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I can't believe I just pre-ordered AC: Brotherhood limited codex edition! I can't wait to have it! It will be so OK...:D:twisted:

Buy cheap games is nice...

Who doesn`t like to buy great games for great prices? Nobody.

And whp cares if they are used? Well, some people but I don`t care because we can still play them.

I got Leisure Suit Larry: Office Box Bust for 10 euros. That is very cheap, isn`t it? Anyway, I didn`t pay anything because I had points enought in my card to spend 11 euros!

But the cheapest games are in the Internet: Alone in the dark: Inferno for 10$, Bionic Commando for 7$ etc...

My Top 10 Ps3 Games

1- Uncharted 2

2- Assassins Creed 2

3- Wet

4- Little Big Planet

5- Infamous

6- Guitar Hero 5

7- Borderlands

8- Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time

9- Prince of Persia



The Most Stupid Thing I Did

I wrote this:








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