat bonuses on hard, which is fine. But when my army of veteran units with ballistas and upgraded weapons lose morale so easily to an almost equal enemy force of recruits (same unit type) without artillery support and get slaughtered, it seemed as if my men were given an unfair morale penalty. So I started up a new game as the Romans instead.