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Splatterhouse Not review-it isnt that bad is it?

Recently, Gamespot gave Splatterhouse the rating of 4.5:o but...WHY!?:( I really didn´t get it! Well, one of the bad things Gamespot wrote is that it is too easy but there are different difficulties! One of the other things is that it has bad controls but, in my opinion, just because they're simple doesn't mean it's bad, right?:roll:

I haven't played it but I think it should have a...7.0!:P

Look at this beauty!!!:)

Sorry(I think)

Well, you(matastig and Virtual_Nathan) told me to buy Castlevania instead of Enslaved but I found a game that here in gamespo has the same rating as Castlevania and is cheaper... Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. What do you think??:D?

I'm friendly! :)

If you want to be my friend on PS3 you can add me!:) My ID is dio234424642 (tough I was righting password:lol:) C'mon!!;)


Look at my other post the one with the question. If you didn't get it look at the coments I got there one that explains better. HELP MEEEEEEE!!!!:cry:

Help me please!

Hi! I have a problem... my PS3 online ID is: -my e-mail

-my nickname in PS Network??

Coment and tell me please!!!!:D


Hi! I'm not shure if I should buy Castlevania: Lords of Shadow or Enslaved: Odissey to the West. What do you prefer? Help meee!! :roll::D

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