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The RAW Review, 03/17/08 Edition *Spoilers*

This week's RAW wasn't very good. Which is to say, there were a bunch of squash matches and not much else. Anyway, let's get to it.

The program starts with Big Show on the Highlight reel. He gets into an argument with Jericho and pretty soon they make a match for the IC belt later tonight.

CM Punk defeats Carlito in a pretty good but pretty short match. I think this means that he's going to be in the MitB match, I'm not sure.

Santino calls Snoop Dogg (a participant at Wrestlemania) "Mr. Snoopy the Dog."

Umaga crushes Brian Kendrick and Paul London, but Kendrick runs out on London halfway through, so, uh.... it's sorta more like Umaga crushes London and Kendrick gets booed I guess.

JBL crushes some guy from "ECW" and then trashes Irish people.

Ric Flair faces Vince McMahon in a street fight. You read that correctly. It's pretty one-sided until Shawn Michaels interferes and pulls the referee out of the ring, causing Vince to get distracted long enough to get punched in the balls. Then Ric frog-splashes.... sorta.... him through a table. Which was actually pretty cool and made the audience freak out. Flair wins.

Jerry Lawler interviews Jared. From Subway. Yes, that Jared from Subway.

Maria and Candice Michelle face Victoria and Jillian Hall with Santino on commentary. Who cares about the match? Santino calls King "Jerry Stupid Lawler" and tells him his patience is being "pusheda to so many levels!" before punching King in the face and yelling "HA HA YOU LOSE!" while stealing his sandwich. The best part of the night. No matter how many squash matches there are, we will always have Santino.

Chris Jericho gets DQed against Big Show, so Show chokeslams him.

Kim Kardashian says something about Wrestlemania. Who the Hell is Kim Kardashian? And Big Dick Johnson makes an appearance. That's always lovely.

Hunter informs Cena and Orton that their match will continue until either they can't or they've squashed, er, defeated the entire roster. So there goes that possibility. Wait, Hunter's actually thinking of stuff that other GMs don't. What the Hell?

So basically you can figure out where this match goes. At least once you learn that only one participant from each side will be allowed in the ring at a time. A bunch of jobbers get squashed in seconds at a time, before everyone runs in and the match gets thrown out. But Orton and Cena get beaten up anyway and then Hunter comes down to Pedigree them. End program.

So there it is. Not much of a show. Santino was brilliant as always though. The "versus the entire RAW roster" match meant that almost the entire midcard got either squashed or ignored tonight. Kinda weak if you ask me. Still, it was kinda neat to watch about five finishers being hit in a row, even if one career went down with each of them. No Floyd "Money" Mayweather this week, aside from a video thingy where they tried to make him look good again for some reason. That's pretty much it for this show.