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Hello there, I'm female character! Notice how I look you straight in the eye? How confident I seem? How I'm not like other girls and yet at the exact same time I'm a model of how women really are because all women are really just like the guys only they're women and thus ridden with certian stereotypes which they'll never shake unless more of them act like me? HAVE YOU NOTICED THESE THINGS YET?! BECAUSE I'LL MAKE SURE TO REMIND YOU. Watch as I call into question various aspects of your manhood! Isn't that something only a wacky woman would do? Now watch as I do something only a woman would do, only in my case it's unusual because I DON'T ACT LIKE WOMEN ARE SUPPOSED TO ACT. If I actually acted like a woman more often than nobody would care.

By the way, I'm wild and CRAZY. I do silly things like calling people out on stuff and speaking my mind and getting pushy because that's what wacky people do. If there's something to be done I'll be sure to do it by getting right up in it's face and totally taking care of it. Also, I'll taunt people with the fact that I'm a girl because you wouldn't expect a girl to do the things that I do because girls don't do those things. In fact, pretty much everything that I do revolves around the fact that I have been scientifically proven to be a girl, and not a dude. That's what makes me special and unique and different and worth talking about every weeknight for the next six-to-eight years. Also, I'm a girl.