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Brawl is really really really really really really really really really...

.... really really really really really good. I might go as far as to say that if you don't like it you might be completely insane or just capable of forming your own opinions. Really. I can't imagine any game ever living up to the hype that I created for it in my mind as well as this game did. All those months of Dojo updates? Totally worth it. Getting it at midnight? Worth every second. I was sort of worried that this wouldn't meet my expectations after Halo 3 sorta failed me and I went and spoiled pretty much the whole thing for myself in the last month or so anyway. And yet I absolutely love this game to death. I've almost put in twenty hours to the thing already, and I've only had it for about three days.

So, uh.... basically imagine that they put about a hundred gallons of fresh paint on Melee (this especially helps if you're playing with a GameCube controller like I am) and then added enough new stuff to make it's own game. Like I've said before, they put in pretty much every character you could've asked for. I managed to unlock the last of them today, you can actually find most of them just by going through this game's version of the Adventure Mode as you would normally. You won't even have to fight them if you do it that way, at least most of the time. I have to say that the one complaint I have about the Subspace Emissary is that you spend most of your time wandering through random generic settings instead of places seen in different video games, but it's still pretty good. Probably better in co-op.

I haven't been able to try the game online yet because my Wi-Fi thing broke and I haven't replaced it yet. So I can't really comment on that. But I think it's time to end this and go back to actually playing the thing, because I believe I have the time now. So, uh.... until I get back I guess.

The RAW Review, 03/10/08 Edition *Spoilers*

Hello there RAW viewers. Tonight's RAW was sort of a blur to me, because I spent the first hour playing Smash Brothers instead of watching and I couldn't stop thinking about the agme for the rest of it. That's what they get for making it a three-hour show instead of.... uh.... not making it a two hour show. I checked in on it once or twice during the first hour, and discovered that Mark Henry was wrestling the Undertaker. I then quickly went back to playing Smash Brothers again.

Anyway, let's see what I skipped, er, missed:

Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair talk to each other, then Randy Orton comes out to tell us all that HHH is going to be facing Kane tonight, and John Cena will be wrestling HBK.

Undertaker defeats Mark Henry. Yeah. Woo.

Finlay beats Ken Kennedy senseless after JBL taunts him on the TitanTron.

Jeff Hardy faces Chris Jericho in what is not, as far as I can remember, a Wrestlemania rematch. But it's a really good match. It's for the Intercontinental title too. This is where the second hour starts and I tuned in for good. Surprisingly, Jericho actually wins the title cleanly after he dodges the Swanton Bomb and hits whatever it is he calls his new finisher. The Codebreaker, right. It still makes sense, if you remember how he made his return....

Nikolai Volkoff and the Iron Shiek come out to have a match against Barry Windham and Mike Rotunda. This was a match from the first Wrestlemania, if you'll recall. Volkhoff sings the Soviet National Anthem, which summons Jillan Hall to come out and "sing" "Born in the USA." Then Mike Rotundo gives her an airplane spin which makes her all dizzy and there never actually is a match. But this killed ten minutes and someone probably got a paycheck, so.... someone got something out of this I guess.

Hunter defeats Kane with a crappy-looking Pedigree.

John Cena likes respecting people and coming back early from career-threatening injuries.

Melina defeats Maria when Santino distracts her by ripping up a copy of her Playboy issue.

It's time for Big Show and Floyd Mayweather to have a weigh-in for some random reason. The crowd totally trashes this entire segment. For some reason Big Show has his own "posse" made up of midcard heels. The crowd turns on Floyd Mayweather fairly quickly and basically rags on the segment until Show grabs him and flings him out of the ring. Then they try to play up some sort of "injury" thing after Floyd runs backstage. I basically stopped paying attention until the crowd got really pissed. Edge defeats C.M. Punk.

Umaga and Batista have a surprise fight.

Shawn Michaels and John Cena have a fairly average match before Randy Orton runs down and attacks Cena. He tries to RKO Cena on a standing chair, but Cena counters it by throwing Randy onto the chair instead. Then suddenly we go backstage to Hunter announcing that next week Cena and Orton will be TEAMING against..... the entire RAW roster! Wait, what? End program.

This show didn't really need to be three hours, methinks. I hated the weigh-in and the Jillian Hall segment was a total waste of time. But at least one of those drew a reaction. Honestly, had it not been for this, I might've kept playing Smash Brothers.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl comes out at midnight tonight.

I have just one thing to say about this news:


Nothing more needs to be said about this future current masterpeice. I may dissapear for a few days, or months, or something however. Don't worry, I'll remember to eat and uphold minimal hygine standards. Not that it really affects any of you on the Internet though.

The RAW Review, 03/03/08 Edition *Spoilers*

Tonight was another pretty good RAW. I guess it's safe to say that once again they've managed to do their best work of the year hyping Wrestlemania.

The show starts and we all learn that for the next three RAWs, one of the members of the RAW Triple-Threat main event will be the general manager of RAW this week. This week, that person is John Cena. And that means John wants to make both a match with himself against Ken Kennedy for some reason and a match between HHH and Randy Orton.

The Big Show faces some random boxer or something, but the WWE tries to pass it off as a mixed-martial arts contest for some reason. It is not a MMA contest. Big Show slaps the guy around and choke slams him. Then Floyd Mayweather appears on the TitanTron and they have a boring argument.

Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair defeat Cade and Murdoch in a tag match.

Umaga crushes Super Crazy.

It's time for the Highlight Reel with Chris Jericho! That's right, it's back! The show that spawned such ripoffs as "Carlito's Cabana," "The Cutting Edge," and "Are You Smarter Than a Snitsky?" Oh that Jericho, always with the funny stuff. This week's guest is none other than Jeff Hardy! Jericho calls him a "spot monkey" and tells him that "anything goes" from now on. Jeff offers him a handshake and then gives him the Twist of Fate. Is Jeff a heel now or something?

Cena defeats Ken Kennedy with DEADLY CLOTHESLINES.

It's time for the world premiere unveiling of the cover of Maria's Playboy issue, if you haven't seen it on the Internet that is! Or any of the pictures, or, uh.... the bar code. Or something. Well whaveter. Maria is so very happy to be showing her boobs in a magazine that she's all set to just rip the curtian right off the big posterboard or whatever you call one of those things. But surprise! There are pictures of Santino's face over Maria's boobs! Hilarity! Actual entertainment! I thank you Santino. Santino comes out and suggests that any time anyone reading Playboy pictures Santino's head on Maria's body, they will have an "erectile dysfunction." When Maria gets upset he suggests that it's her "timing of the month." Then she goes on some rant about how it's empowering to be objectified as a woman (Candice Michelle backs her up on this) and Jerry Lawler steps in and smacks him. Then the Playboy cover is really really really revealed (if you haven't seen it and all the pictures on the Internet)!

Carlito defeats Cody Rhodes to get a spot in the MitB match.

Floyd Mayweather delivers the worst promo given by anyone, anywhere, ever. He stutters, he stops and restarts himself about half a dozen times, and reminds us that wrestling is a new "field" at least twice. Then he tells us that the WWE is now "Money Mayweather Entertainment," reminding us that he's getting paid $20 million for this crap.

Mae Young is getting into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Finaly comes out to new music. There's been a lot of new music lately. JBL isn't going to be there tonight though, he's at the hospital with Hornswoggle! And he's breaking things with the lights off! That JERK!

Hunter faces Orton with Cena on commentary, but who really cares about that? Cena gets involved, the match gets thrown out, then Randy surprises Cena with an RKO after Cena FU's Hunter. And the show ends with Orton being the one not knocked out, for once. And that's it. End program.

So, uh.... this was a pretty good show overall. Some of the matches were just average TV stuff, but other than that it was all pretty good. If you skip one part, make it Floyd Mayweather's attempt at delivering a promo. Words fail to describe how bad his.... words.... were. I honestly don't know what Vince was thinking here except for "PUBLICITY" because quite honestly this entire Mayweather thing has been awful so far. Anyway, next week someone else is in charge and they're having some big three-hour "Wrestlemania rematch" thing where every single match is a rematch of a previous Wrestlemania match. Should be fun, especially if they decide to actually focus on wrestling.

The RAW Review, 02/25/08 Edition *Spoilers*

Hey folks! This was another sorta-good RAW. Not as good as last week, but I still think it was good. Mostly just a continuation of last week's storylines, but there was one big secret revealed that was kind of surprising.

Hunter, Orton, and Cena start the show in the ring because William Regal wants a picture of all three competitors from the WM Main Event in the center of the ring together. Randy RKOs Hunter and Cena when they turn to fight each other.

Carlito and Santino face Bob Holly and Cody Rhodes in a tag match. Santino gets distracted when King tries to get Maria to do commentary on the match and winds up losing as a result, so he gets angry at Lawler afterwards. I guess this means Jerry Lawler versus Santino at Wrestlemania. At least that's what I'm guessing.

It's time for a video package of stuff that happened at the WM press conference in wherever the Hell Wrestlemania is this year. I didn't bother watching this, but apparently there was some Big Show/Floyd Mayweather stuff. Speaking of which, I hear that Floyd is getting paid twenty million dollars for his Wrestlemania appearance. How... cost-effective WWE.

Chris Jericho defeats Jeff Hardy in a pretty good match to qualify for the MitB match.

Vince comes out to the ring to announce that he wants JBL to apologize for beating Hornswoggle up last week. Instead JBL comes out to reveal a conspiracy that goes "all the way up to the highest levels of the WWE" (meaning the McMahon family). It turns out that according to JBL, Hornswoggle is in fact not Vince's son and that it is in fact Finlay who is Hornswoggle's father. Vince doesn't know whether to believe him or not. JBL says he's going to get Finlay to admit it "next time he gets him in the ring." This is that surprise I mentioned earlier. Personally, I think it's awesome.

Umaga crushes D.H. Smith.

William Regal says something about sending Umaga to Smackdown. Burchill and his sister want to have a "chat" with Regal.

Shawn Michaels defeats Lance Cade for no reason. Then Ric Flair comes out and they challenge each other to a match at Wrestlemania. Well, someone challenges someone anyway. HISTORY BAH GAWD.

Shaquille (I don't know if I spelled that right) O'Neal talks about Floyd Mayweather versus Big Show for some reason.

Hunter and Cena face Randy Orton and Ken Kennedy. Of course there's that subplot about Hunter and Cena wanting to destroy each other. Cena makes Kennedy tap out, then gets in a staredown with Hunter. While he's busy staring at Hunter, Kennedy sneaks up behind Cena and gives him the Mic Check. Hunter doesn't do anything to stop him. End program.

So there we go. This was a pretty good show, some okay matches, and some that weren't really worth anyone's time. Poor D.H. Smith. Back to Heat with ye! Or whatever the WWE tapes to open up RAW these days. I'd recommend watching this week's program.

As a mod I am a role MODel.

As a mod I take this part of my duty seriously, since as a mod I'm always one of the most visible people on the Internet, having my threads floated all the way to the top of message boards and somesuch. You're almost certain to come across my name, if you already knew it or if you randomly entered it into some search engine. That's why as a mod I try to engage in behaviors that are positively influential to the general userbase, like banning people from forums and locking threads. It's behaviors like these that we want to encourage in users. That's why it's a good thing if you bug us ten thousand times a day asking how you can become a mod yourself.

No no, it's good! It's very good. Did you just discover what the Internet was? Just show up from some other board you were banned from? Did you just get moderated here? Well then it's the perfect time to ask about being a moderator yourself! Don't have a grip on the English language? Have you been speaking it your entire life and still can't form a compete sentence? Well then you'd make a great moderator, thanks for asking! Are you just so plain lazy that you can't take the extra two-fifths of a second that it would take for you to finish spelling something properly? Well that doesn't matter! Being a mod takes no effort or concentration, and if anyone asks you about anything can just point them to someone else. Or ignore them. We won't even ask you to moderate anything when you become a moderator, we just want to put that little image on your profile!

Remember that we always choose random users, so feel free to show up on whatever boards we frequent the most and just post any old thing. Sooner or later we'll notice you and slap a mod tag on your profile so that you can be a mod too! And ask a lot. I mean a lot. We want to know that you have an unhealthy obsession with being a moderator. It's not enough to be a model poster or to have a strong reputation, you need to be seen! So do that. And don't forget to fake an interest in things other people like if it gets you closer to modhood.

Video game.... stuff?

I was trying to hit on exactly what it was I loved about the Wario Land series so much as I pulled out Wario Land 4 for what has to be the first time in over six months. I haven't really figured it out yet, but it occurred to me at some point that Wario Land 4 was probably the culmination of everything that Nintendo created and improved upon in the process of developing the series to that point. On the GBA, they were finally able to give the Wario Land games the cartoon-like, wildly colorful appearance that they hadn't been able to do so on the more graphically-challenged handhelds that they'd put out before then. At the same time, the "set off a time bomb and run back through the stage" mechanic worked surprisingly well. It's such a shame then that the game is only sixteen stages or so long. Really. This game could've stood to be twice as long. And it's unfortunate that Master of Disguise was so terrible too. If you were to ask me (and if you're reading this I can think of no other reason for you to be here), I think that from now on all Wario-related development should be handled in-house by Nintendo, since the quality of the second-party stuff they've been commissioning lately has been rather spotty.

I think I have other stuff to talk about too....

Wait, yes! Anticipation for Smash Brothers Brawl has hit a level that I have not experienced in years. Really, I can't recall a time when I've searched the Internet repeatedly for any new information on a game. Perhaps the last time something like this happened was when Melee came out. I'm thrilled with the roster, personally. They've thrown in nearly every character that I could've possibly wanted, including one or two that I would've never expected to see in a Smash. Bros game in a million years. I still think the dog from Duck Hunt would've made a great, bizarre secret character. But I guess Nintendo didn't think the same way as me. Even though I've managed to spoil pretty much every relevant detail to myself outside of the single-player stuff, I still check the official site every weekday, because the stuff that goes up there is of better quality than most of the stuff people upload onto YouTube and places like that, and because Masa.... Masahi.... that guy goes into more detail than most of those two-minute videos do. I'm strongly considering going into GameStop to check and make sure I reserved the game, because I lost the recipt and I'm starting to get a little paranoid.

That's kind of sad actually. OH WELL. If they ask why I asked I'll just tell them I wanted to pay the entire price now so that I can just come in and grab it when it comes out in two weeks. Hey, TWO WEEKS! It makes me a little lightheaded just saying that.

The RAW Review, 02/18/08 Edition *Spoilers*

I forgot to update this thing last week. Who knew? Well, I told you that it was a pretape and that the results were already up online, so, uh.... I hope you enjoyed getting last week's results somewhere else. This week's show, though, was really good. I mean really good.

Right now, after No Way Out, HHH is the new #1 Contender for the World Title and Randy Orton is in possession of that World Title. So of course the show begins with Hunter and Randy Orton staring at each other. Then John Cena comes out to insult Randy. Then William Regal makes a match between Cena and Randy with the stipulation that if Cena wins he gets to be in the main event with Hunter and Randy at Wrestlemania. So you can guess where this is going..... Oh, and Hunter's the special guest referee.

Jeff Hardy faces Snitsky for a spot in the Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania! And he has new theme music from some crappy glam rock band that only the WWE thinks people care about! Jeff wins of course, no doubt shocking fans that were hoping to see Snitsky compete at Wrestlemania.

Shawn Michaels comes out to announce that Ric Flair is being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. Then they show a video thingy.

Paul Burchill with "sister" Katie Lea defeat Super Crazy. More vaguely creepy stuff about Katie from Paul.

Big Show is supposed to be apologizing to....uh.... lemmie look this up.... Floyd Mayweather, who is a..... boxer? Do people still do that? No seriously though, I vaguely recall having heard of this guy before. Apparently he and Big Show (hey, who's back with the WWE again! I think I forgot to mention that!) had some sort of confrontation last night at No Way Out and now Big Show wants to apologize for his behavior because they're forcing him to. But after he's done apologizing, Big Show wants to insult Floyd and challenge him to a match. And Floyd accepts. I don't quite know who's supposed to be the bad guy here, but I thought this was a pretty good segment.

Ken Kennedy defeats Val Venis to get into the MitB match.

Hornswoggle faces Vince McMahon in a cage match, or at least what's supposed to start as one. This segment was either horrifying or awesome, depending on your viewpoint. Keep in mind that Hornswoggle is a trained, experienced wrestler though. Anyway, Finlay comes out to help before the "match" but gets surprised by JBL who handcuffs him to the ring rope and starts beating Hornswoggle senseless while JR and Lawler go silent. Finlay has a mental episode and threatens to dismember JBL. Vince looks mildly remorseful. After the match, Finlay carries Hornswoggle out of the ring looking devistated. I personally thought this was awesome, and I am looking foward to whatever he does to gain his revenge for this.

Now it's time for comedy relief time with Santino Marella! Santino is so happy to announce that he's going to let Maria be in Playboy (thanks to a fan poll), except wait! There is tiny fine print that he is just discovering in her contract which says she has to defeat Beth Phoenix first! Candice Michelle runs down to ringside to distract Beth, which allows Maria enough time to roll her up and actually win the match. Santino reacts by making an absolutely hilarious face and then trying to act happy. I love Santino. Santino = Best thing on RAW.

Finally, Cena faces Randy with guest referee HHH. A pretty good match, honestly. Cena wins by FU'ing Randy, then Hunter Pedigrees both of them CEREBRAL ASSASSIN BAH GAWD. End program.

So I thought tonight's RAW was pretty good actually. Most of the matches were good, for television matches. The Hornswoggle segment actually made a villain look like a villain and not a dumbass for once, and Santino routinely puts on some of the best performances I've seen in a long time. So I'd watch this one, were I you.

The RAW Review, 02/04/08 Edition *Spoilers*

Tonight's episode wasn't bad at all, really. Except for one HORRIBLE segment in the middle of the show. Vince's "Kiss My Ass" Club is back. Excited? I'll bet you aren't. Oh, and John Cena arm-wrestled Mark Henry. That was also stupid.

John Cena and Randy Orton have a contract signing to start the show. Then John gets knocked out. I forgot to mention that this was stupid too!

Mickie James and Kelly Kelly defeat Beth Phoenix and Victoria in a tag match when Mickie pins Victoria. This gets Beth Phoenix upset for some reason even though she still hasn't been pinned by Mickie.

Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, JBL, Umaga, Jeff Hardy, and Snitsky all want to yell at each other, so William Regal puts them all in a big tag match at the end of the show. Well, near the end of the show.

Ken Kennedy defeats Super Crazy, then promises to end Ric Flair's career and give him a permanent limp.

Carlito and Santino defeat Brian Kendrick and Paul London. Paul London never actually gets into the match.

Head backstage, and what do we see? Vince McMahon having his ass buffed! That's right! A random nameless worker is using an ass-buffer to buff Vince McMahon's ass! Delight of greatest delights! It's now time for Hornswoggle to join Vince McMahon's "Kiss My Ass" Club! Hooray! But Hornswoggle won't kiss Vince's ass, so Finlay comes out and Hornswoggle ends up biting Vince's ass. Which is..... better? I guess? I dunno. But Vince is so upset by this that he puts himself in a no-DQ match against Hornswoggle for next week, in which if Finlay gets involved he's FHIAAAAAAAAARED.

Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes defeat Cade and Murdoch before Santino Marella and Carlito come out to announce that they're the new #1 contenders for the tag titles. Which is an honor whenever the WWE feels like making it an honor I guess.

JBL, Snitsky, and Umaga face HBK, Y2J, and, uh.... Jeff. Pretty good match. It ends with everyone hitting their finisher on everyone else and Snitsky (the only person in this match who won't be in the elimination chamber match) getting pinned by Jeff.

Its's time for the arm-wrestling contest! Despite being the "World's Strongest Man" in a contest of pure strength, Mark Henry has reservations about facing John Cena. Then Cena turns the tables on him and starts to win. Shocking! Then Randy Orton attacks him, Cena fights him off, and then gives Mark Henry the FU. And that's that. End program.

So that's it. Super Cena is back and FU-ing everyone in sight. Up for some HUSTLE-LOYALTY-RESPECT? Well you'd better be. Oh, and apparently this was a double-taping or something. They taped next week's RAW tonight for some reason. So if you want to go spoil it for yourself, you can go look it up somewhere on the Internet. I won't stop you. In my opinion though, this week's show was pretty good. Save for Vince's ass of course.

The RAW Review, 01/29/08 Edtition *Spoilers*

So in case you haven't heard, John Cena is back. Yes, already. Six to eight months my ass. He's back from a disabling injury in THREE MONTHS. Which I'm totally sure just "happened" in Vince McMahon's WWE. He's got huge scars on his right side and his right arm too, which he gleefully points to during random parts of the show. The show itself though was kind of in the middle. I liked the parts where Cena didn't talk. Or get involved in any ring action. Or get mentioned.

Anyway, the show begins with Royal Rumble winner John Cena (they didn't just bring him back to give a speech) coming down to say "I WAS HURT AND WAS GOING TO MISS WORK BUT I DIDN'T WANT TO BECAUSE CHAIN GANG SOLJA YOU CAN BOO ME BUT THAT MEANS NOTHING" excetra until the women and children start out-noising everyone else. Then Randy Orton comes out and they argue until they decide to face each other at No Way Out for some reason.

Mickie James loses a tag match to Beth Phoenix and Jillian Hall without once tagging in her partner, uh.... Ashley. The one with all the piercings. Then she cries again.

William Regal announces that whoever wins Orton Vs. Cena and holds the WWE Title will face whoever wins *drum roll* an Elimination Chamber Match! Yes! Many references to how barbaric and brutal it is! The combatants will be Jeff Hardy, HHH, Umaga, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, and JBL. So.... so there.

DX is reuniting! Again! AGAIN! They defeat Gene Snitsky and Umaga. Or more accurately, HHH defeats Snitsky. He also gets on the mic to make fun of Snitsky before the match, which is very funny. Remember to chant "brush your teeth" at Snitsky if you ever see him at a live show.

Jeff Hardy says it's only the beginning of the road, not the end. Will his push continue? If so, yay!

Brian Kendrick gets squashed by Mr. Kennedy.

Maria defeats Melina, but has her pants pulled down in the process. So Santino gets upset and barges into the ring to tie his jacket around her waist, and gets angry at the crowd for ogling her, blaming "you Japanese and your-a high definition technologies!" Then he makes a remark about JR erecting a monument in his trousers. Best part of the night. The best part.

Time for the main event, Jeff (yes) Hardy and Chris Jericho against Randy Orton and JBL. Jeff gets a huge reception. By the end of the match he's out cold on the outside of the ring and Randy Orton is pinning Chris Jericho. Then Cena runs out, causing JBL to bail out of the ring on Randy and leave him there to get beaten up by Cena. And so the show ends focused entirely on John Cena. That's it. End program.

I must say, coming back from those sorts of injuries in such a short time is impressive, if not just a wee bit suspicious. I'd think that medical science wouldn't allow such a thing to happen. But oh well. Hope you like hustle, loyalty, and respect! Because if you don't, you're out of luck folks!