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I'm done. Stop. No more politics.

I've had it, okay? Done. STOP WITH THE POLITICS. This is the most depressing election I've ever seen. All of a sudden people are barging into OT to tell us the EVILS of Barack Obama (I can't even remember how to spell his name) and how he'll RAISE TAXES and tolerate illegals. Oh but wait, then there's Hillary and her pantsuits. LOL PANTSUITS. And Barack might be a Muslim! I mean, he's not, BUT HE MIGHT BE! And his middle name might be Hussein Hitler Stalin McAntichrist. I heard he went to school at a TERRORIST TRAINING CAMP TOO. And let's not forget that Hillary is a CLINTON. A CLINTON. What I'm saying is that if we elect either of these people WE'RE GOING TO DIE because TAXES AND OTHER THINGS. Oh, and there's a Republican candidate or something. John What's-his-face. But that's not important, because LOOK OUT IT'S THE DEMOCRATS. And Karl Rove is back. That's neat.

What the Hell? Did everyone go mental or something? I've never seen such a goddamn circus before in my life. When did everyone suddenly start caring about politics so much? And for that matter, when did everyone start assuming that I see things exactly the same way that they do? I don't want to hear about this election again for at least three months, alright? Nothing. I don't want to hear a damn thing about it at all. I could care less, and I have bigger problems than something that isn't even going to be decided until November. From now until July I don't want to hear about which aide said what or who got endorsed by which religious zealot or how all three candidates are still in the pockets of big corporations at all. I want NONE of it. I'd like to actually feel good for a while.