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[QUOTE="Hungry_bunny"]Shouldn't it be worth more money now since it has more games than it did at launch? Anyway, still think they should give it at least one price cut... wouldn't be surprised if that didn't happen this holiday season either though...KungfuKitten

I don't know... nintendo and pricecuts rarely ever happen. Even their games in the stores, LOZ, SMG, etc. They remain full price for ever and ever and ever.
If they can get a black wii to the stores, i think they see that as a price cut.

That's true as far as 1st party games go, but there are plenty of 3rd part games like No More Heroes, MadWorld, de Blob that have all seen prices cuts. Plus the Wii also gets a number of very good titles that are launched at a low price. Zack and Wiki, Dawn of Discovery, Okami, and Excitbots for instance all launched at $30 or $40. Much less than the $60 tag that you see on my HD games.

So to get back to the question of "is the Wii worth the price." I say yes. To me if you can find 10 good exclusive games on a system then the console should be worth it, and at this point in its lifespan I'd say that should be easy enough for most people except for true graphics fiends who absolutely need a game to look cutting edge (nothing wrong with that either). Between the good run the Wii has had in the last few months, the high quality first party games, 3rd party gems, the VC, and the half dozen really good WiiWare games there should be something for just about everyone.

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Once up on a time I would have said Final Fantasy, but frankly I haven't enjoyed a Final Fantasy game in over a decade. I haven't played FFXII so I can't fairly talk about it, but the FF series has become a walking cliche. It's a variation on the same story, and the same cliched characters over and over. The main character is either some moody emo dork or an overly enthusiastic go-getter dork. There's a demure female who becomes stronger and more assertive as the game goes on. The mysterious loner, the monster that barely talks, etc. It all gets wrapped around in big CG cut screens but at the end of the day they just feel the same.

This isn't to say that DQ isn't also guilty of it to some extent, but DQ designs their games around familiarity. It brings back a lot of the same monsters, music, art style, etc. but because that's exactly what fans want and expect. As a result those same elements are handled with a bit more care and provide a better experience. And the one time they tried to move away from that in DQVII - well it created a pretty bad game.

So in my book DQ trumps FF.

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I think the reason that the PSP Go is good is because it have 4 different letters in it. P, S, G, and O . . . well come on that makes about as much sense as the jogging reason.

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Frankly I like them. I wish the Wii had them. It's nice being able to show off what you've achieved to other people. Also it kind of forces people to put up or shut up when it comes to talking about what they've done. It's not a huge deal by any means, but it's a nice little bonus I think.

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thats what devs get for developing games on a non-gaming system....seriously when will people realize wii is not meant to be for real games? devs need to stop trying, if they want to have their software sell on wii then they must make gimmicks like wii fit. they need to make stuff thats appealing to non-gamers because that is what wii is made for.

I can post a good dozen games that have sold over a million copies that wreck this arguement but that's another story. Sticking with this game, do you honestly think that this game would sell big on any platform? They've created a game in a hardcore genre and then wrapped it with a overly kid-friendly art style. Essentially that kills the interest for both audiences. Then to put the icing on the cake they're doing as little marketing as possible for it. That's a recipe for a doomed game.
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I stopped reading at Pachter.

Seriously, why people continue to listen to him is beyond me.


Patcher's credibility is right up there with Media Create.

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  • MadWorld will either pick up an 8.5 or 9.0
  • Rune Factory will get scored 8.0
  • Broken Sword will get an 8.0 (assuming it gets reviewed this month and not in April since its a late month release)

So I will call 3 AA-AAA titles for March. There could be more as the Wii has a couple more good games that could go AA or A depending on the reviewer

  • Major Minor's Majestic March will score AA if the reviewer was a big fan of Parrapa
  • Secret Files: Tunguska could be AA if the reviewer is a fan of PC adventure games (like Broken Sword)
  • FFCC: Echoes of Time could be huge depending on how much fun it is, and if the graphics don't hinder the score too much
  • Wii Ski& Snowboard could also score AA if the reviewer enjoys open-ended non-story based games.
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First Videos

A Wayforward programer said its still early in development footage (sound FX are missing,etc) but the animation and artsyle are already great :o

Cant wait to see more. Love the Music :D


Is it possible to watch these videos and now have a huge smile on your face? Love it. It's like a cross between Calvin & Hobbes and Willy Beamish (if anyone else on earth remembers that game(

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I'm sure this was just a mistranslation. I'm sure he meant to say, "We at Sony love puppies and kitties and they say you should buy more PS3's."

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Looks good. Looks like a nice throwback to the original PS1 GTA's mixed with the attitude and story structure of the new ones. I had doubts at first, but the more I look at this the more encouraged I feel. Not a first day purchase for me, unless it gets rave reviews but it'll be high up on my list of DS games all the same.