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Shut up you back-to-school jerks!

I'd rather be stabbed in the kidneys with a rusty steak knife than go back to school, you know that right? You can gloss over it with your crappy commercials all you want, but you can't hide the fact that school is a prison for kids of any age. August 1st rolling around isn't the cue for you morons to hop on the "back to school" train and start advertising your crappy unicorn binders and digital cameras and whatever else you think people are dumb enough to buy for school. Maybe the cameras are for posting embarrassing photos on Facebook? Lots of kids doing that these days.

This might be the year I get through with all of that gen-ed requirement garbage that I've been stuck on since, oh, I don't know, sixteen years ago, but I don't thing I'll count on it. You're o-fer school, I've never enjoyed you in even the slightest. You can't stamp a smiley face on this crap and expect me to be glad to still be going back at this point. You know when I want to graduate? I want to graduate now, a meager paycheck from some crappy chain business sounds like a better excuse for wasting my time than this garbage.

Or maybe I'm overreacting. Stop advertising so early companies!

Attention Mr. Egonga:

You are a stinkypants.

That is all.

[spoiler] I don't think you have the attention span to look at anything more, you English..... muffin? Screw it, you've already stopped paying attention, haven't you? Yeah, thought so. I win by default even though I would've won anyway. I can write whatever crap I want here now and you won't notice. Bloopy-blee-blop skudda-wudda woo! [/spoiler]

Twilight Princess is actually pretty good.

I've had it since I got my Wii over a year ago, but I never played it until this week. I just grabbed it when I got the system so that I could have an extra game to look into whenever I needed one. Of course it took me a while to get into WHOOPS CONTROLLER DISCONNECTED playing it because there was other stuff for the Wii (and other systems) and I just generally didn't have time for it. But I decided over the Winter that I'd play though it this Summer, since stuff doesn't normally WHOOPS CONTROLLER DISCONNECTED come out during the Summer at a very fast rate and I'd need a lot of time to focus on it and not get drawn to something else halfway through. Yeah, so here we are.

Well color me pleasantly surprised. Yeah, it looks like a GameCube game, alright? I don't really care that much because it still looks better than it probably should have. You could describe the way it looks as "like OOT/MM but darker." Or perhaps just more detailed. You don't get to do as much wandering though, at least in the first few hours of the game. That kinda disappoints me, because wandering around exploring stuff was my favorite part of the N64 games. I guess it probably opens up eventually, but WHOOPS CONTROLLER DISCONNECTED so far it's been sort of like being shuttled down a single, linear path.

Now, the controls are fine and dandy with me. Occasionally I do wish that I was using the GameCube controller to do some stuff WHOOPS CONTROLLER DISCONNECTED, but normally aiming with the remote and swatting things with it are pretty neat. Twisting the nunchuck to perform the spin attack feels needlessly difficult for some reason, I don't like doing that. WHOOPS CONTROLLER DISCONNECTED It's probably the most major complaint I have with the control system. I do hate this "context sensitive" crap too, but that's been aggravating me ever since they took the series 3-D anyway.

So I like this game. Hopefully I'll finish it. I've only finished OOT and MM once each, I usually end up losing interest riiiiiight at the end of these games. Maybe it's because the final dungeons always come off as a bit weak or something.

The RAW Review, 05/12/08 Edition *Spoilers*

Where would we be without the RAW Review, right? Right. So here it is. Not much of a show this week, the ending was kind of cool though.

The show starts with King Regal insisting that Lillian Garcia sing "God Save the Queen." He then decides that the audience doesn't respect him, so he decides to start randomly throwing people out. The first of those two people happen to be Mickie James' "brother and his girlfriend," so she storms out to protest. So Regal threatens to take her world Title away. John Cena enters, WOMEN AND CHILDREN UNITE. John wants to read emails from people who hate William Regal. He gets a "fire Regal" chant started. So King Regal puts him in a match with Randy Orton tonight.

Roddy Piper is out to commentate on a tag match between the teams of Santino/Carlito and Baldcore Holly/Cody Rhodes. Of course Piper interferes because he and Santino don't like each other and costs Santino the match.

Ken Kennedy defeats Snitsky.

Mickie James finds Cena backstage and asks him if he wants to go out for drinks with "her brother and his girlfriend." Cena attempts comedy and then says "yes." Oh Mickie, I'm afraid I'll never be able to look at you the same way.....

Beth Phoenix and Melina face Mickie James and Maria in a tag match. Beth up and leaves on Melina, who quickly gets her ass kicked.

Chris Jericho confronts Shawn Michaels in the ring. Skipping past a lot of talk, Michaels superkicks Jericho and is completely alright apparently. But he's still the good guy, because he's Shawn Michaels! Shawn Michaels!

Jeff Hardy is back from doing drugs, getting suspended, and burning down his house and his dog! Welcome back Jeff! William Regal throws him in a match with Umaga just to be a jerk or something, but Jeff quickly wins. See what drugs do for you kids?

Cade and Murdoch defeat Cryme Tyme. Then Murdoch (?) starts singing again. So Cade punches him right square in the mouth and then starts kicking him while he's down. So I guess they're finally through or something.

Beth confronts Melina backstage while she's busy putting ice on her neck last week and tells her that she knows the real reason that Melina hit her with her boot last week was because she knows that she can beat Mickie for the Women's Title more easily than she could beat Beth. Melina disagrees with this assertion, so Beth picks her up and flings her into a wall a few times. Totally awesome.

John Cena faces Randy Orton. To make things short, King Regal comes out with JBL in a referee's uniform. Referee JBL gives a very fast count when Orton pins Cena, so Randy wins. Then he and JBL start beating up Cena until HHH comes out. Cena and JBL fight into the crowd while HHH and Orton fight in the ring. Then the cage hanging above the ring to remind us all about the HHH/Orton cage match at Judgement Day starts coming down on the ring. HHH flings Orton through the apparently poorly-constructed cage wall and then climbs on top of the structure. End program.

This was an okay show, things like psycho Beth and Murdoch being punched in the face were cool, but there was a lot of boring crap mixed in with it. So you really didn't miss that much.

The RAW Review, 05/05/08 Edition *Spoilers*

King Regal sure is awesome, yes sir. And we're going to be getting plenty more of him, especially tonight.

So the show begins with Vince McMahon coming out to tell the audience that he got plenty of complaints about William Regal cutting off the RAW broadcast last week. It was "reprehensible" and so forth, but it also made Vince think of Regal as a "visionary," and therefore that Regal reminded him of him. So therefore Regal had his full support, good day to you all.

Regal wants the fans to respect him. Do they respect him? No? Alright then, let's turn the lights off. When he turns the lights back on, Kennedy comes out. Kennedy doesn't respect him either, so Regal throws him in a match against the entire ECW roster. Then HHH comes out and doesn't respect him, so Regal throws him into the match as Kennedy's tag partner.

Mickie James faces Beth Phoenix in a lumberjack match for the Women's title. Victoria accidentally hits Beth in the face with her boot, allowing Mickie to win.

Trevor Murdoch sings to someone backstage. Then Trish Stratus appears from nowhere but doesn't say anything. Finally Ron Simmons walks in to say "DAMN!" which is still funny.

Paul Burchill and Katie Lea face some jobber who's supposed to be from Toronto (where tonight's show took place). But, during the match King Regal has Jim Ross replaced by Mike Adamle, ECW's play-by-play guy (I guess) whose gimmick is supposed to be that he's a terrible announcer. Anyway.... Burchill and Katie win. Then Adamle leaves.

Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels face The Miz (ew) and John Morrison. See, the catch here is that if Michaels really is hurt as Y2J has been claiming, then Chris is pretty much in a handicap match. But if he's not, well then Jericho may well find out tonight. As it happens though, Michaels doesn't get involved until he suprises Morrison with a superkick and then falls over in pain like it might've been a bad idea to use his leg as such. Then Jericho pins Morrison to win the match and watches Michaels limp off.

C.M. Punk and Randy Orton attempt a match (Orton sucks, woo), but Regal runs out and has the lights shut off. This angers Randy.

Roddy Piper confronts Carlito on Carlito's Cabana. They trade insults for a few minutes and then Santino comes out. He insults Roddy a few times, so Cody Rhodes comes out with Cryme Tyme. I just generally lose interest when I see either Cody or Cryme Tyme, so I changed the channel.

JBL takes us for a ride in his limo. We get an eagle-eye view of his crotch. Lovely. He promises to beat up a Canadian on Canadian ground. That means that D.H. Smith is about to job to him of course. JBL says something about how God can't help Smith now. That's mighty impolite. Then he beats him senseless.

Kennedy and HHH face the entire ECW Roster. Surprisingly, Hunter's.... side loses. When Kennedy gets pinned of course. Then the ECW guys all turn on each other. Then Hunter beats them all up with a folding chair. Then the lights go out again. When they come on again Randy Orton appears and gives Hunter an RKO. End program.

Really, that was a pretty good show. King Regal has been absolutely awesome so far. There was some pretty good storyline-type stuff and seeing Trish reminded me of those glorious days when I was sixteen. Wow, that just sent me back. Okay, anyway, I liked this show. So you might too, if you share my opinions. And if you don't, get lost.

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So, uh... video games. And stuff.

Grand Theft Auto IV came out this week! I'm sure that you needed me here to tell you that. Well, to be quite honest, I wound up not planning for that. Instead I bought Mario Kart Wii this week, primarily because I've been playing my Wii pretty much exclusively since about three months ago because it's easier to set up than my 360, which I consider to be useless without XBOX Live. The difficulty of setting up XBOX Live for me being something I don't believe I've explained before, but it is sort of a hassle to perform every time I want to use the system.

I'm going to get GTA IV soon, you can be sure of that. But right now I don't have much of a problem with waiting. I'm not really gifted with the time to be playing it anyway, going nowhere at school actually requires quite a bit of time apparently. So I figure I'll get it in a few weeks or something. Probably when the semester ends and I'm going through another summer vacation with nothing whatsoever going on. I was planning to play Twilight Princess though, these two things may clash with each other....

Anyway, I'm enjoying Mario Kart a great deal. I can't play it online because I still haven't replaced my Wi-Fi thing, but so far I'm having a fine time with all the offline stuff. The new tracks in this game all go overboard with the obstacles and junk. At first it's incredibly annoying, but eventually you get used to it and it actually becomes a great deal of fun to race through these new tracks. You still have to deal with the same crap that's come along ever since Nintendo decided it was a good idea to give computer characters blue shells though, and that never gets any less aggravating.

The Wii Wheel is really something else though. I really like the, er.... "fluid" feeling you get from controlling stuff with motion-sensing technology instead of regular old controllers. When I use the Wii Wheel at first, it was a massive pain in the ass. And also, it gave me a pain in my right arm the first day. Eventually I got tired of the thing and just went back to using the GameCube controller. But I figured that this game was meant to be played with the wheel, or at least that I'd never find another use for it, so I went back to it. I actually managed to develop a feel for the thing after a day or so, even though I usually find myself out of position with the thing at some point during a race because I'm moving it around instead of rotating it again. Also, occasionally it does just seem to do the complete opposite of what I want it to. But usually it's cool. Also, those arm pains have gone away.

The RAW Review, 04/29/08 Edition *Spoilers*

King Regal is awesome. There, I said it. He's super-awesome. If he can keep up this level of awesome for the entire summer, well... it's going to be one Hell of a summer. This show was kind of boring otherwise, but Regal is just AWESOME right now.

The show started with Hunter discussing being the new WWE champion. Hunter gets interrupted by Randy Orton, who insists that the powers that be or whatever didn't want him to be a champion, so they put him in a four-way match. Randy then pulls the "this is my ring" bit so Hunter beans him with the microphone. This enrages Randy so that he decides to have his title rematch right here tonight.

A bunch of heel Divas face a bunch of face Divas, led by Mickie. Mickie's team wins.

JBL faces one of the Highlanders. You can pretty much guess where this ends up. Afterwards, JBL puts on a headset down by the announce table and tells us all that he blames John Cena for costing him the World Title last night. Then he demands to face whoever wins tonight's title match.

London and Kendrick defeat Cade and Murdoch when Kendrick rolls up Murdoch. I had to get their names straight for this one, because afterwards, Cade gets angry with Murdoch. So Murdoch rolls out of the ring, and..... gets up on top of the announce table and starts singing. Yes, that's right. Singing. He sings the one about "friends in low places" or something like that. Honestly, he wasn't half bad. Not that it really made sense.

Paul Burchill and Katie Lea are going to face Super Crazy, together. Creepy, if you think about it. Katie actually gets some offense in, and of course Crazy loses.

Cut to Regal sitting in the middle of the ring on his King of the Ring throne. He says he'll stay the GM of RAW even as he's the King of the Ring. He says that the audience doesn't like it because they're xenophobes or something like that, but that doesn't matter and everyone's going to have to live with it. Ken Kennedy interrupts because he's angry that Regal wouldn't let him in the tournament. Regal responds that nobody sees him without an appointment, so apologize. Kennedy won't apologize, so Regal punches him in the mouth. They have a pretty nasty-looking fight for a few minutes before they get broken up by security.

Santino goes on a rant about hating the Sopranos and their "fake Italian accents." Har har. Then he loses a match to Cody Rhodes. Afterwards, Cody starts making fun of him, which continues until Carlito attacks him from behind.

It's time for a very special award ceremony edition of the Highlight Reel. Jericho is going to present an award for worst acting or something like that. He shows a few clips of "nominees." First is Mr. Fuji and Don Moraco attempting to act. Second is Hidenriech Hidenraping Michael Cole (remember that?). And third is Shawn Michaels pretending to have a knee injury to defeat Batista last night, or so Jericho claims. And the winner is HBK! Michaels limps out and Jericho continues to mock him for "faking" an injury. Then he congratulates him on being the best actor in the WWE and struts off while Michaels looks sort of dazed. I loved this segment.

Santino mistakes Roddy Piper for a WWE Diva. So he asks him to do the "Truffle Shuffle." Rowdy Roddy slaps him.

It's time for our main event! Hunter Vs. Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship! This thing may have lasted around twenty minutes, but it was almost all headlocks. Seriously. It was. If you want to know why I hate Randy Orton, look at this match. But then, suddenly, we cut backstage to the production truck. William Regal is demanding that the director take the show off the air because he's been embarrassed or something like that and the fans don't deserve to see an ending to the match. The director won't listen, so Regal pulls him out of his chair and starts screaming his demands again. Suddenly everything goes to black while Randy Orton is in a submission hold or something. Then all of a sudden Law & Order is on. End program.

Well that was an interesting way to end it. I'm honestly starting to love this crazy Regal that's showing up every week now. Hopefully we get more interesting craziness from him from now on. Other than that the show was kind of boring. The best part other than Regal's actions was probably the Highlight Reel, because Jericho is so damn awesome.

The RAW Review, 4/21/08 Edition *Spoilers*

We're in luck, the Bruins crapped out early tonight. Well, some of us are. That way I got to watch this thing all the way through! Anyway, like I mentioned last week, this week was a big three-hour show for no reason. Well, for no reason and because Vince wants to get all political on our asses. Tomorrow is the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary, and Vince is a hardcore Republican. So of course he wants to make fun of the Democrats because Vince is a huge genius. But surprisingly, the last three remaining candidates in the running for the office of the President of the United States actually appeared on this show. In taped form anyway. Not that it stopped Vince from making this terrible. They had the entire King of the Ring tournament tonight too for some reason. Oh, but I ramble.

Chris Jericho faces MVP in round one of the KotR tournament. Jericho wins by submission.

C.M. Punk defeats Matt Hardy in another round one match.

Khali faces Finlay in another round one match, but gets disqualified for spending too much time bending Finlay's knee around the ringpost. Khali doesn't bother paying attention, so Big Show comes out and Khali backs off.

Regal faces Hornswoggle in the final round one match. Yeah, you read that right. YEE-HAW. Finlay can't help because his knee is all banged up, so Regal wins by submission in a matter of seconds.

Shawn Michaels gives some promo about how he's the man now or something. Then he and Batista stare each other down.

Hillary Clinton speaks! The REAL Hillary Clinton! On tape, I mean. I.... I.... I just couldn't stand to watch, sorry. I just stopped watching as soon as she identified herself as "Hill-Rod." I am not making this up.

Carlito defeats Bob Holly, so Holly and Cody beat up Carlito and Santino. Santino says that being a boy and Holly's friend makes him a "boyfriend."

C.M. Punk defeats Chris Jericho in round 2.

Barack Obama speaks on tape next. I guess... I guess anything's better than Hillary pretending to like wrestling.

Regal defeats a very beaten up-looking Finlay in the other round 2 match.

John McCain speaks. Consensus on another board I visit was that he sounded old and confused.

Now John Cena speaks! Oh joy! This is good, because I can't stand John Cena! Wait a minute, it's not good at all!

It's time for the "match" between "Hillary" and "Obama." It wasn't quite "so bad it was good," but it was one whole Hell of a lot like Donald Vs. Rosie. So if you got some sort of sick comedy pleasure out of that match, you might somehow have enjoyed this. I don't know why, maybe you enjoy when the crowd gets pissed off. "Hillary," who is apparently a huge Hulk Hogan fan, comes out with a Bill Clinton impersonator. Someone in the crowd starts a "Monica" chant. Bill trips getting into the ring. Hillary delivers some speil about superdelegates running wild on you. ZING. Bill talks a lot. Then some guy with huge fake ears who's supposed to be Barack Obama comes out alone. He asks the crowd if they can smell what Barack is cooking. Then they have a "match" of sorts. Barack gives Hillary the Rock Bottom before Umaga comes out and beats up both of them. Goody.

Some big Diva staredown happens. Then they all fight each other.

William Regal defeats C.M. Punk to become the King of the Ring. Good for Regal, I guess.

Our main event tonight was JBL, Randy Orton, Edge, and Chavo Gurrero against Kane, Undertaker, HHH, and John Cena. EVERYONE had entrances, it took nearly ten minutes to get all of them done. Too much crap happened in this match, but eventually Edge speared Kane to win the match. Then, Cena FU'ed him, Hunter tried to Pedigree Cena but got clotheslined by JBL, then Cena got RKOed, then the Undertaker chokeslammed JBL and Orton at the same time. Then the show ended with Undertaker standing in the ring with the lights all purple. So help me, I still love the Undertaker. I don't care how slow he is. End program.

The King of the Ring tournament didn't really involve that much wrestling. No sir. And the main event was kind of weak. Donald Versus Rosie was kind of a surprise when it happened, Obama Versus Clinton on the other hand was probably exactly what we all expected it to be, so there's less of a "what the Hell is this garbage?" factor to something like that. Hearing from the candidates themselves was awkward. At least we'll be getting more Regal for a while.

The RAW Review: 04/14/08 Edition *Spoilers*

Alright, you know what? I didn't watch RAW tonight, I watched the Red Sox game. And you know why? Because last week's RAW stunk. And this game was AWESOME. So other than having to write this I don't regret it much. Oh sure, I flipped over to RAW a few times during the show, especially for the Women's Title match (which I wasn't expecting, but I figured Mickie James was due so I stayed with it), but mostly my attention was elsewhere. What do I care? I don't get paid for this. Oh, but I'm boring you. Here's what happened, as told by someone else and then re-told by me:

We're in England tonight, so you can bet that William Regal is going to factor heavily into this show for cheap pops and whatnot. Shawn Michaels starts everything off by talking about how he never faced Ric Flair to boost his ego but he's going to beat Dave Batista up for saying he did or something. Then Ric Flair's music plays, but Chris Jericho comes out instead. So everyone gets angry. Jericho starts ragging on Michaels for screwing people over and stuff like that, so Shawn superkicks him.

Santino Marella and Carlito defeat Paul London and Brian Kendrick for the #1 Contendership to the tag titles. Just when I thought we'd see more London and Kendrick. Santino gets the mic afterwards and calls Cody Rhodes and Bob Holly the "real wieners." Instead of "winners."

Mickie James faces Beth Phoenix for the Women's Title. Recall that Mickie has never beaten Beth, ever. It's pretty good, especially for a Women's match. Beth spends most of the match throwing Mickie around while Mickie yells, but then at the end Mickie surprises Beth with a victory roll ("That's why they call it a victory roll BAH GAWD") and wins the Women's Title. Then she runs up the ramp and kisses Todd Grisham. Which probably sucked all the joy out of winning the Title in the first place.

Jericho gets put in a match with Umaga for annoying Regal.

One member of Cryme Tyme (I don't know their names, especially when they were gone for six months) defeats one of the toothless cowboy dudes. Then the slightly less-ugly looking cowboy dude acts like it's alright. At least for now.

William Regal faces Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship in Regal's home country of England. So Regal gets some offense in and then Randy hits Regal with the RKO OUT OF NOWHERE BAH GAWD to win the match. Crowd was really behind Regal, as they always are in England.

Chris Jericho defeats Umaga to retain the IC belt by putting his feet on the ropes BAH GAWD.

Paul Burchill beats up Jim Duggan for some reason. Probably so Hacksaw can collect a paycheck. I kid.

Next up, and I saw this with my own eyes so I am sure of it, they air an invitation for Barack Obama to face Hillary Clinton "in the ring" next week. Remember Rosie Vs. Donald? I shudder to think we're getting that again.

HHH faces JBL. This is supposed to be a big deal because they've never wrestled before. Uh.... I guess? I can't go back and check fifteen years of RAW tapes, so I guess they're right. Randy Orton interferes anyway and knocks Hunter out. Then JBL tricks him and surprises him with the Clothesline from Hell, making everyone but JBL look stupid for a change. End program.

So like I said, I didn't watch much besides the Women's Title match and the main event, and I don't think I missed much. Next week is supposed to be another three-hour show, and.... oh, next Monday is the Patriot's Day game (most of you probably don't know what that is), so I might bring it upon myself to watch the whole thing. I'm terrified of what "Obama Vs. Hillary" might be though, especially since Vince is a vocal Republican. Welp.... until then RAW viewers.