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The Barrier has Fallen!

A few days ago my Gamerscore broke the 20K barrier. I was on 19995 and the achievement that got me past the barrier was Bird on the Ground. A Call of Duty 4 achievement which is achieved by shooting down an enemy helicopterwith an RPG in the single player campaign. Suddenly, however, 30K seems a long way off :(.

I borrowed Army of Two off Ben and I can say that the game is enjoyable. However, The AI can be frustrating at times. For example, when I die, my partner (who is controlled by the AI) will find it difficult to revive me or get to a good spot to revive me when I could do it easily if it was him dying. But, as annoying as this is, the AI does a good job at killing the enemies and spreads the killing out evenly. It's a fun game and I'm up to Mission 3 after about 3 hours.

A late blog

I know I haven't blogged in a while. It's been months now, hasn't it? But yeah, this is just a blog to say, I'm back on Gamespot and blogging again. To be honest I never really left. I was always here, posting and comment here and there but I'm back to doing blogs for myself.

Not been up to much since my last blog. I made the purchase of GTA IV and I find the game awesome. Just like everyone else. I've not completed it yet but I am getting there, I'm up to the last mission so not long now I guess. I've also started playing Final Fantasy XII again. It's a great game and I love the combat system, this time though, I am taking my time and enjoying it. However, I am still suffering from my "RPG curse:P".

So yeah, not a big blog but there will be more!

Five things you may not know about me...

So yeah, I've been tagged, thanks to PAJ89 (Curse you Paul). So I guess I better start telling you some things about me.

1. I have four different types of pets. A dog, Snake, Tarantula and Newts. I used to have a lizard as well but that died as well as well as my fish.

2. Even though I have a Tarantula, I hate spiders. I can stand little ones you find around the house but I have yet to hold my Tarantula which I have had for 6 months now.

3. I love sports. I love Football and American Football. I support Manchester United and the San Francisco 49ers, I also play for an American Football team. I also like to watch Golf when I can catch it on TV. Partial to Rugby, but not mega-into it, played for school a few times.

4. My favourite food at the moment are Noodles. I love 'em. I have Noodles pretty much all the time even if it is just plain old Super Noodles or Pot Noodles.

5. I would like to be a Police Officer when I am older. However, my job preference always changes so this isn't really a solid fact. I would like to go into games journalism but Police work seems like the most appealing job to me.

6. Wait, there's a sixth fact? I know, I know but I have to say one thing. Cake is better than Pie, and that's a fact :p.

Am I meant to tag more people? If I have too, I tag: Ben, Jonny, Sean, Joe and that will do for me :).

A Sorta Late Birthday Party

Robot_Vampire's Cake

So I'm 1 year and 2 days old on Gamespot now. It's been a good year (and 2 days :P) with some major changes happening in the Gamespot world. Here are my stats for the year:-

Profile views: 3054

Friends: 39

People Tracking Me: 71

Games in Collection: 163

CommunityForum Posts:1695


My Blog Posts:65

Union Blog Posts:4

Written Reviews:5

Rated Games:0

Videos Uploaded:2

Images Uploaded:0

Digg Referrals:16


A pretty good year even though most of my forum posts have been comments. Here's to many more years!

Bought a new game - Final Fantasy XII

Hey, just a short blog saying I made a new buy. FFXII seems good so far and I like the fighting is unique, more on the game later. By the way, anyone who has played, do you know how long it lasts and whether it's a decent game? Thanks. :)

My RPG Curse has struck again

When I play RPGs, I pretty much always find the story to the game interesting and I love seeing how it ends. However, seeing an RPG to the end is a great acclompishment for me. Why? Well as you know, I'm bad at levelling up my characters and always storm my way through a game, because of this my characters end up of the brink of unplayable which usually results in me putting the game to one side and not playing it again for years.

I recently borrowed Final Fantasy VII of Sean recently and I think everything about it is great, well except those random frog dudes who turn me into a frog, that's a WTF moment. However, I've fallen into the trap of not levelling up my characters. I'm starting to find the wild enemies a lot harder and I'm nearly dying from fighting them. I was talking to Sean earlier today about what level I should be and he said I should've at least been 5 levels higher than what I was. So, at the moment I'm fighting all the monsters I can and I'm packing lots of Phoenix Downs and Potions. In case you want to know, I'm up to Nibelheim (not the flashback) on the first disc.

As for Eternal Sonata, I actually have made that game unplayable, I'm like 10 levels behind what I should be and I die against the simplest monster encounter so I've started again and this time I will level up like mad, although it will be slow progress as I can't be bothered playing it much. One thing I can say about that game is though, the cutscenes are way too long and take up most of the game. I'm an hour into my new playthrough and I'm skipping the cutscenes and 1 hour faster than my previous time for where I am.

See ya!

P.S - The FFVII soundtrack is "friggin' awesome" as Sean would say :P.

Playing some new games

Recently I have borrowed a few games off some of my friends and I thought that you should all know what I'm playing. Firstly, I'm playing a WORKING version of FFVII, thanks to Sean for that one. Well, what can I say? My disc broke near the beginning so I couldn't make much progress but with this new disc I am currently 5 hours in and I'm having a great time. The story is captivating and although the graphics are slightly off putting, the game is great. One thing I will mention is though, thios game has possible one of the best soundtracks to a PS game I have ever heard! The music is well suited to where you go in the game and the little tune you get when you win a fight is amazing.

Another game I have borrowed is KotOR. The graphics look dated yet again and the fighting takes some getting used to however, the story seems ok and since I'm a big Star Wars fan, I love the way the game stays close to the films (even though it is set 4000 years before).

Finally, thanks to Ben for this one. He has given me F.E.A.R as a gift which is awfully nice of him but hey, I'm not arguing and if he ever wants it back he can have it. I've completed it before but it's a good game and no doubt I'll play through it again.

In other words, Gamespot user PAJ89 is celebrating his birthday today, so wish him a good one.

Bought a new game - Perfect Dark Zero

Hey y'all, before I went out and bought a new game. Perfect Dark Zero is the next installment to the Perfect Dark series (The first one came out on the N64). I was a big fan of the first one and although many people thought it was a copy of Goldeneye, I thought it was unique in it's own little way and was a lot of fun to play. So, even though I haven't played a lot of Zero I have found it to be an enjoyable game. However, there are some issues that I'm unsure about.

1. The aiming system - I don't what I find bad about it but I find it to be a real pain to get my crosshair onto an enemy. This may be because of the sensitivity so I'll try turning that down but at this moment in time I'm finding it difficult to shoot dudes in the face. :)

2. The story - I know I haven't played alot but to me the story feels disjointed. For those of you who don't know, You are a member of a Bail Bonds group (A bit like Dog the Bounty Hunter's crew) and you have to take on jobs. However, on your first mission, things don't go as planned and then it leads into a rollercoaster of other plot elements and whatnot. Seems simple, well the game doesn't make it seem that way as you jump from one mission to the next with hardly any plot information. It's sorta like Call of Duty 4 but the mission I have just completed goes along the lines of, "Get some briefcase and evacuate" and that was the entire mission.

I'll play more of it in the upcoming days but if there's one thing I do like about the game, it's it multiplayer. :)

I'm on a roll

Hey y'all, I've just written another review. I told you one would come soon, didn't I? Anyway, the review this time is for yet another GBA game called Yu-Gi-Oh Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel. I know it's a bit of mouthful :P. Anyway if you get the time, go check it out here.

Anyway, as for game progress, I'm not bothering to go back and play through Eternal Sonata. I think I'll lay off that one a while until I can be bothered playing it again because at the moment I can't be bothered starting again and levelling up my characters properly. I've gone Crash crazy recently. After playing The Huge Adventure recently and Crash Bandicoot I have started to play Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped again. I'm up to the last warp zone is Warped and have just defeated Pinstripe (Who is one of my favourite Crash Bandicoot characters) in Crash Bandicoot.

New Review - Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure (XS)

Hey y'all, I have written a new review (finally) for Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure (XS to us British folks). I don't think it's my best review but that may be because I haven't written a review for a while and am feeling a little bit rusty but we'll see how it goes. I am currently only reviewing small games as I don't think I'll have the patience to write a review for a big game that has a lot of detail in it, we'll see how I feel when I want to write another review. Check my review out if you have the time please and maybe even recommend if you like what you see. ;)

On the gaming front however. I have been storming my way through Eternal Sonata. At first I was fighting all the wild enemies I encountered but as I gradually was getting closer to the end of the game I couldn't be bothered fighting them and am now in a dilemma. I'm up to the final chapter after 15 hours playtime and since I skipped most of the monsters for the past chapter and a half, I have found it almost impossible to progress any further. This presents me with a problem because in the current location I am in, I can't backtrack and fight the easy monsters to gain valuable experience and maybe a few levels. I really don't want to have to start again but it's looking like that at the moment.

Along with Eternal Sonata, I've been playing Crash Bandicoot for the PS. It's a truly great game and although I've completed it so many times in the past, I find it great to come back to and play. I'm just under half way through the game now since I'm a few levels ahead of the Ripper Roo boss fight. I'll probably complete this before the weekend is over.