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here's how pax went

I accidentally interrupted some sort of interview/broadast/tv show thing while I was wandering around the show floor. If you were watching some PAX television/webcast thing and a dude who looked like Jesus wandered in front of the camera/hostess, that was me.

The Mario Tennis game coming out for the 3DS? It's exactly like Mario Tennis except they took out the wacky trick shots and added some kind of store. EXACTLY.

Kid Icarus is also cool. Awkward in that "Metroid Prime Hunters" sort of way though.

Apparently I enjoy Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

Platformers are the "in" thing in indie gaming. Still? I dunno. I don't follow indie games as much as I maybe should.

I spent the rest of the show playing old video games instead of going to concerts or hunting down celebrity journalists or whatever. Would have been nice to meet a specific few famous people considering they were apparently near where I was, but oh well.

I guess I'm going back next year, assuming I'm not broke/homeless. Fingers crossed!