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The RAW Review, 03/31/08 Edition *Spoilers*

Alright, you know what? I watched baseball all day and for most of RAW. GUILTY. And you know what? Twins Vs. Angels was probably better than whatever the Hell I missed during the first forty minutes of RAW or so. Also, Eric Gagne sucking fumes pretty much confirms everything that I thought about him last year. That is, that he sucks. 10 MILLION DOLLARS LOL. Anyway, what happened tonight was, uh.... like this:

Oh wait, Wrestlemania was last night! I forgot. See, there was baseball last night as well. Uh, anyway.... Randy Orton is still the champion, Ric Flair has retired (I guess), Kane is the ECW Champion (for more than 24 hours!) and C.M. Punk has the MitB briefcase. And word has it that it was actually a pretty good show.

Anyway, the show starts with Randy Orton talking. So of course I went back to baseball. Then JBL came out to challenge him to a title match "BOAH." Then he leaves and Matt Hardy (I'm pretty sure I have the right one) attacks Randy from behind. Randy, if you'll recall, was kicking him in the appendix last time we saw him.

Cryme Tyme is back! Wait, what? WHAT? I saw it happen and I don't feel quite sure it was real. They defeat Cade and Murdoch too.

Shawn Michaels is upset about being the person who ended Ric Flair's career. So.... yeah.

London and Kendrick defeat Bob Holly and Cody Rhodes in a non-title match. Crowd actually seemed to be behind them a good bit.

Chris Jericho defeats Money-in-the-Bank winner C.M. Punk in a good match.

Big Show and Khali have a staredown. Oh boy. Sure to be a mat classic whenever it happens.

Santino asks Maria if she got her shots after kissing "Mr. Snoopy the Dog" last night, and tells her that she should be "looking good and making pasta and making the babies." Then he comes onto her and she slaps him. Apparently they're going to be facing each other in a no-DQ match later.

Randy Orton defeats Matt Hardy.

Santino faces Maria. Apparently Jerry Lawler has been forbidden from getting involved here. Well, Santino shoves Maria around for a minute before the entire Diva roster comes down and gives him a Spirit Squad-style beatdown. Then Maria headbutts him in the crotch (woo) gives him an awkward-looking pin.

And that was your main (wrestling) event! Now it's time for Ric Flair's farewell address. It was actually pretty emotional, but to summarize, first Hunter came out, then the original Four Horsemen came out, then Dean Malenko came out, then a bunch of other guys came out, then the entire roster came out. Then they said a few things and went off the air. End program.

So that's it pretty much. A pretty good show actually. Some good wrestling and the Flair thing, which seemed pretty genuine. Usually you'd expect something like that to be interrupted by someone turning on Flair, or Flair turning on someone, but that didn't happen. So really just a good wrestling program with a very well-planned, emotional segment to finish. This probably isn't the last time we'll see Flair on camera, but I guess it's just as well to consider him retired for now.