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Live Long and Whatever....


I sit before you with a mug of coffee at my feet. I'm writing this blog to kill some time, you see. My sim card appears to be broken and I'll have to trot into vodafone in the morning to try and sort it out and keep my old number somehow. It's a b!tch as I just got a new phone because it was constantly breaking down, so this on top of that, is a nightmare.

So, I'm staying up for the night to get in there early. All my alarms are on the phone which I can't access. Plus I need to get some study done early as I'm heading into my last exam on Thursday. I'll probably just crash though...

After exams, I'd like to say I'll go nuts but the fact is that I'm one of the last to finish, so most people will have gone home. My american Alex, is trying to give it up for a while due to liver poisioning. I do think Andy will be around, but I don't want to drink with her. I think we had a moment the other day. It was small, I'm probably imagining it. Our relationship does seem to have changed slightly, become a tad deeper. I'm probably over emphasising it, but I got about as close as I could to telling her I needed her, without saying I had feelings for her. I think it flew over her head. The way I see it, the relationship is heading into the last chance saloon, meaning if I don't take advantage soon, we'll have moved beyond the optomim level. Something will happen, but it might just mean moving me into the Friend Zone once and for all

Ryan is on Facebook. Get on here, fella

What else to rant about...

OH, Star Trek. It is (and I never thought I'd say this about anything Star Trek related) phenomenal. Seriously, go see this now. I'm not in the mood for writing a lenghty review, but the bottom line is, I haven't been this blown away by a film since The Dark Knight. It destroyed my expectations. 5/5

Big D's Touch (A Real Diamond In The Rough)- Buckethead

I'm really diggin the hell out of Buckethead's latest work "A Real Diamond In The Rough". An excellent little acutostic effort, which echoes his earlier masterpieces like Colma and Electric Tears, it's well worth a purchase. Not that I did, seeing as you can't buy his albums here. Thank god for torrents.


I really have nothing else. I'm busy. Prison Break is coming to an end and Scrubs is officially over. That means that bar South Park and some British shows most of you won't have heard about, I'll have nothing on TV anymore to get excited about. I mean, Dexter is amazing but I watch that online as opposed to eagerly awaiting the new episode on television. That excitement will be gone the minute Scrubs ends over here. Kinda depressing

They're remaking Pokemon Gold and Silver, my favourite games of all time. I can now die happy

I won't be around much after this day next week. You have been warned

Summer 2009- Film preview

Wow, has it really being a year since I wrote the summer blockbuster preview for 2008? Unbelievable how time flies

So, summer is here and that means a load of kickass movies, right? Um... well... sorta. Maybe it's because we were spoiled for choice last summer where practically every week, we got a new treat. I mean there was practically something worth seein every week. This year looks kind of bare by comparison. Lsst year we had the return of Indy, more superhero films than you could shake a stick at, and of course, the phenomeon that was The Dark Knight. This year, the one summer blockbuster superhero movie can't be ranked due to its leaked nature meaning I can't actually anticipate it. And the other one people are so excited about (Transformers 2) just leaves me cold. That being said, after scrapping the barrell, I have come across five films that may well be worth the price of admission. Unlike last summer, where I pretty much picked 5 winners, as all were critically well recieved by both the professional critics and the masses, it's a bit more speculative this year as I don't know how most of the films on my list will be recieved. Judging by their trailers, they'll be a fun night at the cinema at least.

5. Star Trek

Don't deny the genius of The Next Generation! The film probably won't be a patch on the adventures of Picard and company, but it looks like an entertaining, action flick that should be elevated from the mundane dephts by Zachary Quinto as Spock (loved him in the first series of Heroes) and the always watchable Simon Pegg (Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz, Spaced- if you haven't seen it look it up). Has made even a non-trekkie like me interested (I mean in relation to the campy original season, TNG was gold)

4. Angels And Demons

Once bitten twice shy? While DaVinci Code was a big disappointment, this looks a cut above it and what I'm seen so far has gotten me pretty pumped despite initial specticism. It was always pretty clear that Angels And Demons would make the better film, so I look forward to how it'll turn out. One of two book adaptations on my list. Seems 2009 will be remembered as the year of the book movie. That or the robot movie....

3. Public Enemies

Michael Mann? The two best actors of their generation in Christian Bale and Johnny Depp on screen for the first time? Why aren't more people excited about this. The pedigree behind this film is too good for it not to turn out excellent. Could well prove to be the best film of the Summer. Doesn't make it my most anticipated though...

2. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Yeah, I'm a Potter geek, so what? Actually quite a few people are excited for this one. Has the best trailer for any film this summer helps. It looks dark, exciting and magical. For once, it looks like the world of the book I've imagined in my head has been perfectly recreated. And did I mention the trailer? Man, it's won me over and this is the first time I'm excited for a Harry Potter film. Is almost guaranteed to be the best in the series.

1. Terminator Salvation

I'd like to remain spectical and I was vehemently against this film at first. But all the footage I've seen so far suggests nothing other than the fact they've actually pulled it off and that this will be the film event of the summer. Although the director (the aptly named McG) is a worrisome choice, the ace up the sleeve is of course, Christian Bale as John Connor. A kickass trailer. My favourite actor. One of my favourite franchises. All these combine to make it BY FAR my most anticipated film this summer. The only problem? I have to wait til June. You lucky Yanks get it in a matter of weeks

Well, there you go. All I say is roll on 2010. And by that I mean, roll on 2011, by which stage a third Nolan Batman should be on the way.


I dropped the screw in the tuna!!!

If you aren't rolling around laughing at the memories that particular quote has brought flooding back, you should really brush up on your tv lore

So, I decided to quickly blog. Not exactly sure what about. I planned at numerous times in the past few weeks to write a blog but general laziness and not really having anything interesting to blog about put paid to that. Thematically, I've decided to use my failed attempts to try and create a somehat decent blog and what I had been compelled to write about. Take a trip down memory lane...

What's this odd feeling? I think you're happy, sir...

Now, don't get me wrong, I've gotten my depression under control (it was particularly bad around November of last year), but I'd never say I'm a happy person, more a somewhat contented person willing to put up ith their lot because they are unable to change people's perceptions. But around the last month (especially St. Patrick's Day), I've been genuinely happy. Happy just to be alive, a feeling I haven't experienced in a few years. It was probably down to the stellar weather, a rarity here, which is always guaranteed to put one in a good mood. It was especially evident on St. Paddy's Day, where I attended my first parade (shocking I know, but my mother as vehemetly against them) and then enjoyed the sunshine with a few friends, and drinks of course, then spent the night with pizza, more drink and a dvd of Batman Begins. While the rest of the month didn't quite live up to these heights, when the sun did appear, my hapiness continued. Mr. Freeze's (cheap ice lollies) were bought up as we sat by the river and enjoyed life. Some of the best times I ever had

Of course it may be that I'm finally getting some appreciation from some quaters. Don't get me wrong, I pride myself as a lone wolf but it's nice to know I have good friends that I mean something too. Soothes the ego. I was away last week (that's hy no commenties on blogies) and the surprisingly ecstatic welcome I got back from Lisa and Andrea was pretty made me pretty damn chuffed. I still want to bang her but whatever, it's nice to be loved, even if it is just as a friend for now. I've actually tried playing the game around her but I suck at it. I'm the Newcastle United of dating (kudos if anyone got that)

Great day to be Irish

The Irish rugby team won the Six Nations championship and the Grand Slam by beating all theteams in the competition. It was our first Grand Slam in 61 years! It was an emotional day for as big a supporter as me, when we put the Welsh to the sword. Tears flowed as men became simpering wrecks. Much credit must go to the team, especially my standout preformer Paul O' Connell (surely the next Lions captain) but the real mastermind behind this triumph was the coach Declan Kidney, a man who had been in charge of my local club team Munster, and who we had long touted as the right man for the big job. Put the man in charge of saving our economy next I say, he's a miracle worker...


Insert snappy title here

Then I was tagged by Shadow. I should have blogged immideatly then, but work was already starting to pile up for me. I forget hat that tagging is supposed to mean, but before it meant that I had to give facts about myself. I'd struggle to come up with things that people don't know about me as I'm a pretty open book (what you see is what you get, and all that "be yourself" crap doesn't work).


1. I'm not sure if I've ever divulged this, but I'm adopted...

2. I have two dogs, two cats, six hens and a rooster

3. Even though I conside myself a fan of more highbrow fare, I have a special affinity for the action films of the 80s especially Die Hard and the Rambos

4. I haven't liked one film starring Seth Rogen

5. I still say my prayers every night before going to sleep. More put of habit i would assume as I've pretty much turned my back on organised religion

So, why did I blog now. Maybe because Munster have stormed into another European Cup semi final after powering past the Ospreys (I was there, woot), and are set now to take on out fierce Irish rivals Leinster in Croke Park. Somehow, two Irish teams will meet in a mouthwatering clash on May 2. Munster have looked unstoppable right now (with a Kiwi saying they are probably the best provincial/ club rugby team in the world) and should blow the Leinster "Ladyboys" off the park. I'm scrambling for a ticket so fingers crossed...

Maybe I blogged because of the fact I won't be around much nowdays. Two weeks until exams which last three weeks and then I'm going on my annual summer exodus. I'll try to be as active as I can at night and between study sessions over the next few weeks.

Maybe I didn't blog because I hadn't seen any worthwhile films I felt compelled to review. I do want to see Let The Right One In, which only opened here this weekend, but good luck finding a cinema that's showing it. Did someone say torrent? Speaking of movies, my next blog will be my summer blockbuster preview, though this summer looks a bit lighweight in terms of quality and films of any worth if I'm honest. One film that won't be featured in my anticipation list will be Wolverine: Origins as I did see the unfinished version doing the rounds (oh noes). It's ok, probably a 6/10, not much worth saying; they ruined Deadpool, Gambit was great but pointless and had little screen time and so forth. It's decent, but I'm glad I'll be saving my money

Hmm... I was going to count down my ten favorite shows of all time but my blog is actually a lot more substantial than I first though. Try and guess what my favourite is, some of you might be surprised...


Inna Final Analysis- The Watchmen review

Two things, you maggots:

1. Yarr, that be spoilers ahead so beware

2. This is written by a diehard fan of the comic. As such some parts of this review aren't going to make a lot of sense. This is one review where I can't be bias free


Who Watches The Watchmen

Watchmen. Considered the greatest Graphic Novel of all time and peerless in its genre. Until now considered unfilmable. Clearly not. Though far from perfect, director Zack Snyder has proven that at least a film can be made out of the material. It is at times a messy and disjointed experience, but it is never less than a thrilling and enthralling watch.

Snyder's greatest strength and at the same time his greatest weakness is his slavish reverence to the source material, and it was out of this that the biggest delights and frustrations for me were found. I was sometimes overwhelmed by the multitude of images and ideas coming before me, and this is coming from an ardent fan of the source material, god knows what the ordinary Joe made of it. The biggest thrill overall was seeing the little aspects of the GN I loved so much so lovingly recreated. Cameos from the two Bernie's, Rorschach's narration, some of my favourite lines being kept in the film, these small touches made my day. However, it is clear that for an adaptation so dense, some elements are going to be lost in translation. The problems with the pacing, due to a crammed first half and a rushed and somewhat detached ending are of course the folly of Snyder's sometimes self-indulgent directing style. You sometimes wonder what a more ruthless approach might have achieved. Still, with the inevitable director's cut I do hope some of these issues with pacing will be remedied, even if it will always retain its disjointed feel. Such is the problem with adapting Watchmen. You feel that a more ruthless director might have been the way to go, not afraid to mess with the material and yet, the film's greatest strength is its recreation of the GN and all its little quirks, unwilling to sacrifice any ground in making the most faithful adaptation possible. But, so faithful is it, it at times feels like it's just going through the motions, seeming at times a cold adaptation due to its perceived lack of imagination, sometimes feeling like an empty shell of a movie. Alan Moore did have a point when he called the film "unfilmable", it's hard to win. As such it gets half way there, a great adaptation but a so-so film.

Visually it looks stunning even if, for the most part, it doesn't feel particularly real, feeling more (as it was) like it was filmed in a parking lot. That's the modern game though and the CG stands up for the most part, creating a visually striking world. The acting is, for the most part, top notch. Everything you've heard about Jackie Earle Healy as Rorschach is true; he's a revelation, nailing the character spot on. He has all the best moments (Rorschach is prison is just perfect, great stuff) and would be the main reason I'd go to see it a second time. Billy Crudup as Doc. Manhattan also gets his character dead on, even if his power is not as elaborated on as I had hoped (but the fact that elements that I felt needed to be elaborated on weren't, is just nitpicking, but important nitpicking!). Jeffrey Dean Morgan IS Iron Man, ahem, I mean The Comedian. Matthew Goode is miscast but it's made so blatantly obvious he's the villain and he's so badly underwritten here that I can't blame the guy much. Malin Ackerman is awful, bland acting; I've never seen such a rung in performance. And Patrick Wilson turned out to be the real surprise for me, giving a thankless and low key role some real depth and gravitas, probably emerging as the closest thing to a hero in the whole film. He really was a joy to watch and a welcome surprise.

Now, for the fanboy nitpicking. While I did enjoy the film there were a few elements that disappointed me as a fan

-some missing lines, or lines given to other characters when not appropriate

- Wow, it really was violent as hell. Dare I say, too violent?

- Slow mo wasn't overused, but I still found it unnecessary

- Disappointed somewhat that Rorschach's origin was so shirt. It's all there in some shape of course but it's somewhat diluted

- The music direction was awful. Of course I love All Along the Watchtower and I'm aware it's in the GN, but it still didn't fit the scene. The role of music in a film is to add to a scene, not be completely separate of it. A more orchestral score would've helped. Lazy work from the composer, hardly anything worth mentioning.

- The ending. Can't figure out whether I liked it or not. It made sense I guess but I did miss the squid and the whole build-up. The whole "practical joke" angle seems weaker when they're making it look like Jon did it. Anyway, the jury for me is still out on that one. Though I didn't like the immediate aftermath with Dan witnessing Rorschach's death. I preferred the idea of Rorschach dying alone with no one really noticing or caring. Though I did like the way Dan was less accepting of Veidt's plans than in the GN, which was a nice touch after the indifference left me frustrated at the end of the novel. It certainly made Veidt look less heroic and let the viewer make up their own mind on the matter. I applaud the makers for that much

So overall, a flawed film that borders on the brilliant. With time, I may consider it a masterpiece and I eagerly await the Director's Cut that might remedy some of the issues I have by giving the story more time to breathe and maybe expanding on some elements that were sorely missed, such as more screen time for the two Bernie's, though most of my main gripes will still be there, sadly. As an adaptation, it's near flawless; though I do feel that for those who haven't read the GN will be largely indifferent towards it, as it's merely an above adequate film when judged on its own merits. The joy comes for this being a film for the fanboys to treasure from the little clues in the opening credit sequence (possibly the best I've ever had the pleasure of sitting through), right to the "circle becomes complete" ending of Rorschach's journal in Seymour's hands. Because of this the film deserves to take its place among comic book movie's elite, as a gift to the fanboys by the ultimate fanboy himself.


A retrospective... of sorts. I think. Man, it could be anything

hi guys

It is now early Sunday and it is somehow already March. I'm down to the last month of proper college before easter break and then exams. I wish time would stand still. I wish I had the balls to make tough decisions. I wish things were different between me and other people. March ain't a great month for me. I'll try to make it different this time, control my own destiny for a change. Lord knows, you get sick of sitting around waiting for life to finally go your way...

It's the truth. No wait, it's the drink talking

It's been Rag Week at my college. For those not in the know, it's an event in universities whereby you're supposed to try to raise money for charities (Raise A Grand Week, see?), but's really just an excuse for students to get pissed off their heads with drink. The older I get, the less infactuated I am with the whole event. Maybe it's because the whole drinking malarky doesn't have the same appeal as when I was younger, back when it was forbidden for me to drink. Man, my first Rag Week was wild, out every night off my head. This year, I nearly focused more on the cons, the noise outside my house preventing me from studying and doing essays. But when I did get the chance to let my hair down, I had fun. According to reports, it'll be our last Rag Week, because the college authorities are pulling their support for it after 40 students were arrested and more hospitalised for their mad antics in town. So, if this was my last Rag Week, here's a quick rundown

It's not on a USB, he gave me an STD

Friend of mine, who's a technophobe talking about an SD card. Anyways, Monday, I sat in and tried finishing an essay (unsuccessfully). None of my friends were going out (well, my Best Friend was, but I'm not keen on most of the friends he hangs out with nowadays and the tail I was chasing was staying in), so I sat in with a friend, Lisa, as she made practice pancakes for the following day (Pancake Tuesday). I was the guinea pig and ate all the reject ones. I didn't mind, it was good stuff! I think I ate about 5, which totally eclipses the number I had on Tuesday (2). After that we watched the Oscars repeats. My American flatmates were unbearable on this day though. They were going wild because it was their only Rag Week and one of them was drinking all day and kept breaking into my bedroom. So, what I usually only experience late at night was something I was getting about once an hour on Monday, Alex barging in and ugging me and rambling on about bullsh!t. He actually jumped on top of me while I was in bed once. At least I made all my lectures

Those Women were in the nip!!!

Fr. Ted quote, watch it if you already haven't. Tuesday, I made my one lecture and was then stuffed with food, first my dinner, then some scones Lisa made and then we had our pancakes. Bunch of the guys came over, we had a ball, watching The Simpsons and football. Unfortunately, two people were making the pancakes; Lisa, and a classmate of her's called Paul. His pancakes were soppy and tasted like omelettes. I could only eat two, but like I say I was stuffed anyway. Went out that night, first to a bar and then queued for about 45 mins to get into a club. Still was a great night though. I was a bit distracted at times, cos Lisa's sister, who I have a thing for was with us, along with a friend of her's (he's gay thankfully). But, I was upset by the amount of my friends and others hitting on her. Hell, one guy I know even tried to set her up with a friend of his. Another guy was sniffing up her, even though he shows her nothing but contempt when he's sober. I hope she's wish to him. I also wish she didn't view me as a brother, but hey that's because I'm so close to her older sister. She did want to dance with me a lot though, or at least, have me be there, so she stuck to me like glue for the night. Although I think that's just because she's knows I'll take care of her and I'm reliable. Still, the music was good once we went to the upstairs floor (downstairs was all 90s cheese, none of the decent music from that decade). Bitta GNR and AC/DC? Good stuff...

Get Off my Lawn

Wednesday. Missed all my lectures due to laziness and hungoverness. Also, it was Ash Wednesday and I accidently ate some chicken, which is a no no as a Catholic. Had to study for an exam that night for the next day. Despite all this, Wednesday was by far the best day of Rag Week, because I finally went to see Gran Torino...

And my rating is, a perfect score- 5/5

I don't give those out often, but seriously, thanks to the terrific badassery of Clint Eastwood and the most quotable dialouge I've heard in a film in yonks, I'd easily say it's my favourite film of 09 so far. Yep, Slumdog Millionaire can suck it, this is a real film!

You really do treat him like sh!t!

Lisa's boyfriend over our treatment of one of our friends, who we abandoned at the club. We'd done the exact same on Tuesday. Thursday started with an exam. Surprisingly, everywhere around where I live was quiet because apparently, a lot of people had gone home. Thursday night was pretty quiet for a change, compared to the previous nights. I went to my friend Deirdre's 21st. It was a good night. Not much happened- Lisa told me she knew I had a crush on her sister and told me not to get involved for my own sake, but basically just teased me about it, drank cocktails and cider at the party, went out, queued for 30 mins, danced for an hour and then had to head home because I was feeling sick. Walked home with Lisa and her boyfriend Dave, who's a raging alcoholic. Had to sit with them for ages, because she begged me not to leave her alone with him, as he was out of his mind and hard to handle. It wasn't fair on me, but I couldn't leave her alone, and so couldn't leave them til he'd calmed down enough. Ah, the joys of Rag Week

Did I Ever Tell You I Was Hit By Lightning Seven Times?

Friday came and everyone went home. But Rag Week still had one more trick up its sleeve. Me and a friend finally saw Benjamin Button. I give it 3.5/5, technically flawless and a wonderful film on the surface but the characterisations were so cold and detached, I was hardly moved by the proceedings at all. It was all a little vapid

As it stands now. I have the house to myself. The Americans are visiting Belfast and all my flatmates are gone home. That means I can sing as loud as I want, run all over the place and take showers at 2am

That blog may be a little too whiny or dull for some to read, but hey, I do like to randomly blog and this is a pretty good blog. I'm happy with it

PS: My internet was down for the last month. That's why I haven't been commenting in a lot of your blogs recently. I do apologise...

PPS: I'm going to see Springsteen in July. I'm so f**king excited!

PPPS: Watchmen is only five days away. You should all be very excited. My next blog will be dedicated solely to reviewing the film, something I haven't done since TDK. I think you all now realise how important this film really is...


Faith No More are f**king reforming!!!!

Apparently to play some European shows and festivals. This is seriously the best news I've heard in my life. I've held out on paying for tickets for Oxegen (Irish music festival) even with the inclusion of The Killers and the newly reformed Blur, but if FNM decide to play it, I will stump out the €300 to get my ticket. Apparently it's unlikely that Big Jim will respire his guitar playing duties, but right now, I'm so happy I'm crying.

Oscar predictions and hopes

Best Picture:

Predicted Winner: Slumdog Millionaire

Best Actor:

Predicted Winner: Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler)

Best Actress:

Predicted Winner: Anne Hathaway (Rachel Getting Married)

Best Supporting Actor:

Predicted (hoped?) Winner: Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight)

Best Supporting Actress:

Predicted Winner: Marisa Tomei (The Wrestler)

Best Director:

Predicted Winner: Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire)

The rest are largely unimportant. The technical awards will probably be mostly taken by Benjamin Button, and Wall E as animated feature is a lock

Now, a rant, one you all probably saw coming and it's really my own f**king fault for giving into the overall consensus and not keeping with my pessimistic nature. The Dark Knight snub. And yes, it was a snub. Every guild had shortlisted it on their best film lists, the critics all listed it on their end of years list and the common belief among Oscar watchers was that it would be nominated. Instead, the Academy showed their true colours, by instead picking a film with no momentum in The Reader. Honestly, it appears these jokers pick only based on how Oscar worthy they look and the subject matter they tackle as opposed to actually basing the noms on merit. And in this regard, a film about a man running around in a batsuit was hardly going to get nominated ahead of Another Important Holocaust Movie, no matter how relevant or mature the themes presented. It would appear that the genre of superhero movie will never be seriously considered by the Academy. And don't give me that crap about Watchmen possibly having a chance. Batman was always the material that could best be translated into an best picture worthy film and even the best possible effort wasn't enough. They didn't even nominate the most consistent director of modern times (and my Film Person Of The Year) Christopher Nolan. The man is way past his due. Oh well, if he sets Batman 3 during WW2 maybe his has a chance next time round. With this debacle, the apparent certainty that Ledger would win Best Supporting Actor is also on shaky ground. Nothing seems certain anymore. Still, at least the Academy can now never take the film from us. Their nomination of it for Best Pic would have been largely to service their own benefits, and boost ratings. Now instead of being an exercise in elitist backslapping, it remains the fans' films, as it was always intended to be. Years from now, most of those Oscar nominated films will be long forgotten, but The Dark Knight's legacy with remain undiminished and outlive them all

Also, even though it was slightly overrated, The Wresler got a raw deal. It deserved a Best Pic nom. And Best Director. And why the f**k did Bruce Springsteen not get nominated under best original song for The Wrestler. And, the standout score of the year in TDK score was ignored. It deserved the nom just for the fantastic theme Zimmer dreamt up for The Joker. Disturbing and unsettling

So yeah, the Academy is a f**king shambles. No changes then

Peace. I'm off to listen to the new Springsteen album

When All Is Said and Done

Christmas much

Haven't talked at all about Christmas, so here's a quick rundown. It was fine. Quiet. Most of it consisted of playing Zelda on my DS puncuated by the odd turkey sandwich. I got Resistance 2 (good game), Dexter: Season One (best season of the show, one of the best debut seasons of any show I've ever seen in fact) and Family Guy: Season 7 (sadly, pretty laughless for the most part- and I used to be a big fan). We also managed to get a puppy on Christmas Eve, though that was more a quirk of fate. He's a sheepdog, and we called him Axel (NOT after the singer, after former Munster rugby legend Anthony "Axel" Foley). The pup pretty much made my christmas. Other than that I got bored easily, being away from my friends. I probably should have enjoyed the break a little more though, as all seeing my friends has done is darkened my mood. I mean, I love them all to bits, but trying to know where you stand with them can be difficult. I'm just sick of being single, I guess, but being attracted to a girl who'll probably never see you the same way gets you down. I'll be fine after a week or two.

Sorry bout that, but this is really the only place I can vent nowadays...

2008- What was it good for?


Best Comedy:

In Bruges

Side-splitting stuff. Glad to see it's hit such a chord on the other side of the Atlantic, although I will say that being Irish, you do get that little but extra from it. Some will debate how much of a comedy it really is, but if you like your humour black, you will find much to enjoy, with an ending that doesn't provide any easy answers and is quite striking in it's seriousness and brutality. It's all anchored by three leading men at the top of their game and although Farrell is (deservedly) grabbing all the attention, Brendan Gleeson and the magnificent Ralph Fiennes are as good, if not better. Already a cult hit, there's been no funnier film this year

Runner-up: Burn After Reading

Best 2007 Leftover:

No Country For Old Men

I often bemoan the fact that Ireland get films so much later than the States, meaning I have to include them in the following years list. This was the best film that arrived late on these shores and probably the only film of the year that gave my number one a run for it's money. Not much neds to be said about it that hasn't before, it certainly didn't win those Oscars for nothing and is proving itself to be a modern masterpiece, as it's a film I can still go back to and enjoy (watched it again on Friday). One For the ages. Look out for 2009's list featuring Slumdog Millionaire!

Runner-up: There Will Be Blood

Worst Film Of The Year:

10,000 BC

So many likely candidates, seeing as I dislike about 65% of the films I see, but this was head and shoulders above the rest of them. To paraphrase my review, if a film doesn't hold your attention and make you forget all of your little problems, it has failed as an entertainment media. Laughable preformances, laughable effects and laughable plot= laughable film. So bad, it's bad

Runner-up: Jumper

Disappointment of the Year:

Quantum Of Solace

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad and I certainly wasn't expecting it to be better than Casino Royale. In fact, it exceeded my expectations at first, so low were they. But the more I let it sink in, the bigger a disappointment it seemed to me. Throwaway Bond is still a good night at the movies but it was all a bit insubstantial for my liking. I'm a bit apprehensive about what direction they're planning on taking the franchise, after being excited at first. I should keep the faith...

Runner-up: Trophic Thunder

Performance Of The Year:

Heath Ledger as The Joker (The Dark Knight)

The best words I've heard used are mesmirising and hypnotic. You simply can't take your eyes off Ledger as he gives a master performance in acting, creating the definitive screen Joker and one of the greatest screen villains of all-time. For once, the hyperbole is justified, and it makes it all the sader that we'll never see this bright young actor again. At least he went out the best way possible

Runner-up: Daniel Day-Lewis as Daniel Plainview (There Will Be Blood)

which all brings me nicely to...

Film Of The Year:

The Dark Knight

I see some of you have fell slightly out of love with this. And I can understand that. It is flawed, even if the ones people point out don't bother me. If I'm honest, selfishly, I'm glad some people have fell off the bandwagon, one which I've been on so long, I practically built it. And this film, still remains head and shoulders above all the rest from the year for me. And that includes the 2009 Oscar hopefuls I've seen. It may have something to do with my love for the character, which has lasted all my life, but also the fact it is a fantastic film regardless and the finest superhero film of all time, dealing with mature issues that the genre usually baulks at. It is the Batman film that I never thought I'd live to witness. It's all brought together by the wonderful Christopher Nolan, a visionary in every sense of the word and a terrific ensemble cast from the wondefully subtle performance by Bale as the conflicted Batman to Aaron Eckhart's heartbreaking turm as the doomed DA Harvey Dent. I pray for Oscars, but regardless, this film's legacy will outlive all others from this year. The most groundbreaking and important film of the year by far...

Film's Person Of The Year:

Christopher Nolan

For bringing Batman to the big screen so spectacularly and creating one of the best sequels of all time. All hail a director who deserves his due

And Some Random Stuff:

Best Director: Chris Nolan

The Not As Bad As Feared Award: Indy 4

Best Film Soundtrack: The Dark Knight's

Best Scene: Interrogation Room Scene (TDK)

Best Line: I'm A Dog chasing Cars, I wouldn't know what to do with one if I caught it! (The Joker)

Lifetime Achievement Award: The Coen Brothers

Best Animated Feature: Wall-E

Biggest Surprise Of The Year: How Well Mamma-Mia did over here (it beat out TDK for christsake!!!)

Most Anticipated Movie Of 09: Watchmen


Disappointment of the Year:

Day And Age- The Killers

They bottled it. As one of the few that liked Sam's Town, I looked forward to what direction The Killers would take next. The single "Tranquilize" seemed to hint at an exciting new direction. Even the first one from Day And Age, "Human" seemed to suggest they were veering towards more experimental territory. Instead, we get an album I like to term "Hot Fuss-lite". An album where they aimed for the floaty, breezy charm of their first effort, but failed as this album will certainly not be remembered as long or as fondly as their debut. They aimed for throwaway pop but it was almost too throwaway, making the whole enterprise feel curiously lazy and half baked. It's still worth it for some moments of genius however. "Losing Touch" is a great opening track. "I Can't Stay" is both experimental yet the kind of breezy pop they were aiming for. And as for Spaceman...

Single Of The Year:

Spaceman- The Killers (Day And Age)

Ask anyone what they thought of Day And Age and you'll usually get a reponse along these lines- "it's not great but Spaceman is f*cking brilliant!!". And it's true. The one single on the album that ranks alongside their other heavy hitters from previous heights, it's a jumpy, energetic tune. Forget the proposperous lyrics, it's immenitily dancable and a piece of radio friendly fare that it's offically ok to like

Runner-up: Hot N' Cold- Katy Perry (no, I'm not kidding, don't judge me)

Worst Album Of The Year:

Viva La Who Gives A Sh!t- Coldplay


Runner-up: Whatever the name of Fall Out Boy's new one is

Album Of The Year:

Chinese Democracy- Guns N' Roses

Controversial, but utterly predictable. Don't worry people, my review is biased, hence, why it's called a REVIEW. Whatever your views on the gestation period for the album, the fact remains that this is actually a pretty decent album with some phenomenal tunes. While all the other comebacks this year consisted of washed up rockers attempting to cash in on the same crap they've been delivering for years, Axl created a sound that was both fresh and contemporary while still having that same swagger that propelled a bunch of young rockers inspired by their bluesy roots to the top of the world. Sure, it's a little older and mellower, but Axl still has much of his trademark venom, shown in songs such as the standout "Sorry". His vocals anchore the album and help it find peace in a wall of guitars. Definetly a grower, the album takes time to sink in but it's all worth it, as those that take time to scratch the surface will find the best hard rock album of the decade. Let's hope there's more to come (just not as long this time)

Burn It: Catcher In The Rye

Music's Person Of The Year:


Who else?

Runner-up: Joe Satriani for suing Coldplay

More Random Stuff:

Best (i.e. hottest) female artist: Katy Perry

Most overrated band: MGMT

Disappear without a trace in 09: The Script

Most Anticipated Album of 09: Tax Evasion On The Horizon- U2 or... Animal Collective


Only 3 categories here:

Episode of the Year:

Selfless- Prison Break

Many of us thought Prison Break had lost it. Season 4 started off shakily and even I, was none too impressed. However, around episode 5 it started to pick up again and with each episode, the series became more and more like must watch tv again. Then came arguably it's finest hour, Selfless, not only the best episode from season 4, but arguably the best episode of Prison Break Ever. Let's hope that the rest of season 4 will follow suit when it returns and the show gets the sendoff it deserves

Runner-up: About Last Night- South Park

Actor Of The Year (TV):

William Fitchner- Alexander Mahone (Prison Break)

Was the only reason to watch the show at long streches of time this year, Fitchner gave a master****as the ruthless former agent and his partnership with Scofield that was hideouly underdeveloped the previous season was finally utilised.

Runner-up: Michael C. Hall- Dexter (Dexter)

Show Of The Year:


I only discovered this in September of last year and was instantly blown away. A compelling lead, incredible scripts and a twisting plot with plenty of black humour. It soon became one of my favourite tv shows. Although it peaked in season one, season three was still by far the best thing on tv this year.

Runner-up: Top Gear

And Finally- randomness Randomness

Best blog I wrote this year: Probably my Dark Knight review

Best blog: Any of Shadow's more humouress ones

Member Of The Year: alp1981

Noob of the Year: They all suck nowadays

Best Thread of the Year: Stark's Pond on the South Park boards as always

Best Editor: Drewshack

Most Missed Member: Josh

Person Of The Year: Barack Obama

Sporting Highlight of the Year: Munster vs New Zealand

there's probably more but I've had enough. I'm just off to have a smoke with my flatmate on the roof

oh and i've seen The Wrestler. It's good. But a tad overrated


I swear to God the 2008 review is on the way but until then...

I finally saw Slumdog Millionaire. Incredible. I had bloated expectations but it completely destroyed them. Truly a unique film. Not as good as TDK and I'll still be rooting for Batman all the way, but if it wins big at the Oscars, I certainly won't be disappointed. Such a unique, heartwarming film, you know you enjoyed a film when you genuinely care about the characters. I actually wanted to cheer at the end, it made my day, it's been a while since I've seen such an uplifting, happy ending that seemed so sincere. I'm not ashamed to say I welled up a little. Seriously though the best compliment I can give it, is that I loved it. Actually loved it to pieces. That's when I know a film is a success, when it strikes a chord with me and I use terms I usually reserve for my dog


I think next up is either The Reader or (gulp) Twilight, seeing as our cinema has a €4 offer for students on a Tuesday. It's a shame that we only get one heavy hitter a week right now. Seriously, I think I'll just sit this one out. SM did kick off Oscar season well though, I doubt anything else I see will move me quite as much. Next up is The Wrestler on Friday, which I'm going to see with my latest Yank housemate. After that the rest come trickling out but I think the only others I want to see are Frost/Nixon, Milk and Benjamin Button, which are all coming out here over the next few weeks. Revolutionary Road isn't to my fancy. Still, I'll be a bsy guy with films for the next month!

So, yeah, the 2008 review has been delayed but seriously, I don't have the drive for it right now. I've been busy drinking, going to classes, walking into town for girls to walk them home at 12am at night in the rain and then sitting with her to try til about 4am and settle them down after a pair of knackers started trying to ram in her door and break her windows, getting into fights with said knackers, and drinking tea. Expect it some time over the weekend. I just feel weary right now, mostly emotionally. Seriously, I know it's far from his best work, but GNR's song "Scraped" just really applies to me right now. I do feel like the world is on top of me, breaking me down with an endless monotony. I mean I'm glad to see all my friends again after Christmas, but it's so much responsibility keeping an eye on them and it's getting to me a bit. Especially when I really like one of them but daren't tell her. I've just had it. I swear, i was thankful for Slumdog Millionaire giving me the boost I needed

I've missed you all. I mean it


(title inspired by the awesome Tool and the even more awesome Al)

Don't really have much to say. This'll be my last blog of the year, so I suppose it should really be a time to look back at 2008, present some lists etc. But, as with before, I'll wait til the beginning of 09. It should make for good reading. Personally, 2008 was fine, if a rather confusing time for me. It's the year where I really began to understand what kind of person I really was deep down and learned to embrace it. I guess it surprised me that some people reacted well to it too. College does get you to come out of your shell, but so does meeting certain people that expect some sort of loyalty and expect you to behave in a certain way when getting to know the real you. I know I'm being abstract but basically, I've accepted what I really am at last, through my reflection in others. I sometimes fear I'm deemed somewhat boring in their eyes, but that comes with my responsible nature that has finally being appreciated. I've learned much through many experiences, I loved and lost and loved again this year, I learned I will never be able to abandon my core principles no matter how hard I try, and I've learned that I'm doomed to repeat my same mistakes.

But whew, let's save all that til the Review Of The Year. Sorry for those ramblings. On a lighter note, I got the bulk of my Christmas shopping done today. Just cliched gifts like a dvd from an Irish comedian for my dad, scarf and gloves for my mam, and some other little trinckets for my friends. My brother was a bit harder than usual. I'm in the dark as to what to get him this year as what I planned on getting him, is been bought by my folks. I picked him up a pair of CDs today (he's a big GNR fan and unfortunately, his musical horizon is even narrower than mine). I don't know if they're any good but I got him one of Izzy Stradlin's solo efforts as well as Duff's new EP (since there's only 7000 in the world that should win him over). I wanted to get him some Slash's Snakepit or the USI live in Toyko dvds, but they were all out. Considering how much I spent on everyone else, I need to get him one more gift but as to what, I'm unsure. Maybe a hoodie. I swear to god, he better have got me Dexter season one or the replica Batpod for me to have gone to so much effort for him :lol:

Picking up gifts for women is weird though. I went into some up market clothes shop (well not too upmarket, the first place I went to had everything priced over €300:lol: ), only to be harassed constantly be sales clerks and leered at by every other woman shopper in the place, who obviously thought I was some class of pervert (Why no men there, buying gifts for their women). I spent about an hour in there, I was so out of my depth. Thankfully, the woman at the counter was pleasent, but that might have been because of how flustered I looked. She even wrapped what I bought and gave me some free wrapping paper! But I needed a strong cup of tea after that I tell you...

Now for a quick review, Day And Age from The Killers. Did I like it? Yes. But it's still their weakest work by a distance. I held off on a review for a while to give it time to sink in, in case I was selling it short. But I eventually realised, that it was because I found it disappointing. The band has become far to poppy, and bottled it after the negative backlash to Sam's Town, reverting back to more predictable fare. Now, there's nothing wrong with throwaway pop, but this is aguably too breezy and light for its own good. Where are the big hits the band is famed for? What about the experimental direction people dreamed they might head in after the release of Tranquilize (still their finest work)? Not here evidently. It's almost like they weren't even trying. The whole enterprise just seems lazy and feckless. It's far too short. I'm really hoping it's more a stand in album for the next big work they're preparing for the world, otherwise, The Killers are veering dangerously close to irrelevance. That's not to say it's a bad record, but it's got an unbelievable amount of filler. However Losing Touch is a great opening track, rivalling Sam's Town, if still being raped by Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine. Human is a nice song, but not the best choice for first single. Neon Tiger's a great track even if it ends before it's fully gathered enough steam. A Dustland Fairytale echoes the best tracks from Sam's Town. There are two standout tracks. I Can't Stay is strange at first with samba influences but is a breezy little track with a great chorus and is a strangely beautiful song. The word for it is wonderful, a quiet little track with a big punch. Spaceman though, is the jewel in the crown. Catchy as hell, great intro, outro, it's a surefire dancefloor hit. Easily in my tp five Killers songs of all time. It demonstrates what the band is best at, a shining beacon on an album devoid of the hits we usually expect from them. Still, it is enjoyable and good background music. It certainly went down a treat when I played it at our Thanksgiving bash... 7/10

So, next time, 2008- The Year In Review. I look forward to 2009 and all the challenges ahead and as a way of looking forward, I present my five aims for the upcoming year

1. Study harder (as I say every year)

2. Work out more

3. See Slumdog Millionare

4. Broaden my musical horizons

5. Try to get up to 3000 posts on this godforbidden website

Oh and be nicer to Dee... natch... :P

I'd say get a girlfriend, but I'm sick of making that promise at the end of each year and not keeping it

Wow, that was longer and more dense than I originally planned. Peace out...

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