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The RAW Review, 03/25/08 Edition *Spoilers*

Tonight's RAW wasn't very good, if you ask me. Rather promo and video-pacakge heavy, which doesn't really make for a very entertaining show. The main event was pretty good though, and there was an awesome Ric Flair promo, so it wasn't all bad. Kind of annoying that the last show before Wrestlemania didn't feature that much wrestling though.

Anyway, the show starts with me watching Futurama. I mean, with John Cena. Wait, I really mean Futurama. John Cena makes gay jokes (jokes about the gay people) and a bunch of other wrestlers head down to the ring and William Regal feels compelled to make a big inter-brand (like anyone pays attention to the roster split anymore) tag match for the end of the night.

Carlito and M.V.P. defeat Chris Jericho and C.M. Punk when Jericho accidentally knocks out Punk.

Khali defeats Hardcore Holly rather quickly. Prefect time for whatever you need to do away from the television!

Ric Flair wants to have a word with Shawn Michaels in the middle of the ring because he asked Shawn not to interfere in his match with Vince McMahon last week. Flair pulls out the old NWA title (uh, to make a point I guess) and tells Shawn something about how he wants to prove that he's still the Nature Boy or something. Shawn promises to give him "everything he has" and to "be the showstopper" and so forth. Flair is slowly going crazy while all this happens. Shawn then compares Flair to Old Yeller and tells us that at Wrestlemania he's going to take Flair behind the woodshed and shoot him. Or kill him. Or whatever. So Flair slaps him and pulls off his shirt (Flair's shirt) and begs him to do it now. Right about now you're probably expecting Shawn to superkick him (I was). Instead Shawn gets out of the ring and walks off. Flair goes even crazier and starts elbow-dropping his shirt like he always used to elbow-drop random items.

More Floyd Mayweather video stuff.

Apparently Candice Michelle re-broke her collarbone or something. So that means "Bunnymania" will be different somehow, I guess? We're supposed to have a match between Melina and Maria, but Ashley shows up to yell at Melina for some reason, which brings out Santino, which gets Jerry Lawler into the ring, which leads to William Regal creating a quick six-person tag match which ends when Santino pins Maria. Kinda stupid, especially considering that Santino didn't get to talk.

Lots of video packages!

Now it's time for the main event! John Cena, HHH, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair Versus Randy Orton, Umaga, JBL, and the Big Show. It's a no-DQ match, in case I forgot to mention. JBL ends up leaving when Finlay runs down and gets into a fight with him. Then Umaga leaves when Batista runs down and gets in a fight with him. Then Big Show beats everyone up (including Randy, who gets a little too bossy) and then gets bored and leaves. Now Randy's all alone, but the faces all turn on each other. Flair low-blows HBK and then puts Orton in a figure-four, which he quickly taps out to, making Flair's team the winning team. Then we wrap up with Flair "woo"-ing in the middle of the ring. End program.

Well, this might have been the last time we ever saw Flair wrestle on a non-pay-tv program. We'll find out Sunday, I guess. Luckily he gave a good promo tonight and participated in what was a rather fun main event. Too bad there was so much recapping on this show, it could've stood to have a few more matches that lasted longer than two minutes. It wasn't totally horrible though, just don't expect much actual wrestling.