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Goin' Old School

I'm thinking about getting some old games for my computer (like half-life) but I'm not sure on which ones and I was hoping someone could tell me some really good older games.

Anyway,my Halo 3 Legendary Edition pre-Order is nearly paid off.I only need 27 dollars more to pay it off.Halo 3 is almost here,I cant wait!

After E3 I have to say I was impressed by Halo 3 and Condemned 2 (the 2 games I want the most).Those games look sweet!I was also impressed with Nintendo and its fitness game.Sony impressed me with Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron and the new PSP.

Well,thats it for today! Dont forget to tell me some good older games for the PC!

P.S.Anyone who does mention an older game (like half-Life) for my PC,please also mention a good place to get it,and a cheap place

Condemned Tribute

I made a Condemned:Criminal Origins Tribute video and its the first time I've made a video like this,so I hope everyone likes it.


Monsoon Season!

Herein AZ we have finally reached the awesome Monsoon Season!

In other news,I got a sweet sidekick 3!It's sweet,I have unlimited texting so thats what I've been doing.It also has a music player and it's like an Ipod but can only hold up to 300 songs but I'll make the most of it.

Anyone see transformers?I heard it was sweet!Some say it's the best movie they've seen or one of the best.I hope to see it soon!

The movie I really want to see however is Live Free or Die Hard!That movie looks Awesome!I'm a huge fan of the Die Hard series and I cant wait to see this movie.

Well that's all for today!

Its video time!

I just got the program called limewire and I'm gonna use it to make some videos of my favorite,so hopefully it will work out.

Also I'm gonna sign up for can have games delivered right to my door and I can return them whenever I want.Just one question to anyone who has gameznflix,Can you buy games from them?

Sorry for the continuos short blogs but nothing new has been happening and my computer has been getting kinda slow.

P.S.I beat the darkness and it was pretty good but it's not worth buying!


I just finished checking Condemned 2:Bloodshot,the sequel to one of the Xbox 360's best games(in my opinion).I havent beaten the 1st game (HECK,I dont even own the 1st game!).I saw the ending at my friends house and I still want the game.I hopefully I gonna get Condemned:Criminal Origins with the 74$ I earned this saturday at my garage sale.Anyway,Condemned 2 is gonna be SWEEEEET!It has online multiplayer but whether it's a compettitive mode or a co-op mode is unknown.You still play as FBI agent Ethan Thomas,or should I say Ex-FBI agent.The game takes place two years after the 1st game and Ethan has been fired from the FBI.Ethan soons receives word that his former partner is missing.Now Ethan is determined to find his missing partner.

Well that's really all I wanted to say,so see everyone later!!

Just a few new things

First off,the reason why I haven't been on much is because I have been seeing some friends lately.I saw them tuesday thru Friday.I am also having a garage sale today so I hope to make alot of cash.

second thing.I went to see one of my friends on thursday and we played Def Jam Icon (great game),Shadowrun (AWESOME GAME)and we also decided to play Condemned:Criminal Origins.We also played the last 2 levels of condemned at midnight and in the dark,CREEPY!

I have almost beaten KOTOR (again).I am currently on the unknown planet,so I should probably be able to beat the game today.Republic Commando I am pretty far in the Geonosis level.Since the levels are really long in this game,it makes sense why the are only three places you visit.

That wraps up what I'm doing so catch ya later!

Star Wars:Best of PC!!

As you can tell I got Star Wars:Best of PC which comes with 5 games,Star Wars:Emperie at War,Star Wars Knights of the old Republic,Star Wars:Battlefront,Star Wars:Jedi Knight:Jedi Outcast,and Star Wars Republic Commando.It also comes with a 14-day trial for Star Wars Galaxies.All these games surprisingly play really,really good on my PC.

Empire at War-It is a very good strategy game but a hard one.Just being able to control star wars ships,soldiers,and starships is really cool.The game is fun and I'm glad it came in this 5-game set.

KOTOR-For me,It still remains the greatest game ever made!If only I had the 2nd game with me.

Battlefront-Honestly,I think this game is better on the PC instead of on the Xbox for some reason.It is still cool to fight Star Wars from the Clone Wars and the Glactic Civil War.

Jedi Outcast-This is still awesome!Just a few downsides are-slow beginning,and some hard and annoying puzzles.

Republic Commando-The best squad AI I have seen In a video game.Republic Commando is a fun,sometimes challenging game.

Well I'm gonna go continue to play these games so see ya!

At World's End...

Ok.I own Pirates of the Carribean 3: At World's End for the 360 and I did see the movie saturday and I have to say a few things about them.

The Movie (spoiler free) is great!It is very,very funny,Actually this movie is the movie I've seen in a theatre where the movie was so funny I ran out of breath because I was laughing so hard.Anyway,the only thing that is bad about the movie is the length of the movie.The could have just 2 hours instead of nearly 3 hours.The movie is definetly better than the 2nd movie and seems even with the 1st movie.

Now for the game review.The starts off before the 2nd movie but after the 1st.It picks up with jack in jail and you get to run around a prison that was never In any of the movies but the level is good because now we know how jack ended up in a coffin at the beginning of the 2nd movie.Then in the game you play through the 2nd movie and into the 3rd.There are many characters that the game will let you play as,but you can't choose who you wan't to be in a level.The game also has a feature called "Dueling".Which is where two characters face off in a duel.The graphics in this game a really good and the chracter models are unbelievable.The multiplayer is really good but it is missing 2 things,story mode co-op,and Xbox Live play.Anyway the game is really good and I reccomend it to Pirate fans,and adventure fans.

In other news I saw Flags of our Fathers and It wasn't as good as I expected.I was wondering If any knew if Letters from Iwo Jima is a good movie to rent.Also,I beat Phantasy Star Universe.The game was good but now I'm glad I rented It.As for Halo 3,I asked my mom I f I could stay home from school setember 25 and play Halo 3 and she's thinking about.I hope she says yes.

Well I gotta go,See Ya!

It's Saturday

It's Saturday and I have alot to say.

The Halo 3 Beta came out on Wednesday and IT IS SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET.It may only include 3 levels of the game but still the game is awesome!!It's hard to stop playing.I dont know why I'm gonna say this (because anyone who wanted to probably already did)You should download the Halo 3 Beta If you own Crackdown.

I also rented Phantasy Universe and Earth Defense Force.Their both good games.I have beaten E.D.F and It was good and I might rent it again to get some achievements.Also,Phantasy Star Universe is also pretty good.I'm gonna play it online because I'm not gonna pay for it.The offline story mode is pretty good however.

Dodgeball was a masscre.I'll just say a few highlights.The game was going normal until we got everyone on their team out except for 3.Then they caught the jailbreak ball and got their team back in the game.The masscred us.As soon as they got back in,balls were coming at us like there was no tomorrow.We all got out. We won the whole game however.

Also the new downloads for Crackdown are SWEEEEEEEET! They include New weapons,new vehicles,new AI abilities,and of course "KEYS to the City"which is a cheat pack.It's all sweeeet and It made Crackdown 10 times better.

Well gotta go eat see ya!



It's here it's now! DODGEBALL!

As of now my P.E class is doing dodgeball for the rest of the year so I will have update on how our games go and what the score is and saturday I'll report on everything else and I'll report for yesterday's game since I couldnt post it.

 MONDAY'S Game-Our team rushed for the balls while the other team stayed back and let the balls come to them.We got half their team out and with one or two of us out.However,one of our players threw the jailbreak ball (A ball you have to throw and if the other team catches it their players who are out go back in).The other team caught the ball and released their playes on us and they were mad!We ended up losing everyone on our team until one of the few who were still in on our team caught the jailbreak ball but when everyone who was out (including me) rushed for a ball,the other pounded us with balls.It felt like a massacre when we went back in the game.Half of us who were out didn't even get to touch a ball and were out again and some didn't even get to stand up.Lucky for me I was one of the few who made it.The coaches blew the whistle and the game was up.

FINAL SCORE-Our team: 1 Their team: 0

By the way the points are earned by how many times you eliminate all other players on the other team.If you don't do that in the class period time,then the winner is the team with more playes on their side.

 TUESDAY's Game-We began rushing for the balls as soon as the coaches blew the whistle and the other still didn't.We got some of their players out immedietly but then the chaos started.Left and right there was a player going out and then the jailbreak ball came and we caught the ball,realesed our fellow teammates and threw every ball we could.There was one player left on the other side and that was my best friend (ironic,since I was still the game and he was the remains of the other team).We threw the jailbreak ball at him and he accidently let it slip out of his hands and we got a point.The next round is what I call the Round of Rage.I call it that because our team was so mad at the other team that we got them all out really fast.The next round was a a short round.A few players on the other team got out but then the coaches blew the whistle and we got a point because the game ended but then we had to go back to the locker rooms.

FINAL SCORE-Our team: 3 Their Team: 0