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New Gen is here!

I recently picked up an X1 two weeks ago and its...ummm well not mind blowing as of yet but cannot wait till next year when some other launches are expected.

Disappointed? Yes a little. A lot of the stuff advertised is not available yet. For those who are unable to find a PS4/X1. WAIT!!!!Whatever you do DONT spend extra on Ebay its not worth it! Wait till next year when store stock is available. Your not missing much!

Check out my latest reviews. I'll try to keep them updated the best I can.

Time to upgrade...Everything!

So I move on October to a cool Loft space with exposed brick, huge windows and all the fixin's. Ultimate gaming lair if you ask me can't freakin wait.

Old LCD TV's gone. Now have a 47" LG 240hz LED 3D Smart TV and JBL front towers nicely setting on a cool IKEA all in one wall unit.

The swap from 60hz to 240hz is unreal. I recommend this for anyone out there it's worth the extra $$$. It feels like im playing a next gen console esp shooters like Battlefield 3.

More Reviews coming!

Hey! A little info about me.

hey for all those who care to read this!

I have a couple reviews for games that ive played over the years. I will try and keep my profile updated as best i can.

My gaming setup, I currenty have a 42" LCD flat panel TV with 1080p...Using 5.1 surround sound thru my Pioneer Receiver ive built a custom setup with JBL speakers and a monstrous 450watt Velodyne DPS-12 sub that simply rocks your face off!

Consoles connected are my 360 250GB Slim(MY 5th XBOX!), PS3 40GB(mostly for blu-ray), and a white Wii.

I bought mywife a Wii which is OK.The game lineup is not nearly as enjoyable as microsofts lineup and it collects alot of dust.

I also own the PSP and DSLite for when im not home and need to kill time. These daysthey mostly collects dust lol. In my closet i have a vintage SNES which i've owned since grade 6 and a Gameboy clear version with numerous games for both. I grew up mostly playing SNES, NES, and old school computer games like Duke Nukem 3D, DOOM, and so many side scrollers I cant count.

Please check out my reviews I hope you enjoy them!