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Yes, today I went to the Fair. Not just any Fair mind you, it was the Woodstock Fair. That's right, The Woodstock Fair! And what a special day it was too. There wasn't a moment when I wasn't surrounded by a cloud of second-hand smoke. How's that sound? :D What? You want to here more? Well then let me continue..... I spent most of the day wandering around the Fair with no real direction. At one point I bought a Pixie Stick that was about a yard long, and got probably one of the greatest sugar highs that I've ever reached by eating it.

But I did have one thing that I had to do. You see, my old High School marching band was set to perform at a certain stage at what I believed to be 11:30 in the morning. So I headed over there and learned that they weren't supposed to perform until twelve. So I decided to just hang around until then. But then.... what did I see? Why, it was the girl that I had a crush on in High School that I never had the guts to go out with!!! Well, upon getting this chance to reunite with her and perhaps get a second chance, I did the only reasonable thing that I could do: I ran.

Soon I discovered that the High School band was performing elsewhere before heading over to the other stage. So I watched them. Then I headed back to watch their other stage, figuring that the danger had passed. And it appeared that it had. I watched the performance from the top of the bleacher, and then jumped down to collect myself and wait for the band to leave. Then, HORROR OF HORRORS! SHE WAS COMING STRAIGHT TORWARDS ME!!! Well, almost straight towards me. It didn't really matter, any possible escape that I had was blocked. Closer and closer she came. It was almost too late! And then, then she spoke! And what happened? Well, the conversation with.... let's call her "Lauren" went something like this:

Lauren: Hey Robbie! :)

Me: Oh, I, um..... hey. :?

Lauren: What's up?

Me: Um, nothing'.

My brain: SAY SOMETHING!!!!

Lauren: So what are you up to?

Me: Uh, college.

Lauren: Oh. Where are you going?

Me: UConn.

Lauren: Oh wow! I heard you have to be a smarty to get in there!

Me: Um, I guess.


Lauren: Well, I gotta go. Bye Robbie! :)

Me: Yeah, um, bye.

My brain: Oh, I am SO out of here.....

And then I just spaced out for about three hours. I woke up again at some sort of livestock event. Anyway, this should explain why I've never gone on a date

And then I just spaced out for about three hours. I woke up again at some sort of livestock event. Anyway, this should explain why I've never gone on a date. And if any of you can come up with a better pickup line than "Uh, I, uh, I like your hair," then I envy you.

This entry brought to you by....

Yes, it's time for me to talk about somthing game-related. Rejoice knaves! Anyway, those of you who have been playing through Pikmin 2 have probably noticed somthing very unusual about the game: product placement. Yes, maybe this is not entriely new to video games, but it's probably the first time that I've seen an ad blatantly placed in one of the Big N's games. This is more than a bit unsettling to me, as I always rather naievly thought that their games would always be free of advertising. However, the sight of a certian brand-name battery in Pikmin 2 brought my innocent ideals crashing down.

How could this happen? I had always thought that Nintendo was able to make all of it's money from, well, games. Yet here they are suddenly putting adverts in their products. I know that they've done cross-promotions before, but never in games. That's why I'm sort of disturbed by this. What's next? Will we see Link taking a swig of Gatorade in the next Legend of Zelda? Will Kirby start eating Hershey bars? Is there any stopping it? I don't want to see this turn into a trend. If I pay for somthing, I don't want to see advertisments with it. That's one of the perks of GSC even, you don't have to see annoying ads everywhere.

Now I know that this has only happened once so far. And I know that there have been ads in games before, like in sports titles. But those are games that are affiliated with actual competitive leagues, which may have a prexisting deal with a company to place ads at their events, and thus, in certian other liscensed products. But Nintendo doing that directly? That just seems unessecary. I thought they had the money to support themselves without doing somthing like this. Come to think of it, this might explain why they don't put as much money into their own advertising budget. I mean, come on. They hardly ever advertise their best games until the week they come out. Why does that happen? They can't rely on their core fanbase to get by anymore if they have to resort to in-game product placement. They need to get the word out to the masses that they have the best games.

Well, at the very least, we can hope that somthing good comes out of this. Maybe Nintendo got a little greedy this time around. Maybe they're planning to put the money torwards some sort of huge marketing blitz to help themselves finally gain back their position at the top of the video game market. And Pikmin 2 is an awsome game anyway. The product placement doesn't ruin it or anything, it's just a bit annoying. I'd rather not see this happen again.

So there you have it. Sorry if I'm missing some sort of huge key point in all this, but that's pretty much how I see things right now. Anyway, I'm out for now. I'll return to light-hearted fun and frivolity next time, I swear.

Journal Day One: Day, Too?

Yes, it's time for another wonderful entry! But first, IT LOOKS LIKE I'M GOING TO HAVE TO JUMP.............

So what's up? Well, giving how I've just started college and I've started meeting a lot of new people, I've begun wondering what sort of first impression I make on people. I figure that when I meet them, one of these three thoughts comes into their heads:

  1. This dude is on drugs. (Not true).
  2. This dude is insane. (Very true).
  3. EEEEEEK!!

Okay, maybe those aren't exactly the sorts of things that people think about, but that's probably what comes to mind. I suppose it doesn't help that I look like Norman Bates' creepy little brother or somthing. But hey, you have to work with what you get.

Today, well, I slept until noon. You see, for the last four days, I have been driving to the end of the earth for a bunch of college classes that suck the life out of me. In that time, I get about four to six hours of sleep a night. So when I finally got my first day off, with unlimited sleeping time, I pretty much passed out and didn't bother waking up until the sun was high in the sky. Ahh.... what fun. Then I went horseback riding. It's fun to go riding, except that sometimes the horse decides that he doesn't like working very much. That can be a problem. Fortunatley, today was not like that. But it was hot as Hell, and that was not fun.

And today on the forums..... well, I made this:

into this:

Hehe. That would Phreak 64, everyone's favorite person from System Wars II. Everyone's been Photoshopping photos of him. The problem is, I don't have Photoshop, I have MS Paint. But that didn't stop me! Still, I should get Photoshop....

Anything else? Well, I've finally gotten the Blue Pikmin in Pikmin 2, meaning that I have all five kinds now! And 40% of my debt has been recovered! Ahhh... things are looking up. Yes indeedy..... :D

Well, that's it for today. I'll see you all later. Have fun! And watch out for that weird little man.....

Today is allll riight for toniiight! Ridin' in a Corvette, and feelin' alriight! Alllllriiiiiight for toniiiihihiiiiight!!!

OMFG! IT'S TEH JOURNAL!!!!!!1111one!!!1

Wow. A new feature. And an interesting one at that. Cool. Well, here we go.....

It's been quite a first week of college for me, yes it has, yes it has. I hated the first day, tolerated the second day, and was pretty much indifferent to the last two. At least I got some time away from home out of it. :D But I hate the commute for the most part. I have to go over an hour and fifteen minutes to get all the way down to Groton. That's really not much fun considering the traffic around that place. Anyway, I guess I'll like college. The people there are a lot nicer than the ones in High School. I guess that's not much of an accomplishment, but it's still a lot nicer than it was before. And hey, maybe your ol' pal Robbie will get himself a girlfriend in college. GASP! I know! It's the apocalypse!

What else? Well, I'm having fun getting into Pikmin 2. I just got the Yellow Pikmin last night. It's a lot tougher than the first game, but I find that to be a good thing. A very good thing. And Wario Ware...... well, it's pretty safe to just say that I'm hooked on it for life. And that's a good thing. A very good thing. Wario > joo.

In reviews..... Fable got an 8.6. If you'll excuse me for a moment....

OMFG!!!! TEH FLOP!!! TLHBO!!! LMAO!!!!!!1!!!!1!1!:lol::lol::lol:

*Ahem* Thank you. I assure you all that I didn't mean to be offensive there. Fuzz, um, anyone else, you know I love you. :) And Pikmin 2 got a 9.2..... I'd say that score could be a bit higher, but it's still fair.

And in forum news...... a question. Where has everyone's favorite Classic-Gaming-Discussion-Running-Internet-Smark-Forum-Mod CWood been? His profile said that he hadn't been on in two weeks, at least last time I checked. I know he didn't post in massive amounts, but I still miss the guy.... What else? Well, I have about a dozen friend requests from random people that I don't know sitting in my friend request box. I don't immediatly deny any of them because I want to wait and see if they're cool people or not. Then, after I learn more about them, I accept or deny them. It's a wonderful system. Of course, if I get a request from some cool person that I recoginize, I immediatly run to accept them. That's right, every person on my list is a cool person. In fact, it's the difinitive list of cool GS people. So there.

And, that's about the end of my first glorious entry. I'll make some, whenever. :) So see yuh on the forums! And keep watching the skis! I mean, skies!