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Welp, I'm addicted to Doom again.

I wasn't expecting it to happen, but it's like some sort of seasonal thing or something. The weather's getting colder, it's getting dark sooner, it's time for me to pull out my copy of the Doom Collecter's edition and give it a whirl. I figure that it's loosely possible that I could beat all 120 or so levels between Ultimate Doom and Final Doom by sometime around New Year's if I stay mildly focused. If I don't, well, who's going to be surprised?

Playing through the first Doom has reminded me how awful some of those terrible-ass levels are in the second episode. I mean really, there are some slow ones in the first game, but some of the maps in that episode are completely awful. If I wasn't such a completist I might just skip that part entirely. I've also got to say that no matter how often I look at a flat object that appears exactly the same from every possible angle, it never annoys me quite as much as the way that dead enemies would disintegrate in Doom 3.

I just didn't like Doom 3 much. But I'm looking forward to Doom 4. Perhaps I never learn?